26 April 2008

Yep, i am going to this event tomorrow, it's quite seldom you have automotive based events in Singapore so i decided to take a look and take some pictures for my next posting =) if you are going too ... see ya there!


Hmmm? >_o

Cute Lucas, drilled himself all the way into the blanket =)

Guess location of picture taken ... *Clue - the stripped lights*

Had dinner with my bro =) love Tappanyakki, i love to see my food being cooked and served to me =)

WAH! favourite!!! Chawanmushi!!! Ai Seh got big prawn some more!

......... -_-" lang ga prawn

Lester invited me to his friends pub for a relax session, well because i drove so i didn't drink and that i don't drink so i driven =) well he was excited and he started going to the pc selecting songs for me to sing ... it's so pai seh la ...

Fulzi and Bobvin who arrived late because of a ghostly experience ... apparently both of them were at Jurong area, coming over to carpenter st, but they drove for 2 hours not being able to find the exit to the high way on any of the signs driving straight, then they saw a taxi and decided Fulzi take the cab to lead Bob in his car outta the place ... Fulzi boarded the cab as the driver was counting money,he said "wah so many people ar, so where you going?" but looking at his rear view mirror only showed Fulzi alone .... the taxi driver said ... you don't seem heavy leh but how come when you come in the taxi sunk so low? So was their trip for 2 hours being ... "blind folded" by ghost or is it just pure coincidence that they couldn't find the exit to Jurong?....

Lazy Saturday, i met up with her and i decided we should just go walk around the car showrooms for fun, sitting in cars and stuff, the sales people of the larger showrooms were much calm, but those in a certain car mart ... was really scary, we were just walking level by level and they came over kept asking what car i wanted and what make even i said i was just looking .... haha guess times are bad huh?

Cute Car ... Cute Lady

Recently, i feel so poor, yes i am drawing $620 per month ... but i will only be getting that pay ... 1 more time as i am left with 25 days to ORD!!! YEAH!! it's back to studies but it also means only allowances and no pay ... =( can't buy what i want le ... so broke ... anyone got jobs for me?


I am going for PK for One Million Star this June, straight after i finish my service, I'll be on my way... my worries are also if going over is only for exposure or will i be able to make something out of it... anyway I'll just do my best in this PK, not thinking too far ... Anyone got songs? to recommend? to sing?

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15 April 2008

Pictures taken before the final concert =)

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14 April 2008

Damn!!! why am i holding my face.... !!! OUCH!!! i just got my wisdom tooth extracted! it hurts now more then when they were doing the surgery... my anesthesia has worn off... the procedure was scary ... or at least i think it is because i was blindfolded when i am doing the extraction .... guess the tools used were too scary ... or at least big.... the female dentist seems to be using way lot of force on my tooth ... and using an electrical saw ... she broke my tooth into 2 and took them out!!! GEEZ .... it hurts like SHIT now ... damn ... hehe feels like watching a cartoon and the dentist is using some unbelievable tools for extraction of tooth haha... OUCH!

Ugly huh? Scary? ... i was wanting to record another cover of a song but ... i think you'll have to wait for another few days yeah? sorry about it ... anyway it's titled "She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5"

Yep i know it's boring to show my robots but it really took effort and time doing, haha just wanna share, these are my last ... in time i don't think i will have time to build them anymore and below is my last piece, i feel it was the best i build =)

Keroro and Tamama Figurines!!! the left one is mine and the right 1 belongs to my dear hehe

Isn't she pure heheh of course la, my cousin leh hehe carry the same genes ... =)

The Gu Zen my little cousin is playing and look MA! Chinchillas!!!!

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06 April 2008

Yo everyone!!!, hehe how are you all? hope you all are doing recently i talked about filming on "Invisible Children" now here's a blog that covered the shooting "http://actuallybasicallyhonestly.blogspot.com/2008/03/spending-weekend-in-camp-invisible.html" as you can see above is an anime which i am sort of addicted to 'Keroro' it is damn cute and yes it's lame but watching it is so care free...

When to Goodwood park hotel for the wrap up party of Invisible children and it was so coincidental that my love is also going there for her friends birthday party =) this is a picture of Esther on the left and 2 other people that i don't need to introduce hehe

Well ... i am not a party guy so i was quite ... how do you say ... redundant in a club, haha well i don't drink, and i rarely dance, so it's just a place where i pay $25 bucks just to get in to accompany my bro or listen to loud music and watch guys hook up ladies =) anyway we went to eat instead, we ordered =) wah ... warm vanilla tasted so sweet and i love my waffles and MINT!!! ice cream hehehe damn ... got to work out

Yep thats me with a refreshed hair cut, hmmm i like sorta like my hair short, it gives the refreshing look and more alert feel ... what do you think?

Hehehe my current modifications to the car, hehe guys ma so i think this kinda upgrading and modifying is normal, at least i am aware that i can't go fast no matter how i modify my car ... because it's only a 1.3Litre slow point to point car but the modifications really get the potential out of the car ... hehe love them .... my next modification is a set of lowered suspensions so that my car has a sportier look

Out goes my Gundam hobbie, hehe it was too expensive, and i don't think i'll have much time for it, hehe i am currently building my last gundam and these are the new Keroro plastic model kits i will be building!!! hahehehee cute huh?

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