31 August 2004

Whew today had been tiring, go to sch for revision till 4.30 hehe then head towards AMK for some Initial D racing WOO!!! time flies driving driving 5.30pm .... 6pm ... 6.50pm ... WAIT!!! 6.50pm!!? dammit got Aikido class at 7pm, dammit!!! reached at 7.30pm darn, haiz (see lah Leon play lah play more lah!!!) damn shag after aikido tiring maybe cos i just had sandwiches the whole day ...

Foong Sensei WAIT FOR ME!!!

11:44 PM

She caught my eye,
She caught my soul,
She invaded my feelings,
She invaded my heart,
Is she the one?,
Is she mine?,
Love is for eternity,
Love is for fools,
Will i see her?,
Will i not,
Would she accept me?,
Would it be over?,
I Love her?,
I Love to be Loved?,
When will i find her?,
When do i know?
Fate can only tell ....

3:02 PM

29 August 2004

Nice saturday, playing Shattered Galaxy till 2 am last night hahah .... haiz common tests coming soon, me looking for ppl to accompany me for a movie. anyone wan? hehehe ....

Today my 1st meeting with the Head and Sub-Coms of JMD (Japanese Music & Dance) club well feel alittle stressed with what i will be doing hahahah teaching the students to sing hahha well i wouldn't been post to this if they had Jae ahhaha but well Jae i will in place of you do it well =)

Soooo bored i should be outside with some net friends or someone going for a movie =( hahaha well guess i gtg spend the day playing games and revising =)

9:06 AM

24 August 2004

Today was a day i saw tears, my horror many girls crying oh my ... morning 9am at Terminal 1 , with Jae and lots of his friends gather to sent him, for others who had spent much tie with him was very sad with his leaving, but for me i was happy for him as he didn't need to serve the army if he left, and he could concentrate on his singing career or start it.

Pal gotta miss ya, but anyway takecare and all the best!!!

It's windy today, it felt so good to have the wind blowing on your face when i alight at the busstop near my house, i just love the kind of feeling it gives very comfortable...

6:07 PM

22 August 2004

WOW really a great time today with JMD (Japanese Music & Dance) members they all were soo nice, even the seniors were, they don't put a line between the new members.

Prisca, Jennifer, Steve & Jaeson laying.

Me & Arina, Striking her pose

The day started as usual CCA practice dance steps and all stuff, darn shouldn't have spoken during dance lessons, was called out to entertain others cos i just said "anything" ....

Prisca & Me posing

Well end of CCA there was a farewell party for my pal senior as he is going back to HK to stay liaoz and everyone was very sad, Jae takecare ok, i will do you proud and do my best, although i maybe very stressed with my studies but i'll try my best to suceed JMD, music division. When you come back u'll see. =)

Poster made for Jae & Jae of cos

Most of JMD ( Japanese, Music & Dance) members

After the farewell party we all head out to our buses journeying to JAS.

Me & Jae, asked to sing a song

Today all members went to JAS (Japanese Association Singapore) School for Summer festival celebration really had alot of fun as we danced on stage though it was really tiring but oh my god it was fun hahaha caught 5 goldfishes while playing a japanese traditional game (Using a circular ring and a paper in between to scoop fishes) . hahaha to add to my 3 goldfishes at home so = 8 hhehe hope my mom is happy.

Some pitures to share ...

Hungry ppl at JAS (Japanese Association of Singapore)

Daiko at JAS

Nehehe, 5 goldfishes to 1 hahaha

Dance people DANCE!!!

Legendary F4 of Sakuran

Steve, Shu Herng, Jae, Yakkub, Danny & Mua!!!

Today was a day of happiness and saddness as Jae is leaving Singapore in 2 days, gotta miss you pal really thanks for what u have taught me past 2 months though not long time but really thanks for entrusting the singing division in my hands, i will make it big!!! see ya then superstar wish you all the best!!!

2:50 AM

20 August 2004

Well single as usual nothing lost just maybe the confidence level, i don't know, i just haven't found another girl that gives me the feeling of wanting to give up everything and taking care of her. The last time was my ex, Simin =) 2 & half years until seperation ... hehe thanks for the beautiful sweet memories

11:49 PM

I Leon Lim Yu Zhi, here-by want to thank all of my friends for being so supportive over my singing, acting and as being a friend there for me, i must say i wouldn't be what i am without you guys!!!! oppz and galz too!!!! u all Rock!!!

9:21 PM

Wow, whew no one recognizes me hahaha only my friends in my poly said HEY! "Singapore Idol" hahaha well i was so afraid that ppl will like go isn't that guy from sg idol? today it rained really reminded me how much i loved the rainy dayz and napping at home or jus sitting around in my house playing guitar, well but i was in sch at 5, i thought finally can go home liaoz yeah!!! relax and it's FRIDAY!!!! YEAH!!! =) and my dad called me and ask me if i wanna be fetched from school

BUT..... i waited and waited from 5 to 6.30 .... and they are caught in a jam sooo i was quite pissed, my mom was so nice she knew that i was pissed as i waited and tried to explain but i was pissed and she jus say u take cab home go take cab home don be angry ok, heheh well i said " ok lah ok lah!!! then put down phone. Sorry mom i know i was rude, i am happy that u all wanted to fetch me and even went to buy food to fill my stomach, so when they reached home i greeted them happily hahaha ... sounds like a story ending

8:35 PM

Hi people ... my 1st time using blog hehe hope it would be easy!!! well i am soooo lazy to update it i think sooo much stuff to dooo busy busy busy!!!! Brief description of what i am currently doing. Busy With NYP studies, looking for a gf to takecare of me, cute, nice, adorable de hehe jap looks hopefully (High hopes) hehehe well learning singing at Hai Die, Aikido at CC, Sakuran "JMD" division under singing hahaha very complicated yeah? hahahaa well thanks to those who read my 1 paragraph Blog soon i will be writing loads of craps cos i am naggy hahaha yeah =P

1:12 AM