22 February 2007

There will be a performance tml Feb 22, 8pm beside Hougang MRT, it's a roadshow, hope you can come support me and ma Bro =)

Well seriously i don't know how people get the info on me being filthy rich? well because seriously i am not and i feel that i rich but rich at heart, if you heard those and never actually see for yourself then i think you should do some self reflection, and if you really come to my blog daily to try making people hate me well maybe you should try to think what are you gaining out of it, pls reflect on the questions before saying some comments about me when you don't even know me? or u "heard" from your friend ... man how accurate can rumours be? maybe you should see it for yourself yeah? ...., well good news is that yeah i was uncertain for a moment but yep, this is Leon, always indecisive and unsure, i just wanna be frank and share it, this is Me i ain't afraid of how you see me, just know what kinda person i am.

Recently i have played an old card game of mine ... it's called Raw Deal, hahaha yeah yeah it's childish but i guess i still love the old school wrestling card game lol anyone know anything about it? lol or even care for a match?

about my music progress, recently i have been able to feel more about something i wanna write ... as in melody wise ... hehe =)

6:31 AM

16 February 2007

About the tag board ... i don't know how to delete it, but it was my ex who deleted them well anyway i am back for a good rest a block leave hopefully i don't get call back for any reasons, well sometimes i sorta doubt my feelings whether what am i doing is right or wrong, sometimes my emotions overrun my conscience... i wonder which is right ... let you be the judge ... to look for happiness and hurt others or to be with others but lose happiness ... which will you take? happiness is made up but why does it come so naturaly sometimes? or it just strikes you that you really want to see that someone? will my love be like my 1st? so anticipating or is it like that already as it is the second long term relationship??? anyone wanna help me answer those? ... e-mail me yeah =)

10:48 PM

10 February 2007

Yo ppl i am back from my 7 days out field thats why i didn't blog for last week ... well i must say that it was smelly disgusting we only get to bath on the 5th day .... anyway there was something i brought back, in my mind ... there were this 2 places in the training ground, surprisingly beautiful ... one i saw was during my night walk and one was when my OC took me on a ride to see the scenery ... my god it was so beautiful ... seriously there isn't any other place in SG i promise you all as beautiful as that place ... as we ride pass i seriously felt relieved of my stress and i teared because it's just too beautiful ... Thx you Sir for bringing me to see the scenery when you don't have too ...

Well been in camp for 2 weeks, seriously feel like going out today, guess i'll be at town walking alone or with friends =) see ya guys really miss you all

11:55 AM