31 May 2009

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u don't reply me....awaw...Are u busy. Take care!

Well yeah I am busy with my studies and also performance practices sorry Susan =)


Mr. Leon ne! (Question: are you a dude or a babe) is or that he was not bit Bua should choose one of, he can add other choosing

hmmm sorry An, I don't really understand your question


leon! ever thought of doing a cover of Jason Mraz's I'm your

Well of course I did, but it seems for now it is played too often, I will wait some time till it settles before I do that cover =) thanks for asking anyway


Your voice is good!!! I love the performance you did with Minh Hang!!! Really love it!!!! Do you mind posting the Chinese Lyric of the song Mot Vong Trai Dat??? Thnx ^_
Thank you very much for the comment, I have posted the lyrics of the song in this post!


hey. u sing really well. jia you!!

Thank you very much, I will try my best to improve =)


Whoa, Kewei has such a beautiful voice! I am captivated by her!

Yeah she is really talented, do support her!!!


were u tired when u came back from Vn?
yes I was tried because of the plane ride but I enjoyed performing for the lovely people at Vietnam =)


you sang well!! Press Kit for Tay Kewei video is good and nice. good job!

Thank you, hope it help you know Kewei better =D


yeah,saw ur performance over there.it was great!=D..and the name card is cool~!=D
Thanks, yeah thanks to my sister for the cool looking name card!


jiayou Leon! i'm sure your dream will come true (:
Thanks Hui Bing, you have always been supporting =)

It was the end of my major assignment, the press kit assignment which I did a video introducing Kewei posted in my last blog post.

I decided it was time for the class to chill back and relax a bit hence we went prawn fishing!!!

Mei Yin with her catch...

Yes it's me who suggested for it as I miss the incredible taste of fresh barbecued prawns!

but guess what ... I caught only 1 prawn through that 3 hours! ... I guess they can smell me because I caught 12 on my previous trip ...

Yew Jin decided to take a dive for a prawn he saw swimming near the surface of the water .... everyone was amazed he caught the prawn with his bare hands... KUDOS!!! man

Speaking about this I think there is an AMAZING video about speed and accuracy I wanna share =)

Bob Munden - The Fastest Gunmen

Just want to share some photos and experiences over at Vietnam where I performed ...

*Day 1*

Upon reaching, Agnes (my manager) and I were welcomed by a warm camera crew from reality show "Smiling Vietnam" the interview took place along the way back to the hotel in the van.

After reaching the hotel, I had some time to change and wash up and a quick dinner before meeting journalist for another session of interview =) It was really fun and I am thankful for them being patient with me as any questions or answers will be translated.

On the same day I was also needed to do some recordings for promotional purposes for the show that I will be performing for and speaking in Vietnamese =) also where I meet my partner in performing the duet on the day of the show 'Minh Hang'

*Day 2*

before the show officially started, advertisements were also placed online as well as in forums...

It's more of an interaction with the audiences who wanted to know more about me =)

Minh Hang and I answering the questions of the supporters =)

Headed over to the performance area for rehearsal after the session and got ready for my big day of performance on day 3 !!!

Well that's all for now! remember to catch my next blog posting when I share some pictures of the rehearsal as well as the performance!!! WOOOO!!!

The lyrics to "Around the world" chinese version which I performed with "Minh Hang" in Vietnam

Good news for myself!!!

I have finally ordered my Savage Flux!!!! if you all are not sure why I am so excited over this thing maybe this following video will let you know why!!!

