30 May 2007

YO YO Yo yeah yeah 1st of all HeiPi VeSak Dei!!!

then now for Da ToPiku Of Da Dei!!! (topic of the day)

Paris Hilton getting jailed for drink driving. Today i was reading Digital Life on the things people say on Blog about Paris's incident, from what i see there are comments like " In SG if anyone was caught the penalty would have been worst, I hope Paris gets the full jail term instead of 30 (reduced from 45)", "It is so unfair why she got such treatment when she was caught red handed, she should have gotten a more harsh punishment" ...

See whats wrong here? ... whats wrong with you people, maybe i should just say if you are in her shoes, wouldn't you hope you gotten less then more? imagine having your personal life publicisied all over and being labelled? and after she has to get charged and be known what she did to the world, you all still hope that she gets more? .... my god, i am not a Paris supporter nor have i heard any of her songs or shows, i am just judging as a thrid person viewer ... Does it give you the satisfaction to see people suffer? even if you have gone through it does it really hurt to hope that others get less of the suffering you get? Well of cos it is unfair to a certain extend but when is life fair to everybody? well i guess sometimes you got to suck it up...

Thats why i say at times i am disappointed with humans ... not all but most ... we are the most complicated and cunning and everything you want to say ...

enough of those it's just making me sad, well heheh i think i forget to post this, very sweet of my gf made me jap rice =) to bring to camp with this small flag writing i love my bf hahah so sweet just brings smile to me =) thx you and i am NOT a BANGLAH!!! =P

10:29 PM

25 May 2007

This week has been a tiring week ... i am burnt into 2 colours, will show u all when i have the chance, i saw some very very cute clips on youtube, it's Pan Kun a monkey & James a Bull Dog as friends doing some very cute stuff, maybe you all can try looking for it ... well about my topic i will update by tml hehe it is just alittle taxing to use my brain now hahahah

Pan Kun & James @ Park 1

Pan Kun & James @ Park 2

Pan Kun & James - Cake for Ganny 1

Pan Kun & James - Cake for Granny 2

Pan Kun - Blood Extraction

There are more clips, i feel really contented with life recently there are still stuff to be done so that i can achieve my goal, i went to fix a new air filter in my car ... Shhhh.... don't let my dad know ... i am sure to be dead meat ... hehe yes my little car got alittle more powerful so when i fetch people it will be more responsive =)

Have you been feeling happy? can happiness be found? have you made your happiness? is life really always on the good side? you have to ask yourself, because for me i try to think of the best ... for example having a task to do making it feel like a practice or thinking of the most positive reasons. People always think negatively, yep thats what we all know but why not be different? why must we be like all other people? =)

My gal has been complaining that my blog is for old people, the matters i talk about usually are serious ones, pls help me if you read this, comment on what is needed to be improved about my blog or what to be talked about =) you can also e-mail me if you can too your comments are appreciated =)

8:58 PM

12 May 2007

Striking our poses ...

My bro garett, Mr Successo =)

Me and my lovely ride =)

Just wanna say that i really enjoyed Sarskils 4th year anniversary, to see all my brother's friends turning up to support. I am glad too that i was able to perform, it was really really a happy day ... i am very proud of my brother, being able to balance his life so well, and able to support himself already ... thx you all =) and also thx Hui Yu and Hui Qi for bringing down a very belated birthday present they made for me it's so sweet and nice ... it really brought back alot of memories thx you =)

The cover

Wonderfully designed

Articles i never see before =)
Words from the sisters

What is humanity ... i have seen lots of uglyness in human behavior including my own ... lazyness and also selfishness, i am in a way disappointed to rely on others ... i feel that doing minimal of relization is better ... infact there isn't dooms day for me ... but day that humans destroy earth, look at all this global warmings and all this crimes and things human do around the world ... I just hope to be able to spread the word of asking people around to help each other, this world is more sustainable that way in a catapulting way when we help each other ... no matter you or me, big or small, young or old ... and i feel that we shouldn't always work with rewards in our heads ... don't expect ... i give up on others .. everyone just wants to be the one revolving around the world ...

Darling thx you for being there for me always ... thx you really your presence help calm me =)

12:31 AM

02 May 2007

Sarskil Anniversary & Simple performances by me ...

Starts @ 1.30pm

Location: 15 Shaw Road. #01-02 Teo Industrial Building=)

Yo people 2nd posting before returning to camp tml night ... this holiday was really hmmm how to say relaxing, yes i relaxed watched tv and played games of cos continue with music, i just feel so warmth up and good to go for other tough stuff ahead ...

those are some nice mods i hope i can save up to buy for the swift hehe... i have been thinking alot on my career now .... what do i do if i fail in being a singer? ... hmmm study then hmmm i guess the next thing i would want is to be an air steward... shocked? lol hmmm just thought of it ... well seems like a good package, being able to fly for free and see the world but but.. i wouldn't wanna spend so much time away from my loved ones .... hmmm next i guess is to work, and invest ... i want to be able to get somewhere ... at least be able to support the basics of life... what have you planned? care to share ? send it to me in an e-mail ... @ leonsuperstar5126@hotmail.com

There is something amist still ... it's that balance and vibe and energy for music ... perhaps i should relax for a few days ... and pick myself up again =) like what i always do ... life is short i gotta live it faster then time haha

1:36 AM