29 June 2007

Replies for all taggies =)

barkajean: the training seems so tough man!.. take a good rest man! =D
Re: Thx you i appreciate it ... will rest ...

LT: its okay, its alright, leon leon FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT~! JY((: you can duh~!

Re: Hehe 1 more year and fight is over for ns but fight for music!!!!

sy: hey,takecare of urself regardless of anyth yea! you got to keep yourself healthy and fit in NS! =D

Re: Thx you hehehe will keep fit fito!!

Barkajean: haha! so funny luh..amos cookies seems nice.. :D

Re: yeah my favourite !!! =)

'jann: hey bro. rem im owas dere ok! mit ups soon yea? oh btw click on my name; its da link to my bloggie miss ya huggies. tc =)
Re: Gotta put up the photos we took hahaha see it soon!

tong: Hey Bro!!! Guards sure had been fun yea? Mi n Ken in same unit again!was suprised to c ya at TM e other day! Meet up soon dude! Cheers!
Re: Wah sargeant seh lol hahah earnin big bucks in ya unit huh lol =) great to see ya doing fine =) will come out after my units high note yeah =) TK!!!

Huibing.: chill down manx! take it easy. hang in there (:

Re: hmmm yes trying trying (Sweat...)

barkajean: really damn sh*t luh these parade thingy?..well.. it gotta be over soon luh.. take care yeah!.. yupps..blogging can help ppl to relieve all the stress!! =D cheers.

Re: haiz nvm 11 more months 11 more months hahaha thx you!!!

Jesline: arhhh!!! realii ish leon worr.. i'm yr fan =) ue realli very shuaiii!!!

Re: hehe thx for supporting me hehehe got time read my blog bah =) no la not handsome just ok only thx you pls takecare =)

Had been very busy on weekends recently ... well not totally busy with work but more of no time for myself ... went to watch Transformers =) hmmmm give it a 3.5 Star!!! well personally kinda turn off by the way the robot was talking ... ahhaa yeah it is funny and corny but well the graphics sure is stunning!!! =)

Thx for inviting me to the chalet VA friends .... i really appreciate it ... really glad i was able to stay for a night with them although i was late due to some work stuff =) ***grin*** and sorry that i gtg due to some work stuff today at 5pm ... the 3 hours swim at Wild Wild Wet made me alittle feverish ... guess i got to rest at home too ... enjoy guys ....

Well sometimes i donno what am i thinking ... am i trying to just not look at the situation or is it just that i am really ok? ... it is just so depressing when i am alone ... knowing she is not there ... and my heart is just so heavy .... i am trying my best to forget ....

Some pitures taking on one of ma "sisters" 21st Birthday =)

The students of Serangoon Garden South School =)

Clockwise: Me, Sim Chuan, Jia Ying, Jennifer & Jannity

yep thats ma "sista" well she really takes care of me like a bro when i am not feeling good and is really a good friend although we are the same age =) thx Jann ... really pray for your happiness =)

7:18 PM

26 June 2007

hey yo ... was suppose to book out today at 12 noon and book in by tml night but look at the time? ... my unit screwed up in parade ... to many ppl fell out ... 5 ppl ... and CO was pissed... he said that we are all a bunch of "Fuxking Shxt!!" ... then we were asked to do parade EVERYDAY!!!.... i really hate this shit ... why is it that we men are obliged to do all this shit? and to have our freedom given to us as welfare? what the hell ... i truly understand why the CO wants to do it well but whats the difference between us and him?! It is his job! ... freak man it's just serve and go for us ... and you all making us do all this ... what gives you the right over our rights? he should be glad we do our job.... SHIT! i am done over this army shit .... I HATE IT!!!! can i quit? never ... this is sick stuff ...

Well yes it is offensive ... but hope that i didn't offend anyone ... just gotta let it go sometimes!!!

8:02 PM

24 June 2007

Yeah this is my new buy ... got to reformat my pc haiz my music making program got corrupted

Yeah i am happy hmmm sure ... =)

Let's see why my happiness is hmmm shared with my saddness ...


5:12 PM

22 June 2007

Hello people i am BACK!!! & damn am i shagged ..... as in tired ... i was away this time for this very demanding exercise ... my god ... and here is the sum up and gotta add some pics ... soon =)

We arrived at training area X at 9.30pm .. after allowing ourselves to be fed to the mosquitos for about an hour we left for our designated area of attack at 10.30pm ... carrying my load i hardly have a way of getting up and i fall on my back/bag like a turtle on it's shell ... we walked for 12km at least ... stopping for intervals like 10min every 2 km ... throughout the night fighting the Zzz ... Monster till 6am ... yes we walked throughout ... and if it isn't enough ... Mr Rain paid a visit to keep us cool ....

we fought and it ended at 10am ... we walked to the resting area ... my hands turned green and i started shivering ... i had flu .... i rested .... had some biscuits for lunch and moved out again at 4pm ... this time round we took the chooper and landed at our end point(now u know how far was our resting area lol ...) and for 2nd mission we walked back the route to the start point for attack ... man isn't this fun .... =) thoughout the night again ... this time resting at 8am ....

