23 February 2006

Well just as i though ... i was gotta be outta job, thx to Jason's intro, i got a small little role in Meng Xiang Superstar, when i got the script i was like ... wow what a baddy hahaha i am so bad in that show i am suppose to .... well i can't reveal the story unless u all catch it but anyway, if you all watch it and start hating me ... i succeed in my acting =) hehe but 1st of all i would wanna apologize to all Wei Lian's Fans hahaha well understand me it's for the show and not what i want to do and say =) anyway 1st time i am acting as such a baddy anyway enjoy!!! hehehe

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photo made small to protect scene story =P hewhehe

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On our way to destination =)

5:05 PM

12 February 2006

"ok i will play and sing Kiss Goodbye" WHAT!? why did i even say that?! hahaha i never even have enough practice nor anything and you want to play that infront of all the people? and disappoint your supporters?! .... well yep i flopped ... haha didn't play well and was utterly disappointed with myself .... ahhh Sugi why you came late and to you seem like nothing had happened ... so sad .... haha fingers were trembling ...

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taken at some mcs toilet sometime ago hahahaha

Well, but I'm never gotta let it get me, i want to be that extrodinary guy on stage with more talents ... yep i am taking keyboard lessons soon hahaha, I promise myself and all supporters the next time I play music and sing at my own risk ... it will not be like that ....

10:23 AM

09 February 2006

.... why did i want to hide my relationship in the 1st place? ... why did i even try to do so? ... i am also human and need and also have love .... well it's time i be fair and repay my gf for what she has done ... well i guess Leon also has his own views on things ...

Darling"Fidel" i am sorry for not treating you well for the past few months ... being so neglectful, so bad to you and always thinking about myself, i want to sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart and hope for a reconciliation in our relationship ...

I don't want lose you anymore ...

Well for all people who read my blog ... this may be something of no interest to you but truly this means to me alot ... or maybe to my consious ... i just want to express something i had hidden in my heart ...

Another note i would like to thank all the people who came downto support me for my event today i was truly glad and touched to see so many people ... to repay you all i will be singing an extra song on the 11th ... thx you .... see you all !!! =)

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4:28 AM

06 February 2006

National Library (Valentine's Day Performance)

Leon & Sugi

Date & Time: 11th, 1pm

Exact Location: National Library (to be confirmed asap)


Fo Guang Shan Charity Performance

Date & Time: 8th, 5.30pm & 11th, 5.00pm

Location: Sim Lim Square, 1 Rochor Canal Road(Auditorium)

See ya there!!!

6:06 PM