22 December 2009

Hello my readers!!!

I finally registered to a Twitter Account!!! be sure to follow me on my little blogging posts



See YA!!!

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11 December 2009

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Chantel: I'm a reader of your blog (: refering to 29Nov post. just wanna say, do wadeva you think is right. no matter wadds the outcome, at least you will never regret. i just have the same thought as you before
Well I can only say I hope I know what I want ... soon ... thank you


:Hi bro, hai, I just bought a studio apartment recently, if I had knew u were gg into this line, I would have let u earn the comm... haha... wish u all e best!

Argh! hahaha nvm next time yeah? =D


joycelyn: what you work as?
I am a Realtor at Knight Frank! let me know if you need my help in property!


: fidel looks as though she gained weight :S
Well I think she has baby fats but I love her for who she is =D


tybabe: wow...trip to Thailand to your great ..ohh the show Calypso very unique :) ..i hope i will see their performance once
yes you should catch it if you have a chance there!


Hayley: a brand new morning!
Thanks Hayley




: omg, leon, its been long since i last said HELLOOOOO :D cheer up yeah?? ^^
Hello Eileen, thanks!


: heyy! Cheeer up!! Smile!


: hmm..super duper long never see u le..how's life?^o^
Busy Busy Busy!


tybabe: I tried to do the supporters you here ... and wish you good moving house..hihi =)
haha try moving twice in 4 months hahaha


jeremy: hey leon! great new cover!! haha.. good to hear tat u have finally finished moving house... =) looks like u havent had enuff good slp? (dark eye rings?!) keep making great music yeah!! =)
Yep didn't sleep well yet haha


: aiyo cb i just read your post. u emo must come 391, house of emo people. we emo together as brothers k?
bro emotions can wait at times I think maybe you can attend to what is more important and ahead of you, try to get on the right track k?


What is love? Is it that out burst of feelings from within? is being comfortable with that person? Will she accept the same person treating her much differently suddenly? I am grown ... I need more support emotionally now ...

I guess I was trying very hard to be the perfect man but I am also human ...
I never complained which i think it's wrong ... on my side ...

don't wanna talk about those 1st, well let me blog, I haven't for a long time ...

Saw this cute toilet sign at a hawker center think it's pretty interesting =)

I went to "Body Worlds" at 'The Science Centre' awhile ago with Fidelis, it was great and full of information =D

Stopped by the electrics exhibit for awhile to send some high voltage to the poor guy being tied inside the bottle =D

You don't see it ...

Now you do!!! looks like a stone haha

Comparing the size of her eyes VS those of a Giant Squid

Anyone wondered how the inter-sections of a Giraffe looks like?

The back side of a Giraffe sliced apart =D hehe ... must be hard for a Giraffe to to fill their stomachs fast if they were very hungry

What a majestic animal ...

Poor Giraffe, must be hungry when it was slaughtered for the exhibit ...

Back side of an old men, with a bad back

And me posing with a wise old men =D

From the photo you can see it's a guys bottom portion ... but what is that lump there? ... if someone coughs too hard! or carries something heavy with the wrong position .... their intestines will end up there ... yep ... those are intestines ... so be careful okay people

Interesting how this gymnast still can hold his pose even after life ... guess it's because of the lost of weight ... hmmm hanging beside him ...

Ho ho ho!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

don't think you wanna see Santa in this state ...

Guess which lungs are of those who smokes? =D

The Blood streams of a chicken!

Blood streams of a Rabbit!

Nice pose for the Horse and the Jockey ... wonder how they concealed the structure to make them hold the pose!!!! Fidelis was like ... WAH! I didn't know Horses are that big! hahaha

Need to thank her for always giving me all these freebies hahahaha oppz!

What do you think? does this car suit me? anyone give any suggestions? cos I am looking for a car that suits my image ... as well looks good with me! haha any ideas?

In the mist of moving ... a cute boy decided to get comfy =D

Yep! he is the Handsome MAGIC!!!!

Advertising program concept =D

Alien Abduction by Pixar

Shadow Dancers!

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05 December 2009

4:50 AM