31 August 2008

As the hours passed, and my day drew dark, it felt better, my friends are still there ... just not in touch at times where everyone has their lives ...

I have to thank my family... they are always there ... no matter how dark my days were, just waiting and being there for me...

Thanks to my friends for giving me my early Bday celebration too, it was so nice of them ...

I apologize if my previous post worried any of my friends. ..

The next one will be of my normal self =)

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30 August 2008

It's not been the best of the days in my life recently, yep i ORDed but what has also ended was also my army allowances, which is a drop if $600 a month... to $0

Well I may seem well of and with a car, many feel that I come from a well to do family, but there are just some facts that I would like to highlight... imagine paying example: $2k per month for ur house, and recent economy drop has make this $2k monthly payment hard, also selling would cause a lost...

Owning a car, which you have to pay for ERP, serivcing when you have no income ...

Many would say I should probably get some allowance from my parents as I am a student, but I really hate getting money from my parents... I hate relying on others...

My recording interface just broke down too...

anyway recently i must say my "well to do family" ain't doing well ...

I am at a lost, I know I must replace my interface so that i can continue making demo music as well as recordings ... I guess i rely too much on waiting for gigs ... it's just not turning up as much anymore ...

$$$ is not an essential but a need for me now ...

I don't really know what is enjoyment ... having a car but not having the money to drive?
Living in a Semi-D but living ever so thrifty?

I just can't fall asleep ... I think i seriously need a job... but I only can get a part time 1 ...

I understand the feeling of not having enough money in the bank or in the pocket ... the lack of sense of security ...

I just hope everything will turn out better ... but i guess it's up to me now ...

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4:27 AM

26 August 2008

SEE!!! the cookies my cleopatra made for me =) so sweet hor hehe I am so fortunate =)

Tag Replies:

din hear the actual version before..but i lyk the one u sang!nice=)
Hehe you can purchase his album 方大同-未来
jelly:): u recorde urself? u have a nice vocal jiayou actually i nv hear u sig before hehe
Yes I recorded it myself at home =)

delphina: hihi leon!haha!>.good vocals u have!..jiayous!record more songs worx..haha!>.take care!jiayous always!!
Thanks a lot i will record more cover songs =)
SIYIN;: hellos leon ;D read and tagged, nice songs you have. take care (:
be sure to come back often
jean: hahas..i also think tat the part tat the mum asked whether hui ge eat already a not very funny.lolx..and the car looked so cute and cool!=D
yeah that's my favourite part, anyway yep they are Digitally Enhanced
HoHo: wa.. oso go those 7th mth dinner de wor.. lolx
anw.. where did u buy ur Shure SM58 Mic ? or any info n places to buy?

I am sure you can find mics and other equipment at Sim Lim Square, but be sure to check out on prices at online shops and also do your research well before purchasing any equipment they are not cheap =)

Cute car of the post:
hehe fellow Suzuki SX4!

Some pictures I caught during the rainy days ...

Got drenched just walking to collect my car ...

Looks like global warming is taking place...

It's just so lucky my mum made 1 of my favourite "Tau Suan"

Interesting Article =)

Reporting from Australia
Hatchback hate: Lamborghini chased
By Dylan Welch
March 13, 2006

The road rage incident started with a glance and quickly became one of the more bizarre pursuits on Sydney's roads.

As the driver of a yellow Lamborghini sat in peak hour traffic in Homebush at around 8.20am yesterday he flashed an annoyed look at the driver of a Suzuki Swift, who was booming music out of his car stereo, say police.

It was hardly a call to arms, but his frown provoked a 30-minute pursuit along Parramatta Road from Homebush to Glebe as the Lamborghini attempted to get away from the clearly agitated driver of the Suzuki, who tailgated the supercar and at one point even attempted to ram it.

"The Suzuki Swift was changing lanes, getting behind the Lamborghini and tailgating and also coming beside the Lamborghini at lights and revving [his car] and yelling at the driver," Inspector Sue Trusty of Glebe Police told smh.com.au.

Despite being hopelessly outclassed by the supercar, the driver of the diminutive hatchback managed to pursue the Lamborghini through heavy traffic to Glebe, where the frightened driver flagged down a police car.
Police were unable to catch the Suzuki as it sped down a side street and disappeared.

The shaken Lamborghini driver lodged an incident report with officers at Glebe police station, leaving his car parked in Talfourd Street in a restricted area reserved for police cars.

