29 June 2008

Well i must say my form wasn't there, you can hear from my hasky voice that i have not slept enough =) anyway nevermind... hope you all can give me some encouragements =) or comments thanks

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27 June 2008

Somehow when I am alone in the hotel room … I don’t really feel alone … I know that I am in the same country with Sugie who is in One Million Star Competition and Wei Jian who is recording his MV and preparing for his debut album, so remember to support it when it’s out k!?

I visited quite a number of places …

Taipei 101:

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Guo Fu Memorial:

I am so glad I have more friends in TaipeiYi Wen, Yan Shan, Deon, Rui Ling, Marc and Wilson who was my NS BMT Mate whom I saw when I was going back to my hotel … =) I felt happy because it seems like the world is here … but I really miss my Family… my darling, my doggies and my Suzuki Swift!!!!

Well there were many interesting things there, My friends and I were walking around at Dan Shui Street when we chanced upon a fun and freak show house ... beware =)

This one ... eat already confirm "Blur Like Sotong"Rock? look again

Damn Long Snake ...

Looks like pig meat huh? but you don't wanna be eating this mine stone for BBQ

Nor do you wanna be having a strange 2 mouthed Pig...
A rapist would be tactful to get past this ...


Before I die I am gotta SHOW YOU!!! =)
1 is enough for my fat stomach

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26 June 2008

I want to say Thank YOU DARLING!!! for helping me beautify my BLOG!!! awww it's so nice now...

4:54 AM

18 June 2008

Got my Hair Done by Raymond at his new place in Far East Plaza "Clover"

I am blogging in Li Lai Hotel in Hsi Men Ding June 18th, 2008

Well I shell start from the very 1st day when I reach, there are clips and also pictures to share…

I just want to say, no matter where you are or what you are doing, remember there is someone out there starving, there are people in stress, in pain, there are people awake, being tortured or even killed … just imagine the endless possibilities of what can be happening … RIGHT NOW

Well everything was in such rush … I was so worried about my performance clothing as it is 2am on the 8th of June that my luggage was still in Hong Kong due to delay in flight because of the weather and that I am already in my Hotel Room…

Slept at 4.30am

I got no choice but to look for a place to get a set of clothing before my recording at 2pm … “Wu Fen Pu” ….i woke up at 9am and rushed down after breakfast just to find that shops are not open … I went back there at noon and got some clothes before heading to the recording studio…

I must say that I was lucky to be able to perform as there were 6 other contestant from our neighboring countries that did not make the cut after the rehearsal and was asked to leave….

I was really stressing myself up …as I know many hopes were on me …. But I tried to hold it in …. I saw a packet of lemon tea with Wang Lee Hom that calmed me down for awhile…. I went up the stage … picked a local contestant that was another shocker … I didn’t feel much into the song … there were too much on my mind … I know I must sing well … but I know that everything

that happened recently had gone to me …

I lost my stage presence …. He really sang well…. I know I was going down …HARD

It was 15 VS 20 … I didn’t expect such a gap … but I can only blame myself for not holding the chance tight … every performer will know how it feels to have a good chance slip away …

Do I join One Million Star 4? …

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11 June 2008

Greetings to all my friends ... i am currently blogging to you at a internet cafe as i shifted to a new hotel and there doesn't seem to have any internet connection ...
i am feeling better =) i guess the competition had a effect too as i know what to do clearer ... anyway i went to many places, Taipei 101, Wu Fen Pu, Rao He Ye Shi, SOGOs, Xin Guang Shan, Paleo Wonders www.kiko.com.tw to see my favourite Dinosaurs lol hahhaa
please do not worry ... i will return with my adventures all captured hehe as i can't upload no without a memory card reader ... please takecare

5:25 PM

10 June 2008

hello everyone, i am in taipei now ... there are lots of videos i took but can't upload as i don't havea memory card reader .... about my PK ...

I am so sorry to everyone who placed their hopes on me sorry dad, mum, kor and jie, also all my friends who supported me whole heartedly, i guess i held the competition factor to hard and lost on stage presence really ... and i am sorry too for having such bad luck ... reaching taipei and my luggage is still in HK ... i just got so much on my mind i don't know why .....

I really don't have the mood to play in TW as don't wanna spend anymore of my parents money ... i hope i can return to SG soon as my main reason to Taiwan has already been fufilled ... haiz

12:15 AM

03 June 2008

Awww just look at this wonderful cheese cake my baby made, it's selling like hot cakes and it was gone in 2 days, my mum loves it, my brother too ... and of course i LOVED it =) thank you sweetie it was so nice

Something missing??? haha yeah i just drove the car from the workshop the other day and was quite demoralized to see this odd looking side, hehe but my sticker was replaced!!! and it will be his old self again!!! also i am adding a couple more customized stickers hehe will update!!!! hehe yes my car is going to be in grey, black and red theme!!! next I'll be saving up for my rims!!! hehehe

This picture was taken at Clark Quay area on the way to the Central, ... man was I a turtle in the water, i think i staying to long at home till i don't even know how Singapore was like... I never been to Central before!!! oppz i guess sometimes when you don't have cash for shopping ... it kinda stops

Yes Lucas? miss Magic? he is still in the hospital ... apparently Magic, my Papilion was discharged from his neck surgery back home but vomited blood the 2nd day he was back, now he is in the hospital, i guess staying there for sometime till he gets better... i miss you Magic, you are so handsome =)

Anything interesting with 2 of the pictures here? the 2nd 1 is quite obvious, it's a car designed to look like a pig! haha it's cute ah I was like 'What the F.... i got to take a photo of it haha' and the 1st picture ... i just can't seem to find the exhaust pipe hehehe

I want to thank all my friends, my family as well as readers for being so concerned about my trip to Taiwan, seriously i am very lucky to have so many people worry, sometimes i feel bad, as if I am not doing good enough... but I promise I will work hard. Anyway I'll be leaving for Taiwan this Sat, T1, late noon flight. I will miss all of you all really, and I will bring back more photos and interesting articles when i come back end of the month...

Thank you my friends for being there when I needed a ear and concern, thank you ...

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