18 May 2010

Well I must say as I always when I don't blog that I have been busy, seriously being my own boss isn't an easy task ... it has been stressful as well as tiring ...

There is of cos good as well as the negative ...

I really want to ask all of my friend how you all are? I really miss you all and hope to catch up with all of you soon, I feel that throughout this busy time, I just feel that there are more significant things that I may have neglected

I brought my car for inspection the other day ... 3 years past so fast ... that I had my car ... I am glad it served me well ... I just love it so much =D

Vroom VROOOM!!! but no go haha

Baby with me during inspection

I must say that I don't really have the feel for blogging recently ... I guess there is really too much on my mind, look at the time i blogged this ... damn ... growing up is hard and I am still learning more about living the hard way ....

Mum made crabs the other day =D hehe couldn't help but totally ate everything edible on in leaving only it's shell

Kids learn from me, don't waste food =) anyone teach values to kids anymore? I guess I miss mummy telling me that haha I feel old liao haha

Fidelis's friend help bring back a box of Taiwan Instant Beef Noodles!!! AHHH THANK YOU DANIEL!!!

With 6 of them ... they were quickly finished by myself during late nights hehe my dad totally love it as well =)

Was performing for Matthew and Nyx the other day ... wow they are a really tall couple ... makes me look like a kid in the photo don't you think?


I am in the mist of producing my own EP!!! yep, I just want to create some songs to thank people around me who have always supported me in any way ... I truly hope that the songs I composed and later on will be made available to purchase from itunes will bring you all a little bit of enjoyment through your time listening ...

Anyway it is scheduled to be released this September =)

Tiny house? nope!

Forget Shiriken, use your name cards instead!

1:38 AM