HPI Savage Flux

Take note of the AMAZING DRUMMER!!!! FEEL!!! hehe

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24 May 2009

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jeez.. nice rendition of Live high... way to go dude...
Thanks a lot my lovely cousin =D hope you love the songs that are too come =D
Your are my idol . it's so cool . LOL .Love you so much......... I want to talk with you but i think it is unable to.....awaw...
awww no worries you can always leave me a msg here or on fb =D thank you very much!
i'm thu huyen. i'm happy when you come to viet nam ang sing for teenagers in viet nam . i want to know your nick name , can you for me. i hope you will come back to viet nam soon. Fighting!
Well I don't have a Nick name, I am Leon Lim Yu Zhi, I love performing in Vietnam too! the people there are so lovely =)
i like your songs. hope see u again soon in vietnam.
Thank you, I hope to perform for you all again sometime soon =)
Hi! em rat vui duoc quen voi anh va em rat vui vi da tim duoc blog cua anh ^^! Mong anh se quay lai vietnam hat nua nha!
Hehe do enjoy reading my blog, hope to go back to Vietnam for another performance as well =D
gosh.. ur flightless bird was awesome.. love the harmony u sang.. :cool:
haha well it was okay actually as it was just done in like 1 hour of recording, anyway thanks!
Vietnam is so cool.Do U think like me:)? I'm from Vietnam.I heard your voice on HTV9 in Vietnam.I love U so much:x:x:x:*:*:* come back to Vietnam soon:).Ưe hope that:x:x:x:x
Yeah Vietnam is cool and thank you for your support, I hope to return there to perform again =D
Hello. Hope u are doing well in vietnam. Take good care. :)
Thank you, it went well =)
Yo Leon, I know Raymond too! Haha, he used to do my hair before he left M******. Cheers!
yeah cool he does hair styling well =)
great job for the video!=DD jiayou and bring more songs to us,hope u doing well in vietnam now=D
Thank you hehe hope I can do well in SG too!
LEONNNNN!!!! long time no talk no see!! its been really longggg.. donkey ages
yeah haha long time no see =) take care yeah =)
heys =) how hv u been?? long since we heard from u =) anw, wanna download e songs u sang =) anyway to?
well unfortunately there isn't a way to download the songs, but you can always come over to my blog and let my songs be your background music while you do your stuff yeah? =D
hi leon, is protools downloadable off the net? are u able to send me the software please? thank you...
well it is not downloadable and I will discourage it as it only means piracy and anyway you need a special dongle to allow it to run =)

Captured this picture of the sky during my flight back from Vietnam, it was a wonderful experience over there, will share more pictures and videos in my next blog post!

So then stay tune to my blog yeah!? updated weekly hehe

Got a mail last week from my sister to me! opened it up and found these cool looking name cards!!!

Yeah, this is my very 1st name card since my 23 years of life... can you believe that? well anyway it's like I seldom use it, but yeah I guess I kinda need it now =D thank you Jie! Love ya

It's been long since I took a picture of my car, I still love it as much as I did when I 1st got it, thank you bro ... without it traveling would be not as enjoyable and I couldn't practice singing before I got to my gig performance =)

My past few years have been fruitful in a whole, although I haven't been making big hits but I sure do enjoy what I am doing and I seriously hope I can fulfill my dream of releasing albums and producing my own stuff ... for now I just hope I can make better materials and hope people enjoy my performances =D

The links below are some online interviews and reports on my doings in my last Vietnam trip, do check it out =D although they are in Vietnam =)

Minh Hang song ca cung ca si Singapore


Leon Lim Cơn gió lạ từ Singapore


International teen music series to kick off


Minh Hang & Leon Lim performing 'Around the World'

Leon Lim with 'Yours Truly' singing 'Come Fly With Me'

Press Kit for Tay Kewei which I directed =) please comment!!!

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20 May 2009

Hello everyone, I'll be leaving for Vietnam tml for my performance... anyway before I stop blogging for a few days I would wanna leave something for my readers =)

Cover of Live High by Jason Mraz! hope you like it =D

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14 May 2009

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leeens: hey bro~ get well soon ya!
Thank you my beautiful Stewardess Cousin! hopefully can see you on a plane sometime soon!


Jimmy: eh bro u using the CnC3 mouse pad also? LOL I using the PURPLE 1~~ LOL
Ai seh you copy cat ah hahaha mine fiercer RED


Jean: no worries,let ur throat get well first=D...we can wait for the next song!hehex=)and that's alot of medicine..get well soon!=DD
Well I am feeling better le, hehe you got to wait awhile because I am so busy recently, but this month's song will be in a video format =)


Vie: wat is she working as?
Well she is working as a CRO - customer relations office


Peixuan: Ahhh.. It's family guy again! I could say that it is one of the most humorous cartoon I've watch in my life! So many series to watch!

Yeah family guy is cute and nice to watch ... definitely kills boredom

Yeah .. it's US again!!!!


Let's see what we're up too again!!!

