29 November 2004

Yesterday was really cool hahaha performance at Lot 1 WOOOO hahah was fun, i am learning to love the crowd and attention haha it's really fun and i feel really that i must learn to capture and control the crowd hehehe... anywayz thx for the many ppl who turned up to support me =)

JMD Members & Mua & Ma gal gal
I wanna thx Danny, Selphie, Brendy, Jennifer, Cindy, Gia Gia & Steve

Singing mates
I wanna thx Kelvin, Pei Xin & Venise

Jia Ming Lao Shi & his students and singers hehehe
I wanna thx Jia Ming lao shi for giving me the chance to perform =)

If you missed it and wanna see it? well i have videos of it hahah and sound clips =)

Last but not least i must thank Max my pal for coming your great man, thank dear dear for always supporting me hehehe & of cos Sanne my bros gf and my brother thx u kor & MOMMY AND DADDY!!!! THX U!!!

2:13 PM

27 November 2004

This Sunday 28th Nov 04,

My very 1st public performance at Choa Chu Kang, Lot 1, 5pm-5.30pm
Song i am singing is Tian Tian by David Tao

This Sunday 19th Dec 04,
My 2nd public performance at Bishan, Juntion 8, 5pm-5.30pm

hopefully my friends if have nothing to do can come see me sing hahaha

Wah today stressed up dance grading is tml and i haven't start creating my dance doing it now hope it will turn out fine just fine =)

Yeh yeh yeh!!! yeh yeh yeh!!!!

1st semester school results =)

Grade Point Average : 3.019


2:31 AM

24 November 2004

*X'mas Wishlist*
*New cool clothings
*New Jeans (To replace the torn one)
*A PC or PC Part upgrade
*New pair of shoes

*X'mas To-Do List*
*Get driving licence or just to enroll it
*Can pei dear dear celebrate X'mas
*Pass my semestral examinations(Done)
*Get champion in singing competition
* Get more singing opportunities(Processing)

hehe today was a special day although not celebrating anything but my gal and i decided to give eachother alittle surprise hahaha, darling thx alot for the kuek u made me =) ahaha and i draw this =)

It writes " Leon & Fidelis " all over hehehe

thx dear for everything your so nice sorry for being so full of expectations at time sorry i know i am a perfectionist. Really hope that you are happy with me =)

1:52 AM

12 November 2004

WOW hahah yesterday was a day where i really 1st time take time to taste food, anniversary brought my gal to Tao's Resturant to eat hahah so sweet the gift she gave me oh my god sooo sweet!~

A Lovely Gift from my dearest =)

darling then WOW hahah today was soo great hor? hahaha go play badminton then go IKEA with you then after that come see me sing at Mu Chuan hahaha YES YES YES!!! I GOT INTO THE FINALS HAHAHA thx darling for coming!!! anyone wanna come me sing at the finals? hahaha

A pic of stupid me after make up by Mediacorp make-up artist

Thanks for the many concerns to ppl, Xiang Ming, Fiona and many others who cared about me when i am feeling like crap, well i have settled lots of stress, well i think i am quite ready to continue but just need some rest hahahah well thanks anyway your concerns are appreciated =)

1:05 AM

08 November 2004

So busy so sian so stressed, going to learn singing, Aikido as usual, haiz now holiday leh, haiz then need to go cca haiz so not used to it, usually holiday no need to go cca de haiz o so tired after today acting, i feel sooo tired wanting to accomadate everything, i guess i find enjoyment and happiness in singing, and being with my gal, the others is just turning into a chore haiz aikido i love it just that i just couldn't get the hype where is it when i need it? haiz i need the hype or do i just wanna stay free and do the things i like during the holidays.

So sian le haiz, just wanna pei my darling and sing my songs . . .

So many things to learn . . . Aikido techniques, singing techniques, dancing, part-time acting, singing competition, studies, learning and trying to write songs, preparing exams for singing division . . .haiz just wanna put them all side and sleep my way with my gal, haiz . . .

perharps it's just becos the holiday is too short, that i couldn't catch my breath, or not having time to take driving test or that i am worried about my exams haiz . .. . people can u all hear me? . ..

3:17 AM