24 February 2008

Yo how's everything doing people? hope things are doing good on your side as mine is.

ok so here goes my blog post...

I truly hope all my friends will give me support in this upcoming S-POP Hurray finalist voting, every vote counts =)

Two out of 6 finalists will go head-on in the finals of S-POP HURRAY!

Top 2 Selection Process
The Top 2 will be chosen based on 50% viewers' votes (Telepoll & SMS) and 50% judges' votes. 4 contestants with the lowest votes will be eliminated.

Polling period:

Contestant 1-3

  • 25 Feb 2008 - Telepoll and SMS voting starts at 2000 hr
  • 29 Feb 2008 - Telepoll and SMS voting closes at 2359 hr

Contestant 4-6

  • 3 March 2008 - Telepoll and SMS voting starts at 2000 hr
  • 7 March 2008 - Telepoll and SMS voting closes at 2359 hr

Voting channel:
Viewers can vote via SMS the contestants' representing number (S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 or S6) to 71199 or vote via calling contestants' IVR number (1900-112-1201 to 1900-112-1206).

Contestants Song Name Compose
Singer Name(s)
Contestant 1 爱的味道 谢雪莉 Shirley
吳雪儀 Shawna
黄俊辉 Adriano
李俊纬 Marcus
S1 to 71199
Contestant 2 男人香水 童亮 Jacky 林昱志 Leon 1900-
S2 to 71199
Contestant 3 雨伞 陈明娴 Dione 曾咏霖 Teresa 1900-
S3 to 71199
Contestant 4 不再 沈劭泓 Edwin 孙文海 Wenhai 1900-
S4 to 71199
Contestant 5 婚礼 蓝智峰 Zhifeng 杜蕙甹 Candyce
张乐声 Lesheng
S5 to 71199
Contestant 6 发烧 王天 Michael 汤灵伊 Tang Lingyi 1900-
S6 to 71199
Charges: Each SMS or telepoll will be charge at $0.60 (excluding GST).

Terms & Conditions:

  • Each SMS costs $0.60 (exclusive of 7% GST).
  • Participants under 18 years of age must seek parental consent.
  • This contest is available to postpaid users only.
  • This SMS service is provided by MediaCorp Technologies Pte Ltd. Customer Service Hotline: 68777132

I went for the 'Xin Guang Bang 3' auditions in Singapore although i was still recovering from my lost of voice, i was thinking, i am not going to miss the chance, no matter what even though i may not be at my 100 percent. Because i always remember that chances never come your way, so when there is 1... grab it!

I must say there was a lot of people and i was just thinking to myself that the competiton was going to be tough seeing that many familiar faces were there for a try too, Teresa, Zhi Yang, Khim, Evonne, the twin sisters Sheena and Shermaine Goh from Campus Superstar, Jeremy Kwan, Anson, , Kenny, Wen Hai, Veronica, Avril, Dawn Wong, Ling Yi from Project Superstar 2, Sugi, Sandra and myself representing Project Superstar 1

After a brief introduction i got 30 seconds to show case, i informed the audience of my bad throat and to forgive of any bad sounding, i started singing Sha Tan and after 2 lines ... "DING!!!" i thought it sucked and don't think i was able to get in ... but to my surprise i did =)

The next day i was back again under the hot sun, hopeing for a shot at going to Taiwan, Kelly was there to have a look herself =) still looking as pretty and really glad she is carving her way

I sang Pu Tong Peng You as my voice is still on the way of recovering... and also did the Gai Shi Ying Xiong Rap, after that i was greeted by tourist encouraging me to carry on rapping, it's really cool and i thank them from the bottom of my heart.I didn't get in to the top 7 but was eligible for the PK in july this year =)...

