29 May 2008

Thx you for the concern, recently my life hasn't been going very smoothly, my car was in a major accident resulting a change of a door, ... well it was ran into by a 5 tonne! in my camp.... my poor car was just sitting in the lot all day when this driver decided to park in between 2 lots and crash!!! Resulting in a 3k worth of repairs, haiz ... although i don't pay for the repairs, seeing my car damaged sure hurts ...

There goes my transport for the weekend, so in case if you see on a bus or MRT =) yeah thats probably me!

Please support this weeks "UW Weekly Issue 219" with 2 page article of me and my brother! thank you!!!

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25 May 2008

*News Headlines*
This weeks UW Zhou Kan Magazine has a 2 page article on Me and my bro, be sure to support it =) it's only $2

Yo people, i am preparing for my Taiwan trip on the 17th yep change of dates =) am i so EXCITED!!!! haha finally i can go overseas after 2 years of being trapped in Singapore ehehhe, anyone has any place of interest that you might want to introduce me? so i can drop by when i am there ???

My sweet sister bought my parents a pair of tickets for the Singapore Flyer for my parents, and my parents decided to ask me and my bro along for some family day outing, was quite long ago since we last went out together =) and the Nasi Lemak at Adam Market *ROCKS*

Great timing i must say this trip was, many things were stressing me, and i needed some time to cool off and just spend some relaxing time =) humans really are intelligent creatures and always trying to beat ourselves at doing something better =)

Aiyo daddy where you looking at?

Here i come taiwan!!!!

Never know this kinda ice cream exists haha perhaps I am just new to it =)

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2:08 AM

18 May 2008

Thank you darling for making me such nice Oatmeal Cookies, i love them and love Oatmeal =) YUM!!! 4/5 Stars because 1 star is a little on the hard side =)

Told you all some time ago that i am quite broke ... that is why munching on bread hehe, well actually i love cheese ham sandwich, it's so nice but yet sorta bad for the throat !!!

Welcome to "DA FREAK SHOW" as you can see there are 2 bananas and 1 is super tiny!!! lets see how much fruit it has!!!

TA DA!!!

I'll be ORDing in 18 days, i am feeling happy and eager to carry on to the next phrase of my life, but sometimes i guess when things come near to end you tend to feel it gets harder ... recently my PK contest which i am not sure is a good or bad opportunity but am sure it will be good experience, other then that my dog "Magic" whose picture is just above is suffering from a slip disk from his neck and is squealing when he is in pain... it hurts seeing him suffer ...and operation cost will total up to 10k and possibility of him being paralysed is also high, it is sad that this happy, cheerful and energetic dog has this problem... we have already lost Victory, the white poodle in my family portrait due to age, but I really can't take loosing another, imagine what if Magic is paralysed, i don't know if it is fair to him having to have to eat, sleep, poop lying down and not knowing what he wants, my parents considered that if it really happens, they might have to resort in putting him to sleep so as not to allow him to suffer, currently he is awaiting for operation... i feel down, it is stressful recently, on all aspects i guess ... I really need a breather...

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08 May 2008

Road Show for 'Sentiments' at Suntec City Tower 2
*Note Date Changes*
17th May 2008, 1pm

Nice and unique flavors for the waffles =)

Hope to see ya there hearing me perform again =) Well i have been reading Top Gear Car magazines and i must say the articles they write are so artistic, even when reviewing a car, it sort of gives you a feel like you are reading a novel, they don't just review a car, but give it a touch of beauty and depth into what they say. Or should i say they are just pure bullsxxting? anyway i decided to sorta try their writing style here today about my thoughts of going to Taiwan to PK =) don't expect it to be short =)

The 2 years in debt to the goverment is ending and i must say the days of growing up is going to begin, as if i was going to grow any taller. I guess it was time to set my foot on the ground hard and start making footprints, I have got to end up in the music industry, either being a producer/ song composer or a performer, although I enjoy singing songs by David Tao i am already 22, yes Wei Ming, Yi Keong and Ben tell me it's alright to start earning and self sustaining at a later age as we males have the disadvantage of 2 years ...

Anyway what is going on my mind is "One Million Star PK Contest" in Taiwan Mid of June, so I'll be flying over to sing, other factors stressing me is that the amount of cash my parents have to squeeze out from their claimed shallow pocket and the hopes of making an impact performing there. My song arsenal is not huge and i like to sing songs that are challenging, it give the sort of satisfaction similar to biting into a cheese filled bread or donut ... YUM!...

Anyway i must say i found out how much my Chinese SUCK while trying to read the mails sent from them, man why am i sorta halfway at the right side of my dream but half way wrong. My mum should have strangled me when I said i wanted to stop my "Organ Keyboard" lessons when I was 12, and my dad should have forced me to drink burnt Chinese Newspaper mixed with water whenever i got D7 for my Chinese...

Now that my fingers are stiff and my brain seem to work slower, i felt that i should do music not as a whole but produce and arrange as it needs life experiences and try to work out as much as i can by singing the best i can while I am in Taiwan next month...

Who knows what kind of shock i could give myself or to Singapore ?...

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10:54 PM

02 May 2008

She: Darling... what if i suddenly died ..?
Him: don't say that darling ...
She: Come on tell me what will you do? ...
Him: what can i do if i can't change it? I only can be sad and really miss you ...
She: oh... *thinking*
He: Then what if i suddenly died? ...
She: ...............................
She: darling so you better live longer, then I'll die before you and not worry about being a widow
He: .........

yep, tickets for Singapore Drift Formula, decided to buy the tickets at the grand stand as i know my diva girl won't be able to bear the sun, anyway i was welcomed by a box of cupcakes, surprisingly nice and soft hehe =)

Yeah, going low profile? or hmmm well i don't actually like styling my hair unless it's for some formal event.

The cars were lined up for the event and it was pretty nice event being our 1st drifting event, there are also 4 videos taken, 2 are in my gals blog @ http://theluckiestchick-.blogspot.com/ be sure to catch the 1st 2 before viewing the following =)

WOW so much tissues ... eh ... we didn't do anything funny in the car ... it's just that the weather recently is way too warm ... hehe also in the picture is a glimpse of my new shoes =)

We saw this car while we were leaving... can you see what is it? yes it's Knight Rider's KITT!!!

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