28 October 2007

I received some gifts from my sister from Australia, May and her boyfriend Adrian ... i really feel glad and happy, i truly miss them, it's been about 2 years since we met up already ... i have also grown ... i used to be super attached to my sister very reliant on her ... not that i don't need her now but i feel more independent ... i will never forget sitting in my sister's RAV4. going out for walks ... and always having Adrian buy food for us and watching shows till late nights .... those were the times =)

Isn't this watch cute? =) a birthday gift from my sister =) Atari style =) and it moves

As the saying goes "Huo Dao Lao Xue Dao Lao" 'you learn as you get older' i am impressed with the good choice of bling my parents bought me hahaha and it is of my passion

Anyone want some burgers? =)

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20 October 2007

Hello ladies, I'm just wondering
If i bring in cosmetics/skincare from overseas.
Which is in most cases, brands not available in singapore
&are much cheaper as compared to getting them from
Singapore's Watson/Metro/John Little.
Would you order from me?
Brands like:
CoverGirl, Revlon, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Rimmel,
Neutrogena, Bare Escentuals, Too Faced,
Smashbox, Bourjois, Elizabeth Arden,
H2O, N.Y.C Colours, Physicians Formula,
Red Earth, Clinique, Queen Helene Mask.
Eyeliner - Colourstay by Revlon Cost below 10bucks,
Eyeshadow - 12 Hours Eyeshawdow Quad below 10bucks too!
Obviously i can't be naming out
every single product & the exact cost here.
Please leave me a comment on your views
on my tagboard/email/msn me
@_frenz4life@hotmail.com okay!
Thanks alot! (:

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14 October 2007

Good bye to my old speaker, you have served me well this 8 years, yes 8 years and it's time you died... it's not a defused plug it just died and stop working ... to the printer cum scanner ... i have never found 1 working for more then 2 years ... man their life spend sucks ... it is a brand with 2 words ... hmmm ok shell not say too much =)

YEAH!!! this is my new set up!!! speakers from local company ... yeah seems cool and the sound quality is very clear ... small but powerful

Hair cut from Mr Raymond again ... even he says that i should keep a longer hair ... still got 8 months till i can have my long hair back =S

Went to watch this show with her well i must say it's awkward seeing lee hom act and hmmm he is quite some patriot in this show ...i can't totally appreciate the show as it only revolve around the lead actress alot and although it shows how she acts and wants but it doesn't actually show her thoughts sllowly evolving ... this show has 2 morals i think

1. Anything can change at the last minute

2. Women will die for diamonds, diamonds are forever and friends are not

Show rating: 3.5/5

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13 October 2007

HELLO!!! i missed you all, yeah coming to a month since my last blog entry .... haven't been taking much pictures recently and also busy with what i owe the army ... T_T ... I have sold my N70 and now awaiting for the arrival of the K850i, truly hope it doesn't disappoint us with glitches or crashes ... till then i guess also because of the army ... i don't have much chance of bringing a camera around with me =) so i kindly hope everyone who has photos of me with the person themself please send it to me if you haven't =)

What do you all think before you sleep daily? ... your loved ones? family? money? what to eat tml? what to buy? the stressful work? ... Recently i am embarked on a real life operation ... and i am guarding 1 of SGs area (sorry can't let ya know ... if i tell you ... I'll have to kill you ...) Well i feel that we really should give alittle credit to all the civil servants ... spending their DAYs in the NIGHT ... and NIGHTs awake ... to leep our mind of the worry or terrorist attacks ... i 'salute' all peace keepers of Singapore =)

My duty conditions ...
SHIT!!!! ... back from duty and sleeping in squatter like conditions in bunk with 18 men and 12hour used clothings hanging all over .... the smell of perspiration is just overwhelming .. i truly don't understand how they can sleep and how they want their body system to fight of the flu virus spreading all over ... i went over to another empty room and slept there myself instead ... as my 1st 4 days work was through the night and i fell victim to the flu virus as well, my lips which seriously got sore because of staying up late and lack of water i guess... i miss my bed ... my clean room and my healthy body .... feeling tired and stressful is better then being ill ... =(

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