28 April 2006

1st up wanna say thx for the encouragements you all are giving me tagging my blog and stuff, really appreciate it, truly hope you all will continue reading my blog even as a friend =) i am a person who needs loads of encouragements ahahah thx you all anyway, i will try to improve in everything i do be it acting or singing orr.... clowning around =)

after so little time pass hehe i must say i am happy that i can play a few songs on my piano =) *cheers!!! to my music teacher!!!

well the main thing i wanted to ask however is ... IF IF!!! (always imagining) if i have a chance to record a song in my version ... hmmm which song do you think i should record???

THX you ALL!!!

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well gotta prepare my army stuff soon haha don't like the feeling as if there is something hanging that i have not done. Been alittle ... bored or should i say my life is boring ahaha i don't sport much, just stay at home game and play my piano/guitar & SING ... don't like clubbing or drinking ... well alittle gamble hahah u know what *wink* but well ......AHHHH!! thats how i spend most of my time ... for the pass 20 years? lol sch and back home tamiya in primary sch, WWE cards, football in sec sch ... hmmm lol guess my life isn't that colourful haha but at least i am living well thx god!!! haha

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20 April 2006

Song listening while typing: Wang Lee Hom - Love Love Love

Hey hey people, thx for your encouragements hehe, i am feeling way and much better =) really hehe i guess life goes on ya know hahah i have things to look forward too haha my singing and that i can play piano oh my god i can't wait for the day to come when i can just lay my hands down and music from my mind just comes out from the piano get what i mean? haha

and look whats headed my way and i don't know of?

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TA DA!!! oh my god my darling gave this to me! she is so sweet!!!

all she said was that she wanted to hang out alone haha so i thought whats wrong with her and!!! she gave this to me awww she is so sweet ... oh my god and i stumble across a shop selling this ... it's not cheap at all, pls dear don't buy such expensive things for me le, i heartache for ya and ... your not earning any money ... but thx you =)!!!

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somewhere in a supermarket ... ahaha

Well i must say that as the day draws near i would wanna try to make full use of my time now =) weather it's with family or stuff... i remember 1 thing my sis 1 said, nvm if mom nags and blames or even if she is biased ... because i don't wanna regret not treating her well when she is gone 1 day... well people have you been cherishing people around you? =) it's time to start ... and stop being unhappy about all stuff hehehe

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16 April 2006

Song playing when writing this post: Jay Chou - Feng
(Can try playing it when you read it for best effects hehehe)

Well have been feeling restless recently, truly speaking each day spend doing useless things really make me regret, i believe as that in this world now sometimes there are just too many distractions, you have the PC haha which you are using now, games and endless socializing that sometimes will end up = nothing...

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A simple picture that tells a million words (using layers of make up to cover up the dark eye ring that didn't come without a reason)

Blame it on my negativity or may it be my thinking i believe as long as i can push myself to do things to progress i am heading somewhere, even if in the end all my work goes down the drain, i will never regret as i have tried my best ....

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Being asked once again after this few months, "Leon why do you aspire to be a singer?" when i truly thought back, at 1st all i wanted is to sing in a pub, hoping i can bring emotion through my songs and also to be able to do what i love to do, but because i really hope that i can bring the best into my music and hope that i can share it with the world that i wanted to be a singer ... but now it has like become something i have to achieve so that i can feed myself? why does money have to lead me off track from my passion. I decided to climb out from the wrong hole and fall back into the one i used to live in...

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10 April 2006

Was watching Superband 1st qualifying round, i have my top groups or groups that will enter till finals, let's see if you all have the same view ... =)

1st: Lucify : Not bad a group like Mayday but may be out if they don't have some originality.
Stars: 3/5

2nd: Soul : I must comment their dancing really is syncronised but their singing really needs improvement.
Stars: 4/5

3rd: Jus B : This is the only accapella group and i must say they can sing, but the lead vocalist should learn how to control or his voice will sure crack in coming rounds.
Stars: 4/5

4th: Qi:Nobe : By far they are the best i have seen, with Linkin Park style but placed into chinese song. Although singing is not much and technical but they can pull it through. 1 word COOL
Stars: 5/5

There still other teams i haven't actually catch... well i wonder where they go forming bands i have always wanted to form 1

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09 April 2006

it's the end of my series of events, well i must say the ending of this last event was badly done and i was quite sad with the songs choosen as i think we forgot about the general crowd sorry uncles and aunties will learn to sing more songs for you all =) ... NS time i guess ppl heheh video to share with you all hahahah

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08 April 2006

8th April, Saturday
Courtyard next to Yew Tee MRT
Be there at: 8.15pm
Sugi, Chanel, Candy & Me will be performing a 1 hours and 15minutes show so pls show your support ok come down to support us =)

What a day had it been, 6/4/06 ... 1st i failed my driving exams hahaha well i was too nervous hahaha wah i cna't believe it myself.... then i got the letter ... THAT letter!!!.... ppl i am going to army on June 9th well i keep telling myself that finishing it asap was cool but when i received the letter knowing the date i was quite taken aback... well the good thing was because of that i can take my driving exams again before june 9th... well people pls takecare i can feel it coming and nearing well anyway truly hope to get over with it ...

At Buffalo's Opening & Lim brothers 1st underwear shot!

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05 April 2006

8th April, Saturday
Yew Tee Community Centre
Be there at: 8.15pm
Sugi, Chanel, Candy & Me will be performing a 1 hours and 15minutes show so pls show your support ok come down to support us =)

Thx to LY & C for recording down my performances i could review them personally, i have to say i have mistakes here and there some flats and sharps that i feel really disappointed and uncomfortable about, may be lots of factors that are affecting.

Echo (because of huge or enclosed area)

Monitor Volume (A speaker on stage for the singer to hear what they are singing and can correct their mistakes if they realise it)

No Monitor (what can be worst then that)

Overall Noise (Yep audience and other noises do affect concentration and also hearing)

Song & Vocal Volume Ajustment (thats the experience and sense of the sound man. Example, when he realise my vocal is way to loud and music to soft, he should adjust to balance it and not sit there and rot...)

Me (well i guess i suck and need more practice in my keys so that i can cover my ears yet sing at the correct tone)

Blame it on me being a Virgorian (perfectionist) but well of cos what i want is to perform the best and keep mistakes to the minimal, i may be getting a ear mon set ... which will cost me about ... $1200 which is impossible because of my financial state... or look for other solutions ...

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Singing is my passion and of cos singing well is what i need ... want ... yep

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02 April 2006

Well pls forgive me for not tagging to often as i am afraid there will be imposters, anyway truly thx for the support about Xing Shan Shan although Morgan is truly a small part of it, about superfynkies i am not sure if they will have part 2 nor am i sure will they have Xing Shan Shan part 2.

anyway i am having a last min event tonight at Bukit Panjang, Petir Road Blk 140 @ 8pm i know the turn up won't be as great as it's a last min event but just to inform you all =) anyway i will be performing Wang Chun Feng by David Tao & Kiss Goodbye by Lee Hom... over and out!

5:15 PM