25 July 2007

Event About: Grant a Wish (Fund Raising Carnival for 'Make A Wish Foundation')
Location: Pasir Ris Drive 2 in front of blk 208
Date: 5th August 07 Sunday
Time: 9am to 9.30pm Carnival Duration, My performance slot is 8pm till 8.30pm

Next Performance

Event About: Official Release of ARC Album and Promo of album, it is a RSVP show so special invites are needed, for invites pls contact brandon@virtuosoarts.com.sg =) see ya there !

Sneak Peak on Album Cover =)

Location: St. James Power Station Dragonfly
Date: 11th August Saturday 2007
Time: 5pm to 7pm

Next Performance

Event About: Belated National Day Celebration, My Bro Garett will be the host of the DAY!!! =)

Location: Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Blk 438
Date: 12th August Sunday 2007
Time: 8am to 12pm show duration with Garett hosting =), 10am my slot =)

Well a handful of my friends, familys and supporters have already heard my 1st song ... well i have to say that yep this is my 1st composition on sale so pls listen to it with a relaxed mine hehe as it might not be as good as top singers in the region =)

My Room like after a war ....

Sweet cookies from her "Fidelis" thx you awww

Cookies made by Ke Jing... thx you! & there is a liang teh from Xue Ting thx you too!!!

This 2 weeks for me has been fruitful ... why? because although it is meant to be some kind of holiday for me because of going through Army test stage 1, i am doing lots of music ... i am so happy and in love with that fact ... i am glad i am able to =) it is what i love to do ... just trying to improve myself always =) yes i am tired but i am satisfied on why i am tired =) hmmm i want to go back to study after my army le in audio tech or music anyone got courses to intro ? =)

10:43 PM

19 July 2007

Performance for ARC Album Promotion
This is one performance i truly hope all my supporters can come =) hope to see you all there ... hope i didn't disappoint you =)
Location: Republic Poly TRCC(not sure where but its a performance hall for sure)
Date: 26th July 07 Thursday (note date changes)
Time: 12.30pm to 1.30pm

It is hard ... trying to push all those memories apart. ... everytime i imagine her with another ... i feel really sad. ... i feel responsible for her already and the need to care for her ...

This is 1 cool Nike shoe i wanna get =) hhehe

Cute shoes i saw while shopping =) miss piggy and kermit!!!

Pictures speak ... i think i should smile more ... to overcome what has always been in ...

Pagani Zonda this super car goes from 0 to 100 in under 3.5 seconds =) and cos ... 1.75million SGD =)

A pic of me and Optimus Prime ... taken by ... her ...

I am enjoying alittle of off this week and it will be a good week for me to work on my music that i neglected due to the busy army schedule =) .... i am talking lesser or expressing lesser recently ... there is no one much i feel i can pour out too ... hmmm i guess pictures can speak more for now ... i shell try taking more of them for all of you all yeah? =) thx for alot of you all replying about my event ... i understand it is hard to come as it is a friday noon ... no worries ... i will try catching it down for you all =)

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13 July 2007

Performance for ARC Album Promotion
This is one performance i truly hope all my supporters can come =) hope to see you all there ... hope i didn't disappoint you =)
Location: Republic Poly TRCC(not sure where but its a performance hall for sure)
Date: Thursday 26th July 07
Time: 12.30pm to 1.30pm

some old time photos of the book featuring me and my bro's stories hehehe

See anything familiar in the words?

Went out with friends today after i book out .... it wasn't a good day ... really ... to put it i really missed my ex and also am stressed ... it is just complicating ... wah did guard duty last nite .... and when doing prowling from 2 to 4am slot ... around the car park ... the fire alarm rang~!~~! .... luckily it was just a fault ... or else my cute swift would be engulfed in flames =( ... didn't catch much sleep .... 4 hours or so? yesterday was so suay .... had been quite suay recently ... almost trip and fall for 3 times on tuesday ... and all this ... really sums up the week lol ... so tired ... so rush busy busy busy but i love it heheh got to buy the game "Overlord" tml YEAH!!!

Bought a new top =) yeah need to shop more le ... who wanna go shopping with me?

Ahhhh ... my favourite chocolate ... but .... hmmm MORE WATER AFTER THAT!!!

This is the worlds renowed "Lim's Family Chicken Pie!!!" hehe think those who gotta marry the males of ma family got to learn this and "Gnor Hiang" Secret Recepie then can get approved =) MUMMY THX!!! I LOVE YOU FOR COOKING IT FOR ME!!!

Replies to taggies

Peixuan: Thx for showing me ur blog =) awww your so nice haha put up so much pics and videos of me and my bro thx you!!!

Sheena: thx for coming to Square2 performance again =) hehe gotta remember ya name le =)

ciia ciia: hehe oh hey!! hahah oh ur the one who was having exams during that time and i asked you to study hard right? hehe you changed so much =) nice to see you ... hope to see you more too =)

xue ting: no worries i understand ... hope to see you soon k? thx you you takecare too! i will too!

barkajean: hehe really i look good? hmmm it's my bro who dressed me ... i wasn't quite used to it ... hmmm you think i suite that style?

'jann: hahah no worries ... 2 more months and i am more free le! =) will meet then =)

hy & hq: no worries hehe will see you all next performance k? =) thx

Yvonne-cherie: yo hehe yep look at my post ... got details of my performance then =)

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06 July 2007

I have a event with my brother =) hope to see you all there to give us some support...

Date: This Sunday 8th June 07
Destination: Usquare(Beside novena square)
Time: 3pm start performing =)

12:41 AM