21 February 2010

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tybabe: hi leon...how are u?...i'm very busy these days so i cannot visit to ur blog..because i experience exam recently ^^
Study hard for your exams yeah? visit my blog when you are free =D


Jean: yeahs! willing to spend $1.50!=D.. and let ur throat rest more, and bring more nice songs to us!=D
Thank you! hehe the Chinese New Year period is really joyful fun and also eventful ... read on to know!


amanda: LOL! i heard the turban thingy! hahaha!
haha yeah I added in on purpose ... if not for "his" fart, I wouldn't have scold it


eh?: i thought no taking pictures at the body worlds?
Yep no photo taking, but my gal Fidelis was invited and asked to do a blog posting to advertise body worlds and she was granted permission for it, what would be an advertisement without photos huh?


alicia: the Yan Hua song very very nice..... are u gonna release it as cd or digitial download?
Thank you Alicia, unfortunately I do not think that the song Yan Hua will be released in a CD Single or available for download, but! I will be uploading it so you can come to my blog and listen to it! so do support it yeah! thanks!


ziJie: Wa new song agian! :D
Happy CNY man, yeah new song & NEW SONG!!!!


tybabe: the text "Leon" on your phone is really nice...i like it :D
by far one of the better material designs I come up with hahahaha


Been some time since the last posting, been eating great food, hanging out very late or shell I say till 5-7am in the mornings ... and it's really unhealthy ....

A sight of CNY being great for me is that my waist line has gone from 30 to 32inches!!! NOOO!!!

Hence I am on a cabs diet

Went to Canot Sparks Event @ DXO with my brother and friends =D of cos Fidelis came to make sure I didn't drink too much ... HA! but in the end ... the one drunk and vomiting wasn't me ... it ended up pretty messy .. no I take that back ... VERY messy

I can only say if you want more details, check out her blog on my sidebar on the left =D

Doubt she will touch alcohol any time soon =)

Went to The Central with my mum and her for pork cheek @ Santoka Restaurant

Stars* 3.5/5 - The noodle and soup was excellent
the pork cheeks, my mums fried chicken as well as my pork meat in the soup taste nothing but like it's cooked in salt water! It's so damn salty I could feel my hair struggling to stay on my head!

When you are hungry and the food is served, you tend to smile ... from within your heart keke

Was my Mum & Brother's birthday celebration my brother brought his friends and us for a meal at a Japanese Grill Restaurant @ Boat Quay area

This tofu with shrimp eggs + Sweet black sauce is just SMACKING NICE!!!

Mason, my good buddy =D

Marc & Peline!

Mum & Dad

Garett & Fidelis

Sake Ambassador 1 - Outta Focus

Sake Ambassador 2 - Good Take

Sake Ambassador 3 - The Parody


The amount of good food I ate this month of February if spread out for the next few months would be better ....

2 x Heavenly Crabs - less then 1 week
1 x Power Grill Japanese Restaurant
1 x Dozo for Valentines =D - View Fidelis's blog to see what I got her for V Day!
1 x nice nice Dim Sum with Fidelis's friends

Chinese New Year Gathering with Vocal Classmates!!! @ Crab Party!!!

This cat has always been at Fidelis's letter box area since I knew Fidelis, and she (cat) remembers us nowadays, comes up to us meowing and then starts to rub her body on our legs. Never fails to make me buy her a can of sardine or cat food for her hehe, can't be so soft hearted next time round

Was walking along orchard the other day and spotted this Tiger Sculpture ... being someone born in the Year of the Tiger ... I don't think this resembles a normal Tiger ... more of one which has it's jaws dislocated and neck twisted ... fail ...

Ahhh ... I still love looking at the sky =D

For all the Pokemon fans out there, this is an interested drawing of your favourite characters in a traditional way =D
*Disclaimer* I AM NOT A POKEMON FAN!

Help with raising of funds at Chinatown Point last Saturday for Haiti victims, I really feel that sometimes in the mist of our lives instead of just thinking of the things which revolves around us, we should also think about what are happening around the world as well as people in the other side of the world ... I believe $2 is not a lot to donate next time you come by an official Haiti Fundraiser roaming the streets or at events like these ... you never know when we will be the ones who need help


I have uploaded my latest single

烟花 - 午夜烟花 Movie Theme Song
Composed & Performed by Leon Lim Yu Zhi
Lyrics by Zhang Le Shen

This song is about having a family, a home ... with beautifully written lyrics by Le Shen,
Hope you enjoy and love the song, do share your comments on the song on my tag board!


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06 February 2010

Tag Replies: Jean: hahahs, the cars all so cute sia.AND best wishes in everythin u do~!=DD.. and collect more more angbaos this year :)
Ang Bao = Secondary source of income HAHAHAHAH!

: second cover song is nice!! Jean: Nice song!~ i like i like~! hehex=D Huibing.: good feel! (: looking fwd to the feb cover!! Diona: loves qiu tian bie lai! :D go go power!
Thank you all, need to rest my throat, I overused it this few days ... so feb's cover might be late


: wah upset!!! CNY i'm not around this yr!! i wan my angbao tooo...
nvm, remember to ask everyone to pass me ur share kekeke

Uploaded a practice session of my band Altitude jamming a cover of Live High by Jason Mraz, enjoy!

Can you tell me what makes you happy in life? what keeps you from getting bored? and how much money is enough money? these are the questions that are troubling me now, Singapore as a place which is no more then an island is already so boring when I was the age of 17, since then, it seems that nothing really intrigues me, I think it's bad as I am someone who prefers the smooth sailing kinda life but I need that kinda excitement to make life more then what I seem to know .. hmmmm can anyone answer my questions?

Is it hard to believe that I designed this bling hahaha, guess I don't look so delicate?

Haircut for Ms cutie!


Went to Yew Jin's (SAE Classmate) House for gathering and he made the SUPER SINFUL BUT DELICIOUS MUD PIE! young and gifted in many ways, can shred the guitar,cook hahaha damn I admire guys who can cook leh ... where do they get that kinda patience?


Magic say HI! he is by far, the MOST HANDSOME puppy EVER! anyone second that!?

how many people do we have here? her and her rowdy friends making my car large actually

awww so cute the way Butter sleeps

Went to support my mum in a televised cooking competition, be sure to catch it yeah, it's gotta show on Channel U, it's titled "Wo Yao Dang Shi Shen"

My pretty mummy & handsome brother who came down to show his support =) at the set

Dad's birthday at Crab Party! ordered 2, 1.4kg crabs ....! damn I feel that I sinned so much this month eating so much good food hahaha


I really want to ask everyone here if they would spend $1.50 to purchase an original song that I produced? I need feedback and I hope to know =D

Because you never know, it may just happen =D it's the 21st century and well I just wanna share my view of music with all of you hehe =D of course I wanna give quality as well =D

Thanks for giving your feedback!

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