23 October 2006

Well i am blogging yep i rested for awhile, we were all given off break for 1 week to prepare to go for Brunei training for 2 and a half weeks ... yep which means i won't be in sg for awhile gotta miss you guys and gals, well i have been driving more and more and really feeling happy about it... well i am listening to alot of music nowadays,english songs, well if you all have any song that is really good maybe can intro to me by sending to my mail =) leonsuperstar5126@hotmail.com thx you very much hehehe ....

We went to Vivocity and wow i must say it's .... to big hahaha so many shops so many people it's tiring just walking hahaha me and my gal just walked the 1st 2 storeys it's just ... disgustingly HUGE hahaha but it is going to be 1 of Singapore's famous places of shopping...

Hahaha 1 more thing!!!! I CAN STYLE HAIR LE HAHAHAHA!!!

New Pics hehehe

An Angel in Toysrus ? ahahaha

AHHHH!!!! MY HAIR IS BACK!!! Cool huh?!

Robocop is out here comes Roboman!!!

I have been trying to come up with ideas as well as getting inspiried i wanna write good songs but it's sometimes i don't know where to start nor who to go too ... really hope a path shows up listening to music played by piano really is ... nice ... i can get touched by piano ...

12:56 AM

15 October 2006

Long time since i sit down and then blog seriously i mean hmmm things that are with detail, well this recent weeks has been really nice, i didn't much think about the very "xiong" things in NS, well i am trying my best to be positive =)

performance on 5th of Oct =)

Truly i am glad that my supporters still came although they can choose not to and really happy that i can perform on stage, i would say that that day my performance was great =) except for my own hmmm expectations hehee well anyway Sugi was there too, long time never perform in the same show as him le =)

Me & Sugi

Thx to all who came from far away to support =)

Last week, my gal and i went to the ZOO!!! hehe well it was a very long time since i went there i think at least around 5 years? haha well earning $350 a month we decided to da bao some local food and feast on the car before going for the visit =)

Mousedeer, the name of this cute small little animal smaller then my doggies =)

A monkey also very small in it's size standing on it's signboard allowing us for photography

Crocie!!! CROQI!!! Steve Irwins's fav, lets hope he is now in a place full of his passion

The Zoo trip i must say was nice but at the same time somewhat ... been there done that feeling well anyway hope SG can do some more to make it look more of a different place =)
Today was a nice day being out with her, but she fell ill ... she vomitted at least 5 times, i was buying her dinner when i decided to send her to the clinic, i am glad i am outside instead of in camp to takecare of her or i wouldn't know what would happen as she was alone ... anywayz she seems to be in good care now =) hehehe

Our babies Peanut & Butter =) so cute!

12:56 AM

04 October 2006

this is fidelis.
i'm here to update cos leon's still in camp!

just like to tell you leon's superior have given him permission
to perform at

Loyang Tua Pek Kong, 5th October at around 8pm

please come and give your support if you can!
well i know it's a thursday
& many of you might not be able to attend cos of school the next day
but dont worry leon would understand ((:

thanks for all your support!

love, fidelis ((:

12:10 AM