23 March 2008

Wow what a faniliar sight, the view from on stage again after 3 years since project superstar 1 concerto, haha when will be it again after the SPOP Gala? ...

JJ and Jin Sha infront of SPOP Logo hmmm picture perfect haha

Went out with Wei Jian, long time since we met, we talked a lot, shared many ideas as well as experiences in the army, it's really good talking to someone whom you think can understand where you are coming from, well bro live free yeah? everything flows and it only goes in 1 direction see ya again yeah? wah chanel ... what's with ya hair? haha

It was a busy weekend for me with gf to accompany hehe well was at her youth chalet for awhile wah look at this poor boy being pranked on hahaha

Above are the scenes where the filming of "Invisible Children" was filmed on, supposedly an old camp and thats my 'Officer' Chuan Yang, and Pte Lim haha, really had fun with them, they made me miss them while leaving, Thanks to Cornnie for introducing Brian to me, and thank you Felicia for constant reminder of show timings as well as Sue Ann, Sharon and many others on set wokers. Can't wait to see the final product =)

Wah sian ah hahaha well but i got my little guinea pigs to calm me and warm my heart! i love you!!!! haha


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08 March 2008

this is a picture of the gundam kit i am building now ....It was a rainy night and i just came back from camp ... tired and went to rest... i was awoken by this strange noise and decided to check my porch... my car was gone ....

Attached is a picture before it's gone ... and now ....

there is something strange about this picture ... hahaa

Attached above is a very heart warming message from Hui Bing, she really have been a good friend and supporter of mine, i truly thank her from the bottom of my heart for the very encouraging words =)

It was the result show recording, well although Jacky's song didn't make it, i am glad i know him through the process of S-POP Hurray... hope i can work with him soon =)

A picture of Jacky, me and ...... Candyce

A picture of Marcus, Me and ..... Candyce -_-

A Picture of Le Sheng, Me and .... Candyce -_-" + 2 chins ...

A picture of Wen Hai, Me and ...... 0.0 Marcus ... guess it's in the trend now to get into pictures ahahhaa

I am sorry Joey, I'll have to break the piggy bank you gave me because it was all filled with $$$ and i can't put any hehe i got to transfer =) hope you don't mine, i feel that a piggy bank is something good to be given to your friend, it is a gift that has it's own essential meaning =)

Recently i haven't been feeling much, i am too much of a thinker i guess, i feel that no matter what, the world will still rotate, but well i am getting sick of staying in camp, hehe i guess the ORD mood is hitting me, can't wait for June 6th to come then it's my turn to get my freedom.

Today 14th of march, recruits were joining my camp for the new intake, i was one of the personnel at the registration counter and i could see the fears in the guys faces, hands were shaking as they handed me their IC in change of a green 11B as identification for the 2 years .... well good luck to them, all boys have to come pass this phrase to be men.

S-POP Concert coming up but unfortunately i am not performing, there is a show for me but it will be an art film and i will be acting a small role in it titled "Invincible Children" so watch out yeah? Might be going to "Chao Ji Xing Guan Da Dao" for PK in July but school is starting then, which 1 should i choose... i don't wanna waste another year but i also don't wanna lose my chance ... i just wanna listen to as much songs for now before writing ... my rhythmic sense has to be improved ...

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