06 September 2011

Well hello everyone!!! I'm back!! Yep! And there has been. So much that happened in my life for the past 8 months ... words can only give a description ...

Anyway I just wanna say that the reason I sorta stopped blogging is because the fact that I grew up into the working world and got too busy, hencei chose to tweet instead ...

I welcome all of you still reading back as I unveal the happenings for the past few months of my life =)

Anyway thanks for taking interest in my blog ... I guess it's great that the people who love me still loves me ...


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16 February 2011

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23 January 2011

I know I'm 23 days late, and I'm turning 25 this year!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! hahah in 2 weeks time I will be collecting my ANG BAOS!!! WOO HOO!!!
it's good to have aims!!! I'm aiming to earn 120k this year!!! what is your aim? Let's give 2011 a good run for its money!!!! I'm gonna do well and much better this YEAH!!! yep! it's something I look forward too!!! My very 1st Dinner and Dance with my parents hahaha well I guess good things are meant to be shared with your parents!!! My sexy and handsome colleagues!!!!
Many many things for me to worry and care about hence my lack of blog postings, and yes!!!! I'm working on my EP album sharks I know I'm late for my supposed release!!! but I guess I have to do my best!!! be patient guys!

My brothers Handsome friend Kenishiro was back in town for his wedding celebrations in Singapore!! hence he decided to ask the Property Brothers for some help!!!

My bro hosted and I sang ... of cos ...

"Hello hello, okay look here ... 1 ... 2.. 3!"
"Now go MAD!!! WOOO!!!"

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14 November 2010

Sometimes I feel really bored of the never ending problems in life that I have to face ...

The many obstacles when trying to do something in life smoothly ...

Life just kicks you in the nuts when you thought everything is going smoothly ...

I feel as if it wants to bring me down, but I am fighting against it ... many things don't come by choice nor is it expected ... but how do you cherish what you never thought you will lose that suddenly ... remorse should be a word used only on humans and people who actually have the thought to remember the things they once had and it's lost ...

Is life just like the person on the right of left of you? having a set of rules to live by then after go through a system... work and when you get lucky earn more ... if not live like a sad person for life ??? I guess life feels like a factory line... don't you think?

I always feel that I sound depressing, but all these "real" experience sometimes just give me this kinda mentality ...
I finally understand why humans have secrets ... it's more of things that are not worth saying to someone you know because they can't do anything about it but sympathize?

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27 October 2010

Put Your Records on - Leon & August Cover by Leon Lim Yu Zhi

Well it's been quite some time since my last blog posting ...

my life in career phase has been filled with ups and downs and especially uncertainty ...

The right or wrong path? ... a question I often ask myself ...

I'm 24 yet I always feel I am a under achiever ... I know I need to put in more effort but I guess sometimes I lose drive ... or even when I am working hard at something I wonder If it will pave a good path for my future ...

Uncertainty fills ... I am working on my EP, property ... and also a small business I maybe trying out ... I pray for everyone in a similar state ... looking for a goal to work towards and having a wonderful path ahead ...

Cheers people!

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04 September 2010

Hi Guys, I need your support, as you can hear this song now playing "Mother Nature's Hero" my submission for NEA's Go Green Song competition!

So if you like it please go to the link below and click on 'like' on my song!


Your support is greatly appreciated! Support the local music industry!

From Left to Right : (Wah Yong, Kexin, Me, Ein Ein & Daniel)
Hi guys, we are the band from 'Yours Truly'

I know that I am months late on this blog post but the time I have nowadays are spent relaxing or working and building my ... gundam hahaa

Wah .... I feel old, don't feel like celebrating myself growing old liao celebrate me growing older haha

What do you think about the table above?

YES! Yours Truly Band has been invited to perform overseas!!! for a wedding in Thailand!!!! WOO HOO!!!

What other airlines can this logo represent? hehe

Guess who decided to tag along!? =D

In the SKY!!!

Aiyo even need to re-apply her make up on the plane leh haha so vein hor? =D

YES!!! we finally see BKK!!!

Nice taxis which are not like the boring ones in SG haha

Graffiti art ... hmmm nice =D

We headed to the the Hotel where we started preparing to head out for a SHOPPING SPREE!!!

Yep, Hungry Grumpy me waiting for my breakfast!!!

It's a small hotel but ... nice lobby don't you think?

So bored while waiting for breakfast that we used out camera lens to take some fish eye photos manually keke...

Cosy bed, I remember hearing the cheers from the windows by the side while the World cup matches were on at night hahaa

After shopping at Chatuchak the day before, it was time for us to work! =D

A very big area for a very grand wedding, guests had also flown in from all over the world to attend our clients big night!

Sound check sound check!

Ah HA! we're done!!!

Rushed back to the Hotel and changed asap!!!! go out to eat LO!!!!

Saw this very nice Pakistani restaurant!!!!

Nice garnish





This above in my hands are herbs, and they taste like Recola candies!!!! so nice!!! it also takes away the smell you may not want in your mouth after meal =D natural stuff is always the best!

The next day, we continued going out hahaha

We went to the Seaworld at the basement of Siam Paragon

Scuba Diving hmmm looks fun and yet scary, don't wanna get avenged by the fishes who know I ate their friends =D

Chanced upon this Retro 'coin maker' that I use to see around shopping centres haha =D Fidelis want 1!


Come here boy, come come!

Such a cute hedgehog!

Colourful Fishes!!!

Cute fishy looking through from his GATE!

Our complimentary photo from Sea World, can you guess how small this photo actually is? well it is actually laying on a pair of sun glass on its background =D can you see it?

How can we forget to try their yogurt ? =D such a cute pink shop

I know that this posting seems a bit summarized but I hope you all be a bit patient with me as I try to get my momentum back in blogging twice a week =D



How many tricks can you do that this man can do?

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