14 August 2006

Afew weeks have passed, and my blog in a state of boredomness and topic-less post are coming more &more often. so i decided to spice it up with a little touch of love...
maybe alot of love.
Thanks for her being there, week after week.
and always trying to make me happy,
We went to sentosa and took the luge ride with was fun
as well as the skyride which rooted me whenever i'm on it. Being afraid of heights,
yup do i seem like one? but I AM ONE!
wow! so high up here!
This post is alittle jumbled up but i hope you can still get what i mean because currently i am in my bunk and speaking to my personal &only secretary, trying to post something more interesting in a totally un-interesting place.
I truly miss my freedom.
The time i have for myself which i feel was stolen by NS.
And the feeling of not being in control, anyway truly hope that all
of you people who are reading my post are doing well,

5:02 PM

05 August 2006

Yo people time flies, 1 more month and i can keep some hair on top of my carpet grass patch, i can say i pass my BMT already, truly feel lost in NS as in no contact with what is happening, 1 week feels as if it's a month and i feel that it breaks relationships somehow friendships too... all i do everyday is army and can talk about is how we dug holes to do big businesses while being out field and the importance of light when all we can use is torch light, and table ... all are things that we shouldn't take for granted for when in out field i learnt how important was my bed instead of sleeping on hard ground .... miss you guys i will try my best not to talk about army ... i feel it ... reeks ... miss u all

9:13 PM