23 January 2011

I know I'm 23 days late, and I'm turning 25 this year!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! hahah in 2 weeks time I will be collecting my ANG BAOS!!! WOO HOO!!!
it's good to have aims!!! I'm aiming to earn 120k this year!!! what is your aim? Let's give 2011 a good run for its money!!!! I'm gonna do well and much better this YEAH!!! yep! it's something I look forward too!!! My very 1st Dinner and Dance with my parents hahaha well I guess good things are meant to be shared with your parents!!! My sexy and handsome colleagues!!!!
Many many things for me to worry and care about hence my lack of blog postings, and yes!!!! I'm working on my EP album sharks I know I'm late for my supposed release!!! but I guess I have to do my best!!! be patient guys!

My brothers Handsome friend Kenishiro was back in town for his wedding celebrations in Singapore!! hence he decided to ask the Property Brothers for some help!!!

My bro hosted and I sang ... of cos ...

"Hello hello, okay look here ... 1 ... 2.. 3!"
"Now go MAD!!! WOOO!!!"

9:23 AM