28 January 2007

Truly thx to all who comment about me no matter if it is good or bad, at least i know that in a way you all are concern as you all wanted to let me know how you all felt, i have always been open to all these comments or any comments but well i guess we all make mistakes, but at least i know i ensured that i do not carry on ... well i do not deny i am a guy who falls in love easy, but for my past relationships ... it really lasted long .... at least of a 2 year duration ... i am not trying to boast or anything, i just want to make my point that me breaking up with fidelis is not because of any other gal, but more of me not wanting to hurt her... well the truth hurts, of cos... opening this blog to public, i just wanted to let people know Leon .... the good the bad ... well i guess maybe people only tend to focus on negativity as long as me ... at least in a way this blog also allowed me to understand what a humans mentalities are ... humans have too much rules, that they set for themselves .... right and the wrong .... to be accurate do you actually think murdering is wrong if it is for self protection? sometimes you all can't just look at the surface of things just because a few pages of a book is revealed ... it doesn't give you the synopsis or the end... anyway i really want to thank people who still believe in me ... sorry to have let you all down in a way, but i am too still growning and learning through life ...

2:41 PM

27 January 2007

Well, being someone who is alittle known by public.... you know it sucks in a way that bad things you do is amplified so much ... anyway i also don't know why i am saying that .. perharps i read Fidelis's blog and i seriously feel that it really make it feel i am enjoying everything i am doing ... i don't get it why people always listen to those who strike 1st and not to those who "seem" wrong .... yes i liked another gal but it doesn't mean i am with her, do you think that i really enjoy 2 timing? .... or actually have i 2 timed? never did i and do you know how hurtful it feels when you know that you can't love the gal that you have been loving for the past 2 years .... and the fact that i am falling for another .... you know how i feel, i feel that i am a bastard ok? but it's my emotions acting .... what does it mean? i guess it could only mean i don't love you deep enough .... for the 1st time i decided to try again i said NO impossible that i don't love her .... but 1 year later ... it happened again ... I am sorry Fidelis but what i am doing is only fair for you .... our relationship is what i can say flawless and pure 100 sweetness .... and it is perfect but it is missing the chemistry ... and sacrificial love ... SORRY FIDELIS, pls takecare and find happiness ...

4:03 AM

21 January 2007

sorry guys seriously i am sorry ... about this but the date for my event waqs wrong .... it's actually january and i didn't notice sorry to give the wrong info ... will inform when there are more performance pls forgive my clumsiness thx

12:26 PM

15 January 2007

Performance @ Vivocity (Area for weekly performances)

Performers: Leon Lim (from PSS1), Samuel (from Campus Superstar) & Pei Xian (PSS2 top 40)

Date & Time: 20th Feb, 12.40pm, Around BAKERZIN

See you all there!!! =) there will be loads of singing =)

Hello people, long long time never post le, wah time pass quite fast hor? now it's 14th of january le hahaha never even look at my calender, the time flew like it was nobodies business, well thx for the people who attended my performance on the countdown, hehe and thx for understanding as i got a fever outbreak that day and needed to leave early to rest, anyway super thx for all your concern, buying tea for me and fisherman's friends candies, getting a huge shoe stuffed toy and also favourite Famous Amos cookies!!! and not forgetting darling cooked me nice nice jap curry with mushroom and rice =) thx you darling =)

Well the busy momentum didn't stop just there, when i returned to camp by the 2nd day we were to go out field again and well i am going for another one very soon ... and it's for a weeks long haiz.... but well a man got to do what a mans got to do yeah =) haahaha anyway be sure to support me at this latest event!!!

1:45 AM