14 November 2005

Upon seeing the Project Superstar forum i am truly touch, although i was alittle worried as those pornographic pictures posted by a vandal is going to be bad as some people are looking at my forum, but a few days later, my supporters helped me to scold the person who did it . . . i felt so touched as i thought that i would have been *dead* and no one would care about my forum hahaha THX YOU ALL VERY MUCH FOR BEING THERE FOR ME THX YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!

6:31 PM

09 November 2005

. . . why didn't this diploma course come out 2 years ago? i would have went to it straight away ... well thx to the ppl who gave me their advices i guess i have to do what i love =) hehe, my dream of producing music .... the passion for music ...


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1:22 AM