30 November 2009

Thanks a lot people, everything is much better le, but i am soo tired with moving of house this few days I really am tired to the max seriously ...

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29 November 2009

5 years 2 months 19 days

we have just gone to the place were it sorta all started ... I sorta feel it all dissolved ... is it really ending? It hurts so much to see you giving up, at the same time I kinda feel it's impossible to change you ... you are the girl everyone dote on, everyone loves and gets what she wants ... I love to give you that but sometimes I want to feel that you think about me a lot ... am I too sensitive? or am i thinking too much?

What are you thinking about "us" right now? are you asleep?

I don't know why my heart seems heavy and aching ... but I am sure I can't sleep now ... I just can't ... I wanna let it out so much yet my eyes are still dry ... why?...

I feel as if we are drifting, I feel that you are giving up ... am I trying to make a change that is possible? Or is it me giving up because I don't want you to change for me but be the girl you are?

How much do you love me now?

Have you thought why I acted this way so suddenly? Have you noticed the slight unwillingness in me at times? Have you worried about my needs? really?

You really loved me, I feel it, but I guess I am expecting a lot am I?

I really don't know if what I am doing is right? but I only hope only good turns out ...

I can't believe how much it hurts ... I wonder if my bed can sooth it...

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22 November 2009

Tag Replies:

Huibing.: weeee. you got a job! Hahah. congrats! and work hard man! (:
yeah it's a job that requires loads of discipline, also hope I have enough determination in it =)


ykis: hey, wht potential job is tt? ((:
Well just a clue, I must wear shirt and pants and also a tie, hahaha it's like so not me!


Jeremy: Hey Leon! Great Songs. Your songs are accompanying me through my exams! haha. Continue to make great songs! =)
Thanks a lot, hope you are doing well, my throat isn't feeling well due to the weather hence the delay in songs, also because I am shifting so there is going to be some lag in my covers =D


Jean: will tell u if i saw it! and ur truck cover is nice!=D.. and so funny.. CCB!..lolx
Thanks! hehe yeah I spent some time designing it, but I think I will use it when I can handle the truck better else I will spoil it in no time!, haha yeah CCB I was thinking my god ... they can never sell it in SG

Well I just want to thank my readers for sticking with me, and always visiting my blog, with changes going through my life I am glad I kept up with blogging, it's always fun to look back at myself once in awhile ... anyway I think I should record again next week when I settle in my permanent home ... or not? haha it's tiring having to shift houses within 4 months

Alright that said I shell continue blogging about my journey in Thailand!

*Warning this is a long post for day 2 & 3 of my trip!*

As I promised in my last posing I am going to show you all some gorgeous ladies(boy) so on the 3rd day of the trip we decided to watch this theatre show titled "Calypso"

With our matching tops, we caught attention of many as we walked the streets =D

The show began with a sexy lady(boy) performing ... darn it's so strange ... what do I call them haiz

They have their version of Wonderboyz!

Fidelis's favourite character, who is apparently the funnier performer of the batch

Marilyn Monroe visited as well HA!

Getting a kick from a leg behind the screen during this part of the act which is super comedic!

Look at my eyebrows ... know what I am thinking?

I look at this picture ... thinking why I was so close to a GUY ... AHHHHH!!!!

Fidelis with her favourite character!!!

Ended the night with the super cheap and comfortable Oil Massage which cost less then $15SGD DARN!!!! wooo was so comfortable that I felt jelly after reaching my room

DAY 3!

Woke up early as Fidelis had planned for a cooking lesson at Baipai Thai Cooking School! waited empty stomach for the van sent to fetch us, later one we meet with with a nice couple from New Zealand!

As we were the 1st batch of the class, we were able to have a visit to the wet market!

We spotted this nice candy floss wrap at the wet market and bought one as it tasted nice!

Mini garlic that is stronger then the regular ones 'they always come spicer in smaller packages hahaha'

At the school!

Our teacher!

Fidelis's Mango Sticky rice looks nice ....

Mine looked like it just gone through an accident!

Ahhh Satay

Shane, Sue, Me & Fidelis!

Shane's a mix martial arts teacher, hard to come by one cooking! manage to catch him!

