29 June 2006

Hello people!!! guess you all hmmm miss me? hahaha well yep i didn't have time to blog as there was too little time i didn't have time to play games haha well but at least got to play my piano and spend time with family and gal, well during the confinement week i suffered swallon fingers and also sent to the sickbay for 2 days because of fever, and yep 3 weeks into my army life and yep i am ill again thats why i can blog, i am having fever again, well there has been a virus spread in my company and my platoon which consist about 50 ppl at 1 point of time had 15 people unwell, even Kennith sleeping beside me ... i haven't seen him since he was sent home because of high fever 2 days into the confinement week....

But i guess u all should be wondering ... how i look in real short hair yeah? wanna see? hahahaha

Botak Bing Ge

Thx for all your regards and yep i am doing well with my bunk mates most of them are on the same frequency with me and i am glad, pls takecare ppl =)

10:36 AM

27 June 2006

Hey people,
this is fidelis, leon's gf.
Very sorry for this very late entry,
He didn't have time to blog during the weekend because we were out those two days.
Shopping, having fun etc.
thus, asking me to blog for him.
Okay. Those aside, just wanna update you guys more on his "army days".
well, he's currently doing really well in there
getting along really well with his bunk-mates
& handling the tough training well too.
Thankfully the training for his company isn't very tough, he told me that his company was even considered the slack-est in all.
i think the worst thing for him was having no music for his two week confinement.
the 1st day he booked out,
1st thing he got into the car & heard Wang Lee Hom's, Da Cheng Xiao Ai
he was like "ahhhhhh! this feels sooooo good!"
smiling so happily & everything.
so, everybody! No worries! ((:
takecare, mmmmmuacks!

9:10 PM

07 June 2006

Well i must say that i am hmmm in a way looking forward to it but at the same time starting to miss everything, i will be starting afresh again, progressing to another phase of my life, be it tough every man has to go through =) well i tried to take the NAPFA test on the 31st of May hehe here is my results for laughter and some critics =)

For examtion of NS for 2 months which means i serve NS for 1 year 10 months we have to pass our NAPFA test by 15 points and silver , 2 points for each item, so here goes LOL :

May 31st:
A. 1-min bent-knee sit-ups - 45 reps - 5 points
B. Standing broad jump - 246 cm - 5 points
C. Sit-and-reach-forward - 45 cm - 4 points
D. Half min pull-ups - 7 rep - 3 points
E. 4 X 10m shuttle run - 10.14 sec - 5 points
F. 2.4km run-walk - 14.49min - 0 points (HAHAHA)
Results - Failed

Well yep, i can't run for nuts haha i did like 8.29min for 1.6km when i was in primary sch that was my best. Well although this is like shitty and i always fail at running, i tried again today ...

June 7th:
A. 1-min bent-knee sit-ups - 40 reps - 4 points(did 42 for gold but they - 2 uncount...)
B. Standing broad jump - 243 cm - 5 points
C. Sit-and-reach-forward - 51 cm - 5 points
D. Half min pull-ups - 7 rep - 3 points
E. 4 X 10m shuttle run - 10.1 sec - 5 points
F. 2.4km run-walk - 13.01min - 1 points (HAHAHA again)

Results - Bronze

Well i failed to get 2 months cut from my NS time but i have 1 more chance when i am in PT BMT weather i can come out for 2 weeks before going in again, =) yep i am sad that i can't accompany my family and love ones for another 1 month before going in but well i am facing it with a smile, yep =) never give up people hahaha

Yep my font colours are to the NS uniform =P

10:08 AM

03 June 2006

Well as also stated in my gal's blog, yep we went to Upper Pierce Reservoir, for picnic, real cool the place is, there was this huge field where it's just empty piece of land, we were having our picnic there when skys turned dark.

Cool scenary yeah?

well i guessed that taxis will still come all the way into the reservoir to fetch people, but well it didn't actually happen that way as i thought, we were left strandard in the middle of the park as cars started leaving, i asked my dad to fetch us at around 7.10pm. The gate for car entry to the reservoir closes at 7.30pm, the last can arrived and left about 10min after 7.40pm and when i had the time check it was already .... 8.15pm.

Picnic Stuff

Well we paniced as me and my gal were the last 2 persons left inside, there were only 2 lamp post leading the the long stetch of dark road to get out of this place and i meant DARK roads, well imagine being in a place without any lights, we spotted this uncle, alone who had just finish jogging from the inner reservoir, and i asked "Uncle can i know how do you get out of this place?" he said and pointed to the dark unlit road "there, that road".

At the point of time i felt really uneasy and uncomfortable because you don't know what to encounter if my gal and i were to just follow the road and walked can you imagine just being to see only the shape of your hand when you place them infront of you? well in the end we asked for the uncle's help and manage to walk out, to see my dad in a car ... hmmm it was the last car that came in to the reservoir, apparently it was locked in, thx to the uncle who fetched my dad when he was about to walk in the 2km stretch to look for us...

it was the 1st time we were so very close to the wild, we could hear monkeys screeching, snakes, insects and even movements in the forest so clearly, and futhermore my gal was so afraid when walking out she didn't dare to look upwards being worries she might see something "dirty" at 1st i didn't dare too, but i calmed myself while talking to the uncle when walking out with him.

It's a picnic experience i will never forget, i just feel that i am very lucky to have my own shelter lights electricity and water, i can never imagine if i was strandard there for 2 weeks .... perhaps my NS will allow me to have the 2nd experience...

Well i have been seeing rude comments on my tagboard, i hope that people can respect others as well as themselves for not commenting rudely on my tagboard i don't have to let you all know why i made my choices, just hope you all can stop all the verbal insult thank you =)

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