He was then given a lift home by police, leaving the luxury vehicle to be picked up by his company.
Inspector Trusty suggested the driver of the Suzuki may have been suffering from delusions of grandeur during the pursuit.

"When they were stopping at lights he was the one revving up. He must have been delirious if he thought he was going to drag [the Lamborghini] off."

The high-end Lamborghini, one of only 60 in Australia, can reach 100kmh in 4.3 seconds and has a top speed of over 300kmh. The Suzuki Swift hits 100/kmh in 10.0 seconds and has a top speed of 190kmh.

Police inquiries are continuing.

Some interesting videos =)

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7:56 PM

18 August 2008

Tag Replies:

eileen': eh... i think the funniest part was still when themum asked marklee to help her find her RED BRA WITH MICKEY MOUSE!! hahahaha
Personally love the part when the mother asked if Ah Ong had ate...
voldemort: nice vocal!!
Thank you, it still need improvements =)
doreen: nice songs.. hahas.. ur gf n ur duet song is nicee...
Thank you very much!
doreen: hey leon... where do u normally upload your songs to? and upload to mixpod.com ar? =D (link me too)
I upload it to boxstr.com =)
Jane: oh her gf in money not enough 2? Haha. Will notice abt it. Lol. Haha. Leon i jus asking only. I seldom buy 4d de. Sometime play play only. hehe. Ur name yu zhi more nice. Hehe. take care. =)
Hahaha: your girlfriend's in Money No Enough 2 as well, she should be the best actress for you what, hahaha.

Cute Car of the Post:
Merc CLS half price please...

Life is boring isn't it? How I'd wish i can prove the fact that it is not just study, grow, work work work and die. i guess 1 things for true though, when you are still a baby you need diapers and care from others who can give, and when you are old you need the diapers again as well as care, we often reach a point we have to depend on the other. Anyone can tell me how to always be happy? and satisfied with life? Money? Love? Passion?

To say that humans are not materialistic is really not true anymore, we always have needs that turns into desires... perhaps I just reached a point where I feel like has gone into a stand still... like .. what's new? you know that kinda stuff?

If only all meals and shelter are provided, life would be of no meaning, I guess everything goes to dirt when you go down. That is 1 of the reasons why i choose to write songs, and sing. Perhaps i can leave some legacy even after death ...

I should be catching this event with my girl

Anyone wanna watch this? I need to be refreshed and need something to spark my boring life ... apparently she don't feel like going as she felt it's too crowded ... I guess that only means I can't go as well... Haiz i wanna see!

Will be going for JAS (Japanese Association Singapore) Summer Festival (Natsu Matsuri) hopefully brings up my mood... pretty sick of a lot of things recently... need to realize my value and how much I am worth...

Lucky the sky above my roof sometimes calms me ... I love looking at it. Why must life be so complicated ... I want freedom ...

Went to this 7th month dinner the other day, auction was crazy. People buying lanterns for $1689 and more...

Decided to revert back to my old headlamps with a little modification... sprayed the inner part of it to the car colour, love it, it's quite 1 of a kind...

Uncle Richard told me this while we were watching the Olympics opening ceremony:
The World gave China 17 days, but in return China gave 5000 years of history through the opening ceremony

11:13 PM

11 August 2008

Tag replies:

then jia you woh! Hehe. i thought u noe the truck plate no. anyway is ok. haha. If u noe maybe i can try to buy 4d.Hehe. Tk care too. =)
Haha money don't drop from the sky, buy 5 years of 4D win 1 time, also get back what you give ...
1st time here, found that yours songs are great!
Thanks alot, hope you enjoy reading as well as listening to my songs, do introduce your friends too =) thanks!

Yo.. Great singing.. & i feel it a kinda similar to Fang Da Tong's singing. lOlx.. btw.. can i ask wad do u use to record? The Quailty is realli gd! Gt ur own studio kinda thing at home? lolx
I am using Shure SM58 Mic and Nuendo software to record, no money for a studio, just a mini workstation in my room =)
aShz: you look more idolish compared to those Project Superstar years...
serious? O.O hehe cool hopefully I look better in time to come instead of growing old like how my gal would always say hehe
hi. nice song.. i like your voice.. see ya!
thanks! do visit often =)
missyjade: sing more with fidelis(:
hehe will make it a point to produce duet covers every 2 months =)
heyy leon! the song you sang with fidelis is really nice! both of you sang really well too! great job! :) do record more duets like that! JIAYOU! :D
thanks alot, will do more covers with her =)

Cute Car of the Post:
Bently Coupe! wooo!

