27 November 2006

Recently things ain't going the right way, i guess she has grown and have her views, or is it that she is tired of our relationship already, it hurts alot really i really miss us .... why can't we talk like last time, i really don't know why we argue alot on things we usually don't ... it's really a bad time for me to have this happening .... i really feel like shit

6:06 AM

19 November 2006

Well my 2nd post since i am back from brunei, well i was appreciating the fact that i have my family loved ones my doggies my room and games PIANO friends and supporters around =) well truly think that being in singapore is still the best place .... by the way i was lectured alot and hard because my hp bills for this month was $500 due to my overseas calling ... O MY GOD i couldn't believe it too man it's so expensive man but to me money is just an object used to exchange for items to keep life fulfilled but of cos i am going to save up!!!!

New Image? any comments? send to my mail? hehehe

Went to Sentosa beach with my gal and singing friends ... really had a great time =) and next week my platoon, a special platoon, Platoon 10 is going to split up going into respective companys well this past 2 months of shXt and training together all the mountain climbings and pumping we gotta do i gotta miss them just wish them all the best yeah mates =)

12:59 AM

14 November 2006

Hello PEEPS i am back from Brunei !!! ahhhh man the training is tough, very physical and also mentally stranous as we overseas and no one is there for us, it seems so lifeless and our training is done in Brunei's very own forest and mountains they call "Biang" and hills as "Nor" well as the training go by humans desire all flowed out like water hahaha i dreamt about my card games, R/C cars, PC games,family and gf and it's not on 1 occation but a few during that 2.5 weeks ...

Dinner at NYDC with darling =) & friends ( Not included in photo)

Brunei is hmmm how to say it's a very calm country life is slow there and there are very little buildings but mostly hills and mountains lol well i really wanna cry when i came back to sg, it just suddenly seems so fulfilling and so wonderful ... ppl we are all fortunate i say lol... NS well i have to say i gotten used to it already, it isn't ... Fxxked up but it's the ppl there that make it feel so Fxxked up...

A pic i didn't post hehe can u read what my gal wrote on my hand?

Well anyway today my gal cooked me something that really satisfied my thirst for food and craving for taste MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EATEN SERIOUSLY!!!!! AAAAHAHHHAHAHA

Well don't know what is it? hehe it's top grade chicken chop with A VERY SPECIAL self prepared sauce my god it has mustard, honey cheese !!!! and loads of my favourite stuff AWWW THX U darling for the meal it's heavenly!!!

10:47 PM