When is this gotta end ... i asked myself .... then we started setting up defence .... and the exercise ended ... (noticed the difference in details i give since the start? even i am lazy to write anymore ... it is just shit OPPS carrying my load all over ... now i am walking as if i just gave birth ...

notice my tired face ...

Enough of my boring ns life ... now to spill the beans ... on my previous msg i wrote that i was beaten by a gal ... yes it is Fidelis ... not physically but emotionally ... yes i think it's the end for us ... it ended as fast as we patched ... pls takecare, i know u have grown up ... but pls learn to takecare of yourself k? =) will be there for you ... hahaha as i am writing this .. it seems that i am the one who needs consoling ... well hack ... anyway see ya next week and look out for more photos =)

3:59 PM

16 June 2007

monday was SOC haha passed!!! yeah did it in 8.50min when required timing was 9.40min, it was really very tiring, my 3rd attempt at the SOC ok


then came tuesday, body aching ... feeling feverish as i pushed my body hard for SOC,and the programme for the morning was!!! dodge ball .... it was fast and i hurt my thumb trying to catch a ball throw directly at my hand ... and then was 6km run in noon .... man when will they let us relax ...

The swell was suppose to be at the upper thumb ... but it came down ... i don't have much strength with my right thumb now...

Wednesday ... 9pm MOVE OUT!!! OUT FIELD!!! T_T ... WHY GOD WHY!!!...


****Cricket *** ENEMY

yeah thursday 9pm came back!!!

Friday .... 10.30 am .... drawing map till 9pm ....

how sad can this be ... my weekend so short ... and days r so long ...

I am beaten ... beating by a gal ... and down ... really

4:09 AM

10 June 2007

Yoz ppl speed is great and the ability to speed is also awesome, but at the same time we should also consider the fact that it is also a life breaker ....

Creative Giant Food Crash Tests =) Yummy!

MTV Form of car crashes

Highway Crash Test ... Wicked

Time to change your car?

Well ... Drive Safely!!!

5:04 PM

09 June 2007

Some photos of my POP 9 Months ago to private le =)

Serdi!!! YA!!! (ATENTION!!!)

The march pass

Infantry Cheer!!!


My PC (Platoon Commander) during BMT, very nice man thx you LTA Ren Zhan for taking care of me during BMT

My OC (Officer-In-Charge) of Pegusus Company & Me with my Marksman Pledge (Scoring 31/32 Shoots hit) Company best shooter lol!!! don't play play shoot you to death ah =P

Recruit Y Z Lim P4107 to Private Leon Lim =) with my lovely parents =)


Breakdown of my NS allowance =)

Basic during my enlistment as recruit ... $350 per month (Now $450 T_T so good)

+$100 (from Recruit to Private =) ) ... $450 (recent recruit pay ... basket ...)

+$20 (2nd year soldier -_-" WOW what an increment) ... $470

+$50 (NS pay increment effect july 07 WOOOO!!!) ... $520

Soon to come =)

+$50 (Guardsman extra) .... $570

+$20 (Lance Corporal) ... $590

+30 (Corporal) ... $620

+??? (1st class Corporal) $620 + ???

Well after some thought receving the ending amount seems ok but ... most probably you will only be able to get the full amt for a few months due to pace of promotion =)

10:38 AM

08 June 2007

AHHH!!! i got to watch Transformers!!! it's WAY COOL!!! haha wanna go watch it when it comes out!!! all this cool machines and graphics!!!

yeah i got ma own transformer lol

Imagine, carrying a 20kg bag of rice on your bag, at 12am, and then walking endlessly through out not stopping even when you have blisters on your feet ...

Well thats what i just did thursday, well not rice bag but a bag that weighs at least 17kg, signal set and stuff, starting from 12am, marching a distance of 12km, resting once at 6km point, and finishing the whole trip at 2.45am yep... the 1st 6 km was covered in 1h 5min and rested 20min for another 1h 10min of pain walking with broken blisters, we are training, conditioning for a major exercise soon to come =) OUCH! when i bathed water getting intact the broken blisters ... haiz Leon just hang on alittle more k =) i said to myself

all this questioning i always write i guess sometimes it's pointless to share because i guess you all also thought of, anyway i think i shouldn't waste time thinking but doing more of what i think can help with myself =)

I wonder hoe is everyone doing? i am sick about talking about myself in my blog, lol i think i should try talking more about others but it'll be all army hahaha anyway just got a hair cut with little difference, it just seems like my life has came to a screeching halt ... need to think of the progresses i made... anyway I AM Finally a 1 YEAR SOLDIER!!!

11:59 PM