31 July 2008

I will be performing
2nd August 08

Theme is National Day! =)

Bukit Batok West Ave 8
Heavy Vehicles Car Park (Woot?)
Next to Blk 154A

I apologize for the short notice as i only received full information Yesterday

1:04 PM

28 July 2008

It's D-Day!

Congratulations to Wei Jian, his album is finally OUT!!! =)

Cute Car of this Post:
Who'd say Ferrari's can't be cute?

A clip from where "we" all begin from =)

WOOOO!!! schools in, I am so excited as i know going through this course will allow me to venture into depths of music making and producing =) a lot of you have been asking what course am i taking and what school so here is the answer =)

SAE Institute
Doing Audio Engineering Dip =)

Was doing a music demo one evening and the nice skies outside caught my attention

I didn't regret taking a look, the sight calmed me seriously, if only life was so simple and the skies are always so beautiful everywhere =)

Hehe took the chance to take a beauty shot of my pride as well =)

went for a meet up with all Suzuki Swift owners, it was cool seeing around 40 of other 'souped up' rides =) nice meeting you guys thanks a lot for the hospitality =)

Met up with my campmates Lester(in pic), Jonathan for a chill time at a pub, not sure where as i don't pub or club very often =)

Heehehehe have to get back at my girlfriend for doing this to me, she is always so careless =) but so cute, hehe she hurts me while playing a lot hehe, she sad on a slide and slammed in my face with her butt before, accidentally hurt my **** with her knee driven into, cracked my nose a few times ... etc etc HEHEHE ... she is "SOOOO" gonna complain when she sees this hahaha

A picture of a cupboard in my kitchen

A picture of a golden frog that comes here every night, i am not sure how it got there but my mum believed it'll bring luck and fortune =)

Awww Magic looks like a puppy when viewed from side, so cute and handsome =)

Haha preying on my favourite Champagne Grapes hehe

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10:54 PM

21 July 2008

Cute Car of the Day
Lambo anyone?

Met up with my bunch of Superstar mates last week for Hot Pot and hung out for awhile, anyway there are some videos i would like to share =) pls watch and support!

1st this is a Promotional video for my buddy Wei Jian! his album is releasing in August! YEAH!

Support his albu

2nd video is a video for victims of the Si Chuan Ear
thquake this song is not in any CD and only can be viewed online so please support! =) It was performed by a group of friends, also my friends who really did a good job:

My classes are starting at SAE on the 28th, a new phrase of my life =) I am so excited! seriously recently quite busy a little here and there did a photo shoot for Raymond my friend hair stylist and there are some pictures to share =) WHAT IS THAT ON MY HEAD!? After removing the dangerous LUMP on my head WALAH! more infomation at: www.cloverhairsalon.com


damn pai seh la, it broke on a Sunday and there wasn't any work shop to remove it, it's like walking around with my zipper opened ....

Many nice drivers even drove side by side trying to tell me of the problem which i am aware of ... in turn only make me feel like ... PAI SEH!!!!

This is my DREAM CAR, I am sure anyone who have watched "Back to the Future" will have a liking for this incredible ride, lots of history with it's company "Delorean" the owner died in a stroke, but the company was re opened this year and they are making more "DMC12"s! YEAH but they are in Taxas and currently there is only 1 "DMC12" in Singapore

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6:32 PM

15 July 2008

Spent the Saturday evening at Wei Ming's cafe =) it was great catching up with them, I can say that they are a bunch of closer friends to me, without them I think i wouldn't be as mature of as a person, they always sort my thinking =)

A cosy corner, there are seats outside too if you don't mind not having artificial cold air =)

Blue Cheese mushroom steak!!!! a must try!!! AHHH!!!

My favourite "peanut butter with ginger fish!!!" AHHH!!!!

those are not only for show, you can just pluck the leaves of and add it to your food for flavouring =)


Wanna go there?
Eden Sanctuary
44 Rochester Park

This man is the man, he has written the songs I really wish i can write, bringing English style, groove into Chinese music have always been what I wanted to do! this guy is just AMAZING check him out:

Fang Da Tong, Khalil Fong

Hey Lee Hom, can't wait for your next album? I have been anticipating for your lovely ballads and arrangements after "Change the World"

This man never fails to sooth me with his comfortable songs and voice, will wait for your next album, good music needs time to be written as you said =)

Never forget our local HITO guy =) nice songs, very different from others \nnn/ ROCK ON!

Damn... those picture of the food up there really make me feel like eating my favourite ice cream!!! damn... fat liao...

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1:19 AM

09 July 2008

YUM, nice JAPanese sweet potatos!!! they are placed in the fridge after cook, nice !!!

Been rotting quite a bit, sleeping later and waking up later after i ORD

well it can be bored in Singapore at times, when there are really nothing much for a guy like me to do, hehe who loves having supper, loves nature, loves to just relax, save on cash.

My life would really be much better if i have a lot more musician friends who can share music with me, i want to learn from them, self improvement is always what i feel is necessary in life =)

Dammit! my dog attacked Crispy! look at his feet, i got to tie it up to retain it's voice ...

Anyway I made promise to bring my parents out for walks on wednesday nights, I enjoy the time with my parents, I love communicating with them, because I know for all these years, no matter how i felt about them they never stop loving me =)

HAHA ok I'll just stop being so emotional, remember 1 thing, cherish the person you love because you never know when they will just be gone =)
Look at pretty Meeko!!!

Well sometimes i just am lazy to go through with the details on my life and i am not that kinda photograph person, so if you wanna find out more, you can visit my girl's blog too!!!

Fidelis : http://theluckiestchick-.blogspot.com/

Do visit her blog yeah.

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6:51 PM

06 July 2008

Happy Birthday Fidelis =) your finally 18!!! welcome to the young ADULT club =)

Must thank, Shirley, Felicia, Florella, Yuan Qing, Danny, Xiang Ming and Ezzat for helping with the surprise =)

Before my other parts of this entry.. it's my MUM!!! saying hello to all with her new diesel bag!!! =)

I was placing my money on 30 cork bullets, I have a chance to multiply the money I paid ...
It wasn't chickens ...
It's money!!!! in bags hung by a piece of paper!!! unfortunately I wasn't able to win some free cash

This machine's hammer is just "overkilled"

YU HU!!!! on Mao Kong Cable Car!!!

I personally recommend this to all who are visiting Taipei, *Note, i went to Mao Kong not once but twice! nice sceneries during sunset, very calming =)

Excited and full of crap on the day i return to SG!!!, waiting for plane in HK =)

Got my car back in April 2007, and driven it for 1 year, must say I loved every second with it, reliable, always driving me to places with no problems =)
My Swift grew!!! love the looks, hope you all do too! hehe
Well my car looks nice but isn't fast, anyway that wasn't at all in my mind, i just want it to look good =)

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