29 June 2009

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Susan Leung
hope u have an interesting holiday. Don't forget to post some pictures about ur holiday
hehe no worries of course I will post pictures of my trip =)


wish u have a wonderful time in taiwan^^i love it vr much~hope u like it too~~


yes ..the time in Singapore have made me very happy...very comfortable ..hope that you will be met for I would like your signature..:)
=) don't worry we will have the chance to meet someday soon =)


Jean Yeahh!! yuck to the sp*rm bank..hahas!...and yups..having diff hairstyle is great too!=D...and and so shuang to have a room with balcony!!!..*envy*..and yeah, enjoy ur trip to taiwan!its and and thanks for always sharing videos with us!=DD funnn!=DD
=) I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog, haha it's nice to see people tagging my board and talking to me =) thank you!


ling ruan i think U R g8d l8king with a long hair,my angle!!!!!!! the first time i saw U, i was immediately impresed by your singing & i hope u'return 2 VN ,a not far day. ;)
thank you, =) I hope to go back for pho and to perform =)


hi leon, hope u've a wonderful trip wif fidelis.
Thank you


An thank Leon has posted the lyrics "a round Earth" version of the Chinese! Children love to make and are under study it!: D no comments on hair but I think Leon just try to sing really good songs is great! :biggrin:
well thank you, I hope I can sing more songs with meaningful lyrics too =)


where is the exact location for the crab party? is it at yio chu kang rd there? how is the crabs prices like? (:
you can check out their web at www.crabparty.com =)


Marc Hey crab party is not nice le, I have been there to eat the Tze Char, including the crabs, not good la! If you want crabs, i rather you go to roland, its really the best in Singapore, for me. (Founder of Chilli crab as well) Leon, but i m nt sure abt the butter crab, maybe its really good, i din eat that though, I ate the chilli crab.
Well I have been eating crabs there for a long time since the famous amk 1 is always full of people, the crabs are fine and I sure love their butter crabs, I guess it's personal preference then =) thanks for the intro anyway.


eh future neighbour.. nxt time can go chong pang market for breakfast.. wahahahahha
yeah neighbours haha breakfast WOO HOO!!


cool I can give that a try =) thanks


Susan Leung did u come back to Singapore? how was ur trip?
It was great!!! will blog about it soon!

chip_boy290589 hello, miss you
Thanks =)

Well before heading over to Taiwan last week, I had my very 1st reservist, and damn ... it was super tiring and very physical demanding, I just can't believe they would just throw us into action even after 1 year of rest and doing other stuff then the usual NS physical schedule ...

Anyway I guess other then running 2.4KM which I almost drop dead literally ... I did fairly well for the other test for IPPT hehe so I guess I am bragging a little hahaha anyway nah just wanna share my results to whom is interested =)

Did a wedding gig for Say Yong and Linda, well must say they are a nice couple so friendly =)

Poor Euntak, ill but still playing haha but this guy is such a talented pianist =)

The sun was bright and my day started out very early!!! it's time for my VIRGIN race!!!

Yeah, my monster truck getting ready to run! wooo!!! haha

I'm surprised at how friendly and helpful the people in the hobby were, they shared knowledge and also help if your ride is in any trouble =)
A larger monster truck even though mine is already at a massive 55cm!!!

*Warning* I am a noob at racing and it's my 1st so.... yeah the red Monster is mine =)

The aftermath + 1 hour of cleaning hahaha

Went to ikea to look for some new furniture for my new place haha really excited to move to my new place, it's gotta be a great place to stay in =) and yes I love mustard and chili sause on my Hotdogs... Ikea sells one of the best hotdogs but I LOVE the one I ate at Taiwan DAMN!!!

Anyone can introduce places which sells smacking Hotdogs?


damn ... how does he get through a door straight?

Cute AMAZING Parrot!!!

11:18 PM

19 June 2009

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: hey peng you.. i think u did really well for the song with minh hang.. sgss de guang rong! by any chance u will do that song on a album?
Well have to see for that, because rightfully the song belongs to them so it will be hard to import it in my album =)


: awwww! the j*ck's place board is so sweet. haha! ^^
well thank you hehe yeah it's sweet as it's like time have passed but status status


: Hello! longer abit will be better.Haha.now like army hairstyle!
yeah lor ... it's a sign that i just finished reservist T_T


: wOOt!! Soon to be Neighbour~~ LOLOL
Yeah haha moving lo fter 11 years =)


Amandaw: Stay lovely with fidel ~ Keep on singing (:
Thank you Amanda


: LOL..sperm bank!...anyway i think a bit longer hair than ur currently one would be good=DD..anyway jiayou for ur dreams~!
haha yucks right? well yeah it'll grow haha but it's a good change


: wang lee hom's and david tao's songs! Anyway, your recent covers sound great too! Jiayou! :DHey Leon! :D Was youtubing and I came across the PSS 1 videos. Really miss those days back then in 2005! Have you thought of doing more covers on Wangleehom's songs? I think your voice really suits
Thanks I will do more of their songs soon, it's just the feel I have I kinda like the way english songs are structured and arranged but the expression chinese words can bring =)


Susan Leung: hey Leon, i prefer ur old hairstyle . I think ur new hair style is not suitable for u
Thanks for your reply, anyway it's always good to have a change once in a while =)


Tybabe: I just travel in Singapore , hope I will have the opportunity to return to Singapore and hope to meet you :) ..hihi thank you for answer me. I like your hair the same clip to the song singalongsong of you, you look very great .
Thanks a lot, well hopefully I can perform back at Vietnam soon =) thanks for letting me know which hairstyle looks better on me haha and hope you enjoyed being in Singapore!

