31 January 2006

Well recently performed at NTU's Rapture, an event, hmmm truly wasn't at the best state and can't hear myself heheh my performance grading for myself on that day??? ... 5/10 well maybe it's because i am a virgo and... perfectionist but well ... haiz (*sign*) sad about it....

Anyway thx to a DFC (Derrick Fan Club) member all was recorded for all who can't go for the event... this is credited to you le DFC !!! you be the judge!!!

1) Leon, Chanel, Sugi, Sandra, & Willam - Bu Ke Neng Cuo Guo Ni


2) Leon - Kiss Goodbye


3) Leon & Sandra - Shan Hu Hai


4) Chanel - Mei Li Ben Nv Ren + Pu Tong Peng You


5) Leon, Sugi, & William - Wang Chun Feng (Contingency Performance)


6) Leon, Sugi, & William - Liu Sha


7) Sugi - Drive (by Incubus) + Out of My Head (by Fastball)


1:23 AM

16 January 2006

"Daddy, what's wrong with him? why is he struggling to get up? .... ( I realised he was already very old, 11 years means 77 years in dog, 1 year = 7 dog years old ) a few days later he was put to sleep because he was suffering ... he was over aged and body organs started not to function as well as it had, well i just wanted to share with you all ... he was really the smartest dog and most handsome.

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Well performed today at NTU, i was truly glad and touched that supporters of mine still came to support me, and even bought me gifts ... well i didn't even expect anything i just hope that i can give them a good performance but unfortunately when they reach i have already finish most of my performances ... i would like to apologize, don't worry i still a few performances so hopefully you come see ok? hehe don't bring gifts i am just happy to see you all and happy =) well i guess it's the courage you all give me that i truly appreciate =) Thx for the gifts =)

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Yep hehe i gotta go underwater(low profile) for a few years yep =)

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Hehe familiar??? YEP Xiao Wei hehe already know her since Project Superstar Concert, nice pic hehe

Well read SBZA blog and find it disappointing again well hehe maybe i should stop reading le, well to be frank when i told Lornie that time that i saw her and Nat on the Superband page i didn't mean anything ... well don't tell me she feel i am laughing at them .... well anyway i shall not read it anymore le ... sorry gals well thx you very much =) takecare ... (Leon you siao??? ... no la just felt that sometimes i can't take it no point trusting in something that doesn't trust ya, well sometimes yep it's hurting to see someone you care scold you on your blog but well ... it's blog yeh? haha so i can also share how i feel ....)

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have you ever felt me, be me? ... really?

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09 January 2006

I think this time i have made up my feckle mind hahaha i am always so in decisive hahaha, thx you Uncle Vincent, Auntie Nancy, Uncle Richard, My Dad & Mom and Kor and everyone who helped. I am going for my NS 1st hahahah guess it's the choice i have to make anyway it's ... COMPULSARY hahaha well thx again to all who supported me really thx you all i love you all!!!!

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Singapore EXPO

I never forget getting on that stage, one day i will get back on that stage, i finally found where i wanted to go and not lost ... i wasted 2 years in poly but at least i know where i wanna head next time, heheh till next time see ya ppl takecare heehe i will conitnue blogging though hehe pls takecare ppl and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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