31 July 2009


I blog to inform you, my readers of the performance I am having this Sunday 2nd August 2009!!!

Location: Bukit Timah CC, 20 Toh Yi Drive

Performing at 7.15pm


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23 July 2009

Hello people good news,
I will have 2 more events celebrating the national day this coming 2nd and 8th of August, watch my blog for further details =D

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16 July 2009

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the photo of ur gf is nice=)quite candid..and i'm feeling itchy! i wanna go TAIWAN again too!!...and and tat movie is stu*id..lolx..i just watched about " geisha is....." and i pity the car owner.lol

hahaha itchy ah? save money and go enjoy yourself! save the scratching hahaha, thanks for the comment, anyway yeah the geisha video is .... "FRIED SHRIMP!!!"


Hahaha eh eh whats me being a good agent about?! i was stunned la. Hahah.

hehe clarified with the agent stuff and thanks for turning up for my event! =)


ohhh...well thank you ...I will send email for you...thanks you so much =) ...the picture you take very nice =) ..TAIWAN very beautiful ^^

Thank you, I am continuing my blog as I was quite busy recently so pardon my late posts =D


hee~continue to post about your taiwan trip^^

yeah yeah hehe here it comes!


hey, i rly like your cover of orangemooon! could you send a copy to me? ;D

Thank you, do send me a mail and tell me what songs you like I will send them to you =)


Ok np. Haha. Eh how does the Lu Rou Fan taste like? Haha. the pic of ur gf is nice!
It taste like sooo full of LOVE and NICE!!! AHHHH!!!


Argh...sorry tat unable to go for both ur events! have to chiong project and assignment!=(..hope another one come soon!=DD..jiayou..hope it went well=D

No worries =) JIA YOU!!! more to come!


Sorry I can't attend ur event. Hope u enjoy urself.
Thank you!

Well sorry for the wait guys, loads have happened, but I don't know where to start, I fell ill... got a fever and a bad throat infection ... well thankfully I could carry on with both my events on the 18th and 19th but I really sounded nasal ... well rushing my final assignment for my school so I could graduate in 1 month time .....

Because of falling ill I also lost my chance in playing my Monster Truck!!! AHHHH!!!! hahaha

But well I am doing more practice and composing songs =)

So let's cut the chase, thanks for the people who showed up for my events and also thanks for everyone who showed support =D


Taiwan Day 2

Rise and shine!!!! wooo hooo Dress up and let's GO OUT!!!
Ahhhh nice "Bah Zang" (dumpling) and soup, the dumpling with the sauce makes it *5/5*~

Saw this cute doggie hahah looks like sherk's Donkey huh!!! cool huh?

Basically nothing much interesting in pictures as we went to their SOGO areas in search of cosmetics and stuff for her so well ... hahaha

And this is what the heavy loads can cause a hand to look like =D

After a whole day of walking ... just can't wait to sit down and have my dinner!!! AHHHH!!!!

Ah at thie Domokun restaurant where they sell beef noodles which are not bad and tender pork chop rice which is WOW!!!! delicious!!! it's at Xi Men Ding Opposite their famous "Ah Zong Mian Xian"

Headed over to Shi Lin Night Market .... the strange thing about this place is that ... it is actually at 1 station before "Shi Lin" MTR Station ... we learnt the hard way when we walked from "Shi Lin" Station instead -_-"

Giant SAUSAGES .... just for $5SGD man!!! think it can totally fill an empty stomach


Taiwan Day 3!

As usual ... I am waiting and waiting for food =D

AHHHHH here comes my energy for the coming activities~~

Dan Shui was our destination and it seemed unchange since the last time I came which is like a year ago haha well at least I know it's a place I must bring her =D

Purchased some sinful Quill eggs for my brother who likes them

P.S. : Each Quill egg contains the cholestrol equivilent to the cholestrol of 7 chicken eggs!!!

I had to bring her into the freak show house haha for more pictures of the freak house to click this link and it will bring you back to my trip 1 year ago hehe I don't wanna post same pictures twice hehe ... it's my way of keeping my posts fresh!