Ahhh, the wonderful sky again that never changes ... it's always there for everyone of us, waking up as our day begins and resting when we are supposed to ... well it's time for another big change in my life =)

It's for the good and I hope that I can progress not only in life but as well as soulfully ...

I am talking about moving of house, yeap! hehe after staying in my faithful home for the past decade ... damn I am aging hahaha well I am shifting over to Sembawang ... a place I don't really go often but well the area there seems really cool and I love it as I will fully have a room for myself hahaha and a balcony ! WOOO!!!

Yes it's the greedy piglets again! hunting for food all over Singapore hahah I guess the BEST thing about Singapore is that you can try almost any type of food around the world in the comfort of 30-45min

Ahhh YES it's long since I tasted the butter creamy crab!!! WOOOO it's time to feast!!!

Crab Party sells nice butter cream crab, comparable to the famous 1 *hehe* serious and well their pig leg trotters are nice too!!! wooo!!!

Yes ... it's hers ... she never knows how to eat the legs so I always give her the arms =)

I will be going on a holiday to Taiwan next week!!! and so I won't be blogging but hehe hope you visit often listen to the songs probably and relax as you stay at my blog =) hehehe SEE YA!

An egg in an egg

A few songs I wanna share ... they are songs born way before I was =)

Earth Angel - The Penguins

The Trashmen - Surfin' Bird
(Family Guy introduced this to me ... =D!!!)

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14 June 2009

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: wow ur cover with ur gf is great (: keep it up in chasing ur dreams!
Thanks a lot, hehe yeah I will keep chasing my dreams! =)


Tybabe: Hi Leon ..I'm come from VietNam .I very like u because u sing very well , I very like your's song :"I'm yours": very much . I hope to have the opportunity u return to VietNam again ..:)
thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it, hopefully I can go back to perform if the support for me is good enough that HTV might invite me again =)


: hey dude! like the "Flightless bird" u sang n played.u played my fav song so well.=)
Thanks Arina, hope you enjoy the songs =) gotta record a new one soon


: PLAY MONSTER TRUCK~~~!!! muahahahah! ur truck is NOT better den my cups oks.. urs is just more expensive.. :P
HA your cups can't go 100km per hour!


: the title of the song is flightless bird, american mouth :)
thanks a lot for the reminder =)


Marc: Hey Leon, so u r advancing yr career into Vietnam now is it? Because I see you going for quite a number of interviews and performances in Vietnam? Update me ok.
Yeah I guess I will be headed there more often in the future hopefully =)


desmondmark: the drummer in the video is so...
yeah very high leh hahaha


Susan Leung: I'm so happy because u reply my msg . Hope u have a gud time with ur friends and ur familly . See ya . Answer me as soon as u can
=) thank you Susan


tArO: I'm tArO and come from Vietnam. I very happy when you come to Vietnam to sing. I think the song " Around the world" you and Minh Hang sing very well. I hope you have a good time with ur family!!!!!!!
Thank you tArO =) wish you all the best as well =)


sly: Yo sup! Chiu ta la tam puay ho! lol
-_-" .......

went playing with my new RC Monster Truck! it's AWESOME!!! fast agile and just solid!

Took it for bashing around a large field around my place ... talking about bashing, I went back for my reservist a week ago ... the training was much tougher then anyone had expected ... with the daily less then 7 hours of sleep and physically demanding activities ....

It is really unbelievable that the people in there still treats us like we are still serving NS ... it's just ridiculous ... to see my friends collapse is really a demoralizing sight ...

but yet I happen to be invited back to my previous camp to be a judge for their idol contest and met up with the officers who are so nice and reasonable ...

I got really mixed feelings ... but I only know that if it was my old officers who were leading us for the reservist last week ... the battalion would have enjoyed the process ...


AND THEY CUT MY HAIR EVEN THOUGH I HAD A LETTER! they didn't even bother reading it ... well it's just true ... I guess I am not speaking my mind but the truth .... damn ... I still had to go get my hair saved ...

Left to right: Clarence (Guitarist), Leon (Vocalist), Raymond (Groom), Vivian (Bride), Kewei (Vocalist) and Ein Ein (Keyboardist)

Anyway after that I has a performance at night for Vivian and Raymond's Wedding

A picture with the bride and her sisters =)

Hmmm my new hairstyle ... so how do I look? care to comment? which do you prefer, long hair or short for me? please vote!!!

after the previous drummer rock out ... this is a real deal!

Interesting facts =)

.... sucks to be them ...

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