29 September 2006

Hello people =) i am glad to say that after a week i am more used to things although i am still not as happy but i guess it's just the feeling of time being placed in an aspect that might not directly help of my goal that is fruastrating, anyway i am trying to stay strong, and be myself, not everyone will like me, as i feel that i am what i am well just hope that you all would understand when i really felt crushed when i was there, the times there ain't easy i must say and there are different views about everything. For me i feel that as long as you don't kill and sin but work towards your goal i feel that your not doing the wrong thing =) but others may have different thinking, anyway i finally after such a long time got a chance to perform =)

Truly hope you all can support me =)
It's for a temple called Loyang Tua Pek Kong, 5th October at around 8pm
But whether i can perform on that day depends whether my superiors allow me =) anyway i will try to keep you all updated and post more photos soon =) takecare thx for all your care and concern =)

11:06 PM

24 September 2006

Well i can only say that the past week has really been drastic and demoralizing, depressing because of my posting, which really stresses me out alot thinking that although i am eligible to go to MDC but i wasn't ... allowed? i have to go somewhere i truly waste time, i really want to go somewhere that will benefit my future, MDC is not just a place of NS but a place for people like me to train up , i want to be trained so that i can come out and head towards my dream, why why WHY!? someone help me, i feel like dying ...

3:20 AM

15 September 2006

1st up i am selling my 1 month old V3i for $350
With a small scratch on side of phone and all brand new =)
Full Package with 1 year Warrenty since August 19th 2006

2nd PC Games: Original but 2nd hand in good condition with manual and cd-keys basically everything all in working condition =) hehe in NS no time to play le =)<b>

Wildlife Park 2 going for $25 www.wildlifepark2.com

Need for Speed: Most Wanted for $25 www.ea.com/official/nfs/mostwanted/us/home.jsp

The Sims 2 $20 www.thesims2.ea.com

Age of Empires III $25 www.ageofempires3.com

3rd up Original VCDs working condition viewed just once or twice =)

All for $7

The Pianist
Hotel Rawanda
Crying out love in the center of the world
Eight Below
Heroic Duo

Serious buyers interested pls send an e-mail to leonsuperstar5126@hotmail.com thx you =)

3:38 AM

11 September 2006

=) today is my birthday, i am blessed, am so happy that i am having it at home although i don't have such celebrations like last year, i am thankful as i know last year i had a huge bday celebration so this year keep it simple, hehe well i am really happy that my love surprised me thx you darling your so nice to surprise me during my bday i will never forget about it it's the best birthday i ever had, and that i am still remembered by my friends my supporters thx you all haha, pop corn ROCKS love eating them they are so sweet hehe... well my dad wants to get me a car i think but hopefully i can get into a vocation of my choice lol when did we even get to choose ?

Sweet Sweet Love

anyway really want to say thank you all for staying here with me reading my blog and stuff seriously thx you =)

1:19 PM

02 September 2006

3 months is going to pass le yeah i am going to my unit soon, i wonder where i will be posted but it's till 15th of september that i know where i will be going, just went for MDC auditions and it was quite well but the only problem of me getting there is because of my pes status which is pes b, well anywayz POPing next tuesday 5th september and going to rest for awhile and back to unit really miss you all guys out there really hope the next time i perform there will still be ppl appreciating =) miss u all blogging soon!!

10:49 PM