16 July 2006

Saturday was a meaningful day for me, we were going to look for something in common, something we both love.

Well, me & my gal, we decided to have a pet.
We headed to many places on my dad's car as well as MRT as well as taking cabs & walking. well, why so many forms of transport? because i didnt dare to drive that far away from home as i was inexperience in parking & driving too. HAHAHAHA

Well, but at last we found our common love, TA-DAAA!!!!!

Our baby guinea pig! PEANUT!

10:00 PM

09 July 2006

Well i am out again, yep but it's on saturday 10am and ... i am suppose to book in tonight yep sunday at 7pm, well i must say that i am getting used to the army life as in not just anticipating book out day but getting pass a day by not thinking of it as .... sian, but well i must say that physically i am fit but my immune system is in a mess hahaha well always failing on me at the 3rd day of book in, my sorethroat and tekong coughs will come back hahaha it's depressing and demoralising for me to lose my ability to sing as usual haha, well i truly think that book out timings like this week isn't sufficient come on how do you divide them to friends? family? loved one? and most importantly MYSELF?! hahaha truly hope that my other book outs will at least be on friday nights at least i can sleep in my own bed alittle more .... ppl thx for staying tune to ma blog i am going to be a boring man because all i will be talking about ish ARMY! what you expect? less then 2 days a week in city and how am i going to be technoligically updated and updated about latest news on music industry, well if you all wanna help me pls send me links or valuable info to www.leonsuperstar5126@hotmail.com your help is greatly appreciated!!!

Tried out pepper lunch this weekend was quite cool concept and nice too =) well the movie Re-cycle wasn't so much of a horror show hahaha

10:22 AM