.....mmmmmm yeah these are earth worms .... and every time I see them "Earthworm JIM" just comes to mind hehe

Yeap, it's Raymond my friendly hair stylist from Clover =) well they are having 48% discount on all chemical treatments till the end of June =)

Clover, #03-12 @ Far east plaza.
Best to call 68362748 to book for appointment before going.

Anyway as you can see I am busy multi tasking which I am learning very hard to do because I wanna train both my left and right brains hahaha!

My big catch of the night! YEAH!

I am actually stepping on it's pincers as it will wanna have a boxing match when I try to unhook it

Raymond and Winnie putting satay sticks up the prawns a** when it's still alive .... I feel damn bad for it seriously .....


With a total of 37 prawns 2 rods in 3 hours ... damn ... I have a faint heart for the prawns ... I feel bad for killing ... haiz ....

Terence!!! my long lost friend hahaha came down to help with the BBQ .... DAMN! the prawns were 1 of the best I have eaten ... I wanna go back again seriously ... the taste of victory is just too GOOD!

Just a random ... CUTE Doreamon decorated CAR!

It was mothers day and Fidelis's grandma invited me over for lunch and 1st meeting, but before that Fidelis and I went to collect a cake which was bought by her uncle .... and we went to J*ck's Place .... when I saw this board ....

It was the board we drew our names on during our 1st Valentines celebration!!! can you find it? ... time flies it's coming 5 years since we known eachother =D

*MUM!!! FAIRY!!!!* OUCH!!!

Family Guy - Over!

1 of the coolest RC Videos

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06 May 2009

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SH hey there! I really liked your cover for flightless bird! Really awesome! :)
really? thanks haha well it was done in a few hours and not done till perfect but yeah just hope you all love it =)


WOOT!! buy ur freakin toy den lemme play ley... LOL
yeah, saving money leh brother, sponsor? hahaha


ohhh hi leon...paiseh, can't catch it on time that sunday :) oh nice demos for e english songs on your playlist =)
no worries girl, there will be next time and be sure to come see me yeah? =D --------------------------------------------------------------

Hello Leon. Have a good long weekend!
Thanks Marc as usual =)


Hey there, I loved the cover your did for Ju Hua Tai! It is really really nice. Maybe you can try True by Ryan Cabrera? I think it'll sound nice :)
cool, hehe I am glad you found a song you like here, I will listen to true and see what i can do =D thanks anyway


Oh Oh Oh! That's great! :] composed alrd must updateeeee here kay! Cheeers :D &2 paper's down for Eunice! xD &yah! Your dog wisky is so photogenic laa! Hahaha
jia you for ur papers, yeah Wisky looks at the camera when being photographed hehe




Coool!! that u are given the chance to go to vietnam!and u have fans over there!More cool!=D..jiayou and good luck to you=)..and the japan MRT..-_-..if is me,i wun even bother to squeeze in!lolx
hehe yeah really need appreciate this chance, and yeah ... I didn't know Japanese were so.... squeezy ...


yet another experience at vietnam.glad that you're given more chances now.thou we wun be able to see it,still jiayou jiayou! (:
thank you Hui Bing, I'll take more pictures then yeah? =D

My hectic schedule toned down although there is work to be done,well recently have been active in music and also preparing for a gig dated in august which I will be playing some songs on my guitar when I perform, yeah I am not really good on guitar so got to start practice now, I have never gone home at 7pm for such a long time ... it's always back home and overnight working for sch stuff ... well at least it's more or less done now =)

Gone to see the doctor because of my throat infection, got to recover before this 21st as I need to go to Vietnam for my performance ...

I don't think I am able to do this months cover soon, at least I recorded 2 songs last month so I think it will have to last till I return from Vietnam from my performance ...

My gal told me that she is bored of life and her job when she is just in it for only like 6 days of work ... she felt aimless and feels the need for meaning in her life... I was quite shocked as I never expect her to be so bored about it when she is only 19 ... well I must say at least she is matured for her age to think ...

I guess life is created and happiness too, so create something, have a dream an aim a goal ... and head towards it, but well I never think I can work as a retail sales person because I hate waiting for things to happen...

Family Guy - Puke-a-thon =D

Marksim - Flight of the bumble bee - can anyone's hands get faster then this? WOW

Wanna guess how many people can squeeze into a Van?

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