Of course it was depressing to be out of the competition, there were mixed feelings and emotions, my dad and brother was really disappointed but my dad's high expectation was really boring a hole in me, he was so encouraging before the competition calling me an saying "Ah boy ah how is the competition? bring he good news back ah? =)" but when i told him that i didn't get in he said "You still dare to say? you must have sung badly" Well what do i do? i try to put up a strong front but of course every singer will feel sad because of a lost. I guess i am only glad that i am able to take the experience and feel the outcome so that i can improve in the future. and thanks for my friends for going there standing under the sun and shouting, taking my board and cheering for me if i ever were to be a champion in anything, you all should be the ones i thank. Even when at times i feel like giving up myself... you all are still holding hopes... Thank You ALL

Also wanna thank her for coming to support me =) , this shot over here is taken at the imfamous Punggol Matilda House !!! with huge Bees, well it didn't really feel like a haunted house but it was pretty dark at some corners .... 0.0

Some emotive portriats
taken by Fidelis the Photographer =) haahhahah

Valentine's day went smoothly, i really feel happy because darling is happy =) this is our menu at DOZO!!! hehe

Darling holding on to her roses =) beautiful =)


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12:52 AM

13 February 2008

That's my brother and i am proud to say that, because he works hard and plays hard, he is a businessman, an insurance agent, an actor, dance and most important of all, he chases his dreams with determination , you can't fail with that formula, so please give my brother your support too!!! as he really deserves it =) putting in tons of effort in making clothes rehearsing and giving his best for all of his spectators =)

Cute VV!!!

Today was really a nice day, i am glad to have Shawn and Yan Yi filming the "Nan Ren Xiang Shui" MV(Music Video) and also Joyce the female lead in the song, well unfortunately the song composer "Jacky Tong Liang" is not in Singapore, i truly would like to film the MV with him in it and from his view and understanding of the song. Whether is it good? you'll have to see for yourself, so catch Channel U for it after 25th of febuary yeah?

Well about the song "Nan Ren Xiang Shui" there were some misconceptions of me just free styling any how during the guitar solo when performed live, so here are the lyrics effective on when it got into top 6 =)

Written by:Leon Lim Yu Zhi =) Check this out
Jacky 在两年前些这首歌
梦想跟我一样 其实只是想唱歌
为了梦想 不玩不睡蒙写歌
可是到头来 认同只有几首歌
You tell me
难道只有 力宏 陶哲 会唱歌
我不再说 Jacky Leon 会唱歌
只希望你自己基会听这首歌 Yeah

I truly hope that i can continue writing lyrics which contains a message that is down to earth and true. Hope you all enjoy it =) if not you can listen to the song and sing this yourself? as this portion isn't in the recorded version =)

Currently i am down with flu, cough, lost of voice, my god i truly hope it will recover before this saturday as i want to audition for "Xing Guang Bang".

I hope things turn better for the entertainment industry in Singapore, i notice a big difference in artists in overseas countries and in our homeland. I see many of their homeland people cheering and supporting their home grown artist and being proud of them but it seems that we ain't doing enough for our own, i truly hope that everyone realize that everyone needs a little help sometime, especially when they are the ones who can help others realize their dreams =)

Ok enough of my grand father story, people reading my blog, thank you really, and if you think my blog is interesting or if you love the songs, please come back more and also introduce it to your friends yeah? and please keep the comments coming, it helps me in doing a better job next time and blogging fun stuff =)

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9:45 PM

07 February 2008

YO People the CD/DVD is out !!! SPOP Hurray top 12 with JJ's SPOP Theme song!!! in all retails now =) support it yeah =)

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!!!! Greetings from my friends too!!!

everyone must be collecting Ang Baos and dressed in their best clothings =) hehe i got sometime so decided to blog before i go, anyone who believes in horoscope or astrology readings of your up comings about this year? can check these webby out, it's a break down of what we're gotta expect =)





Hopefully it helps you after reading those !!! =)

Few days ago, we went to my Tua Yi's Place to celebrate the birthday of my dad and her =)

Say hello!!!

This is what i had for reunion dinner!!! Steam boat with Tom Yam and Chicken Brew Soup!!! Jie i Miss you!!!

My sis and her bf Adrian left for Aust again, i really don't know when can i see her again, but i promise myself that the next time i see her i'll have to improve myself more and be somebody =)

May & Adrian

Kor(Garett), Jie(May) and Me

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