Happy Belated Birthday to Singapore, I was at home... and looking something like this ...

hehe well nope! i ain't treating National day just like another =)

I met up with my VA mates (Virtuoso Arts singing classmates), bought some ingredients and headed to my place for Pot Luck!!! I always love spending time together with my friends, grateful that they made time for the meet up =)

Iron Chef Wei Ming showing some skills

Ben & Venise preparing our desert!!!

Just a bit of what we will be feasting on =P

Really enjoyed playing Taboo game with my friends, everyone was so high!!!

There are some people who love going solo, like fighting enemies along in games. But I always feel that there is never a winner alone but always the team or aid of another that will lead to winning that is why I always love playing cooperative games o.o

Shabby me and my girl at the MRT Station, accompanied her on a train ride to meet her friends while my car was parked at another shopping centre hehe... accompanied my lonely gal to meet her friends. I was happy to see her happy =)

Some pictures I took during Kenneth and Macy's Wedding!!!

AMY!!! it's been long since we met, I'll never forget the way she took care of me during Project Superstar, being our Nanny, she is always so cheerful, spontanous and nice ... she looked tired though, guess it's work, rest more ok? miss the cheerful side of you =)

Mr. Unclassified with Sandra at the very crowded event =)

Very nice ambience ...

The couple performing a duet

Went to check out Jimmy, the real F1 car made simulator, cool huh?

Guess this is the only chance I'll ever get to sit in a real F1 car

Doing my 3 laps, damn it was hard, but felt super real!!! only hope I have this at home

I still love my racer boy car =) hehe
Nice lamps huh?
feeling cool with my ride =)
If looks could kill ... my car would have killed a lot of other cars

If you look at the name of this Loan Receipt, you will see my old name ...
Leon Lim Xiang Ji, 林祥吉
=) yep that was my initial name, it was only until 14 that I got my name changed to
Leon Lim Yu Zhi,林昱志

Rating: 4/5

Best actor/actress: Mother

Must comment that it was a bold move, Jack Neo actually showed about some funny thoughts of Singaporeans towards the ERP, other then some abrupt edits, I felt that the best scene was when Hui Ge sent his mother to the Old Folks Home ... the funniest is when her mum has amnesia and kept asking Hui Ge if he had eaten =) very funny to watch with a open hard and not so hard up on critics, this will give you a very valuable lesson on life, to cherish the people you sometimes fail to cherish in life ... =)

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1:11 AM

06 August 2008

Cute Car of Post:
Mini Aston =)

Look so many people taking pictures!!!

YEAH MAN it's Derrick Hoh's Album Press Release!

Like the old days =)


Much pretty le right? =)

Yes sign for me buddy =)

Just wanna side track a bit, I am blogging at 4.51am after finishing my Guitar melody line for a cover song, damn ... it's hard to make covers (duplication of a song) you have to listen well and copy each note and each instrument, well anyway I will be using the song as a minus 1 and also for future covers =)

Isn't she lovely? well recently I haven't really have time for you, I am sorry dear, but I will make it up ok? =) you are so nice to me, always so sweet and waiting =)

Look!!! It's Zhang Feng Qi! man he looks good in person, the X-Factor he has, damn i wish i have his nice complexion, very friendly and holds no air =) good luck in your music endeavours

Found this on my car last week, it's Ali!!! he pranked me hahaha, still claims he confirmed my car when he saw the transformers logo on the rear, anyway Ali's blog link is on the left! =)

Spot this overturned truck near my place, damn wonder what caused this, hehe and me being like a KPO Singaporean doing my thing by taking pictures of it, damn forget to buy 4D


Well as you all know schools in for me again, with the raise of petrol and ERP, I took public transport on a few occasions ... it sort of reminded me of why I hated the public transports...

1. You enter the MRT cabin, with already little space, people refuse to shift in, so worried that they will miss their stop, they always squeeze to the door 2 stops before alighting... eh relax la...

2. People boarding... please have the courtesy to allow passangers to alight 1st, whats wrong with waiting? damn i hate inconsiderate ppl, and people who just keep blocking the damn door ... isn't it logical to let ppl OUT?? before entering, it's not as if it's the last train on earth anyway...


I am turning 22 LOH!!! September 11 OK? hahaha

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1:39 AM