My wonderful Prawn Salad, YUM!!!! everything taste good with lemon grass HAHAHA even water and some sugar! which makes it nice tea!

Bon Appetit!

After that we went for a walk at Siam Square where we lost Shane and Sue along the way as it was shopping time!!! anyway they were really nice people and we were glad to have met them!

We were to go on to another tourist attraction! Dining while we sail through the River of Kings!!!


Nice view

Live music!

And a pig ton of food!!!!

Although the food wasn't as great as the ones I prepared at Baipai Thai Cooking School (heh confident leh!) it was nice to have the breeze blowing against my skin and just relaxing watching the scenery pass by us, and I must say one thing I remembered the most and thanked for after this dinner was "Mastercard" well I am no promoter here but it really sorta helped us hahaha

At least I didn't waste the night enjoying this trip or trying to smile like her =D

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15 November 2009

Tag Replies:

IVE: I LOVE YOUR "KISS FROM THE ROSE" nice one!! !~ ^-^
Thank you! I will be doing the cover song this month late as I am moving to my permanent house this few weeks!


Jean: hahahs, good tat u set ur mind on HTC HD2...htc seems popular recently, i also wondering to change to htc phones not..hahas..and watched tat "teacher" video at friends house too, damn super funny..lol
Well I am still waiting for it to be released in Singapore, please tell me if you see it! haha

Peixuan: HAHA! Its no scary la, But its fun and addictive to tweet. I can tweet non-stop for the whole day, hahha!
Tweet Tweet Tweet, next time I can check what I am doing what at a specific time of the day, there will be no secrets nor the need to know somebody personally ... it's actually scary


tybabe: wow...the pictures taken during the ceremony you really are happy..Banana Muffins it looks great too, I would want to try for a taste of how it
haha yeah it's very nice hehe unfortunately I can't share it unless she makes tons hahaha

eunice: tag tag tag! i still like your song "give me my life" ^^ great job! :D
Thank you, well I hope you will love others when I am able to share them with all of you too!


Hello readers, I am back from Bangkok! I must say I miss Singapore ... why? you'll know as you read on, but on a side note I did enjoy my trip over to Thailand last week!

Was at the airport at 5am in the morning, I haven't slept for over 24 hours haha was playing games with my brother and also worried that I could not have awoken in time hence decided not to rest the day before departing to Thailand.

We reached! and nope we did not get wanton noodles when we arrived but we went to Chatuchak for shopping after leaving some stuff at the hotel!

As normal as the wanton noodles look, it tasted great! and the bottled coke added to the feel of being in Bangkok

After shopping for awhile we rested and had some ice and grass jelly, local delights ahhhhh

The stuff she got from shopping for 4 hours, well is it considered a lot? can someone tell me? hahaha

We were quite tired walking under hot sun and through masses of people and wanted to take a look at some animals that were on sale, on the way we saw another store she was interested in, and as she reached for her wrist-let what she found was what we least expected on the 1st day of the visit!

Ready ladies?

YEP! her bag got slashed, the skillful theft took her coach wrist-let ... fortunately she left her passport at the hotel and also her digital camera nor her cards were stolen, more importantly she wasn't hurt ...

It was a disheartening event as our spirits were high when we were there ... after that we immediately went back to the hotel as the mood for shopping was lost ...

CCB!!!! yes the picture above shows the words I want to tell the theft but unfortunately he/she is Thai and don't understand what it means .... haha but well ...

CCB actually is a snack sold by Auntie Annes in MBK shopping centre Thailand well I don't think it's sold here because of the short form name =D

We went to shop at Platinum Mall for dinner after feeling sad for that event

Day 2

Baiyoke Sky Tower

We found a bar cum restaurant in Baiyoke Sky Restaurant 'Garment Center' called "Snow Bar" and the reason why I am tell you about this place in detail is because the food is GREAT!!!

Phat Thai!

TOM YUM GOONG! from it's origins taste SOOO NICE!

Cheers!!!! woo hoo!!!

and for the next post, I manage to take photos with some sexy ladies (boy) and also watch me cook!!!

Got a new cover for my Truck, designed and spray painted myself ... hahah is it nice?

I found myself a potential job and I am going for it's course and hopefully soon I can start fully self sustaining if you get what I mean =)

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