Hmmmm guess what is that? and it belongs to an elephant =D

Bad bad girl *The board she's holding writes "exam cheat"*

Whip out my evil smurk .. heh ... horse thief hahaa

We looked around at some other stalls before heading for food =D she bought loads of stuff and also saviniors for her mum and grandma =)

She told me that I HAVE TO try this BBQ restaurant so I said yeah okay let's try it =)

The food came on a normal plate and looked like any other kinda food ....

but MAN it sure taste delicious!!!!! WOOO I loved it sooo much!!! it's just SO NICE!!! AHHHHH!!!


This Cat is soooo cute =D

Got too much free time? try this cool paper toy!

Cool idea dude!!!! donno how to play a guitar? play 1 note at a time, you can end up like this! =D

2:29 AM

13 July 2009

Hello my friends GOOD NEWS!!!

I will be performing on the 18th July as well as on the 19th July!

Here are the details, do come down and support me if you can! =D


Getting to Know You! 2009 by Seletar Hills West Neighbourhood Committee

Date: 18th July 2009

Location: Nim Road (Under Tentage)

Showtime: 7.30pm

Leon will be performing: 4 songs including singing while I play the guitar! =D

Link for more info:


Showcase at Esplande Waterfront
featuring Kewei, Ein Ein and a slew of other awesome singers

Date: 19th July 2009

Location: Esplande Waterfront

Showtime: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Leon will be performing: An Original


So do come down and support me on the 18th or 19th with Kewei, Ein Ein
and other great singers as we perform never heard before originals =)

10:22 PM

09 July 2009

Tag Replies:

yes thanks u..and niceday =) ..where can i download your songs?
Well unfortunately you can't download them, but you can always send a mail to me and ask for them, I will send it in mp3 to you =) thank you


congrats for ur IPPT result!=D..and ur video on the truck is cool..seems so fun! anyway blog about ur taiwan trip soon!take care=D
Hehe wah I almost drop dead running but anyway got to pass or else it's extra training for 8 weeks! T_T hehe yeah it's super fun playing the monster truck but it sure is expensive hobby as well hehe


Susan Leung:
I'm so happy to see ur entry . How do u do? what are u doing in ur summer vacation?
I am good thank you, well there isn't any summer vacation in Singapore but well I guess I will just try to find my musical side and hopefully write something good =) love to go for walks but well sometimes it's just boring to do alone =)


wHOA u r fit man, achieving such an IPPT results... lol congrats
haha no la I need to train my stamina ... must maintain it for the next 9 years hahah


Hello. Congrats for ur IPPT results. :) It's nice to see the videos again. :D
Thank you, ahhh those links are to some old videos of how I began with the passion for music hehe thanks for reminding me of the times =)


Hui Bing:
Haha you having hols too? at least you went tw! im stuck here. enjoy your hols! and play your music! (:
hahah aiyo save money and then you can GO!!! hehe don't worry, jia you with being a good agent yeah? I know you can do it! =D


As requested to blog about my trip to Taiwan ... here it is =D

Taiwan: Day 1

Before setting out for the 4 hours flight we decided to fill our stomachs with something nice!

yes ... look at my UGLY short hair!

1st time taking Jetstar plane

I like this picture but she always says that pictures I take is ugly ... tell me people is it nice?

I guess 'furby' is an icon for electronic toys hahaha

Ahhh if only we could really lay on clouds I would have jumped out of the planes and lay on those cotton candy =)



Yeah it's Xi Men Ding hehehe

When we reached the place she was like sooo excited she almost went crazy because she said there were so many pretty shops and she wanted to buy ALL of the things

I kept bugging, kept buggin AND bugging her to go have my favourite Lu Rou Fan!!!! and finally !!! HAHAHAHAHAH

Look at the things she bought on the 1st day yes we arrived at 7pm and started shopping ....

and now these are the things I bought =)


.... =)

Wah this guy is 1 with the cigarette

by the time you finish watching this .. I wanna ask ... do you know WHAT THE HELL YOU JUST WATCHED!? HAHAHAA *FRIED SHRIMP!!!* it's a real movie if you were wondering !!!

Now I hope the owner of that SUV is impressed =D

1:46 PM

08 July 2009

Damn... it's so boring ... my holidays are so .. stale ... I miss going out for a stroll by the beach ... going out for a swim, just doing some relaxing activities to find myself and relax ... but she is not always there to accompany me ... damn ... it's so damn boring ... really I guess life sucks when your still studying and your friends are mostly working or in the ns ...

I kinda lost my independence and became dependent ....

4:13 PM