20 July 2005

Well it has been a very experiencing journey this past 2 months, from the old me to my new self, so many changes in lifestyle sweet, bitter . . . Really hope i can continue performing for all the people who love music, just want to sing for all of you all hoping you all love it...

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Being on stage to sing for all has been a dream of my life, how long can i keep my dream going???

Sometimes it just seem so cruel, the fact is a contestant may be good but votes ain't enough, just hope that 24 of us, our journey don't end but carry on to a brighter side.

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Hagen & Me

Needless to say we all don't know what is installed for us, if we are in or out, what has been made? what has yet to come . . . just hope i can continue my dream . . . i really love singing =)

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Pretty Kelly & Me

Our fate in Project Superstar decided on fate . . . is it even appropriate? or even the people judging all of us . . .

By the end of the day, i guess everything just sinks in when we close our eyes . . . at the end of the day what have we done? what have we achieved? do we need all this???

Yes i want to be a singer, someone that can move people with my voice hopefully . . . thx for all the love you all gave me really . . . it was very beautiful . . .

12:14 PM

12 July 2005

I just want to say thank you for your concern, all my supporters and friends out there, really thx you for standing up for me, there were a few who cried because of the forum, i just want to say, let's leave that aside ok, don't cry for something that is out of point.

I am not affected by it ok so don't be affected...

Want to say thank you all really alot for all your sweet letters and sweets to let me feel at least i am not left out, as i always feel i am not good enough, thx to many encouragements i have heard that i sing well. That is the only thing i want and hope to give to all of you, i want to sing my best, try to make you all happy . . .

Thanks for my friends who do things for me like buy sweets or stuff, letters or even banner making.

I would never do a thing to hurt you all, but pls understand that i can't give out my personal number, or add in my personal friendster as those are for my school mates, pls understand =))

Takecare to all of you all, rest well always, always remember to go home early, i am worried for all of ya safety . . .

See ya on 20th July, i hope i can still be on the stage to perform after that week .. . vote for me if you think i got what it takes to be ur superstar ... each votes counts

2:38 PM

08 July 2005

Sometimes i feel fraustrated and very confused, i wonder what actually do people want to see, in this "singing competition" i felt that there is a need to showcase our vocal so as to capture attention but in return it seemed like choosing a difficult song and delivering it fairly got me into trouble.

I felt really sad when i got eliminated which is not basically because of not being able to be a "Superstar" but i was really sad because i couldn't achieve my passion, the passion to just stand on stage try my best to sing for all the people out there. I just love to sing and i want to sing for all of the people, i felt sorry as i felt i have disappointed all my supporters for not getting in . ..

I apologize if any of my writings have offended anyone but i just wanted to express my feelings . . .

But again i really want to thank all of the people who cared about me and loved me, i wouldn't have gotten where i am without you all . . .

I truly hope that my chance of performing on a stage for all the people infront of the TV will not be lost ...

4:29 AM

07 July 2005

i feel so demoralize, sad after i view some comments, i am worried of cos like every contestant . . .well but my fate has been decided. I just only wanted to sing for all the people, i just wanna let ppl enjoy my singing . . . i just wanna sing for the people and let them be happy

1:46 AM