27 March 2005

as the end of the semester draws close and i am like just a week away from the exams everyone are rushing to complete this semester's projects and i got like 7 projects this semester WHEW . . . . wonder how year 2 will be like for me . . . .

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My team mates at my house . . .

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yeah handsome led and girl

Exams coming got to work hard haiz . . . worried as always ....

4:24 PM

18 March 2005

After many last min or rushing rehearsals, with 2 days to deadline, finally we have arrived to the destination . . . SEG Idol (NYP School Of Engineering Idol) night A.K.A Fusion Night. Well we were all prepared to sing for the people and be judged with 1 song.

can't get the feeling of being nervous as the program wasn't well publicised and i felt not much stress about performing that day

1st was the introduction where the 6 idols (+me) go for alittle cat walk and do a self intro
2nd was purely singing of a song by each idols

Songs Sang:
1st: Shi Le (Nothings gonna change my love for you)
2nd: Shi Jie (Somewhere over the rainbow)
3rd: Feng Zhe (Knokin' on heaven's door)
4th: Fizail (Overjoyed)
5th: Brendy (???)
6th: Leon (Katrina)

3rd was Q & A

When i saw the amount of audience present i was disappointed and felt less tense, the amount was ranged between 100 to 200 only where about 300 was expected . . .

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Introduction where we stood . . .

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the self introduction

ok i know . . . how come no other contestants photos? . . . nope i didn't ask the camera man to just capture me . . . but he did . . .

people were running all over the place in the back stage, i just couldn't explain the feeling i had at that time, it was so fun to see people running around and then people working hard to make that night great, it was just wonderful for me . . .

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Brendy, my JMD singing division student "GAMBATTEH!!!"

1st time on stage yeah? well done Brendy, you just gotta learn how to follow through yeah?

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Yep my turn then, everyone was tense by then well as usual i was afraid that i would go blank

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Whew luckily everything went well

people told me i was going to win, but well i got to say i musn't assume that i will although i felt that i did alright . . . i just want to say thank you to all the people who have supported me that night and said my song was touching "THANK YOU"

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Yep, prize giving time . . . Brendy was 3rd leaving me and Fizial

this was the 1st time i actually came so close to being the champion of any event, i didn't expect my heart to beat as fast as it would . . .

The host dragged alittle time and annouanced . . .
"THE WINNER OF 2005 SEG Idol is . . . . . .


OH MY .... 1st time i ever won a competition hahaha

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Yeah my throphy and . . . make-up which made me look ghostly . . .

It was the moment i will never forget, that cheering going on for me. I thank you all people who supported me thank you, i just wanted to entertain =)

I thanked all the staff and people who worked to put up a great show, without them i would not be standing on stage with the right spot lights or anything like that. . . hope to see you all soon =)

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hehehe . . . ok let's get back to story

Well after that i accompanied JMD members for dinner at a Jap restaruant . . .

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thx ppl thx

I ordered a noodle which tasted . . . . like . . . god it was CHILLY!!!!

11:56 PM

16 March 2005

Finally got some picture on March the 5th which is the day of my singing class as well as lao shi de BDAY!!!

Happy Birthday to you!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!! Happy Birthday to you!!! . . . .

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. .. . hahaha ok relax i know . . . i don't sing le

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ok at least we got some cakes hahaha

After the cakes were sliced and placed the people there went crazy they took photos for 1+ hour straight from 10pm they all lasted until it was 12 hahahaha

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Yes . .. be afraid . . .be very afraid!!!

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Like it?

Meanwhile as the celebration is in process, there were ppl drinking

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Cheers!!! (green tea) -_-"

There were people who just stand there . . .

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Eh. ..

There were sightings . . . !!!

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so as people who started courting . . .

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Well it was really fun to gather together =)

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Classmates . . .

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Big Class Renuion

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Big Class Renuion 2

3:25 AM

13 March 2005

hehehe yeah as you can see on the heading i was all busy over this event, organized by the school hahaha well i decided to join it to see if i got a chance to find fellow singers in the school and to guage my standard

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had dinner with my parents at this chinese "la mian" restaurant

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are our noodles here yet?

2:38 AM

11 March 2005

hahahaha i am super excited for my dad giving me the surprise, well i am not trying to brag about it just so happy that i finally get a modified PS2 HAHAHA!!!

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Thx dad your the best man, haha i will work hard in all, and of cos play hard hehehe

Well after that my brother came back and when out with his gf .... WAIT!!! wat has this got to do with the blog? . . . HAHAHA yeah and he left me . . $20 to order pizza which i did hahah thx alot kor, although at last it cost me about $24 hahaha thx alot

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ahhahahah and i was alone at home, thx to the 3 doggys at home to help me with finishing it all hehe

guess i was getting lucky this few days hehehe, well i went to sentosa to renew my memories hehehe

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BOOOO!!!! hahaha

there were lots of stuff funny and interesting sea stuff hehe long time never see le guess i becoming ku ku if i don go see it soon, hahaha

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cool star fishy hahaha nice nice

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cool marine animal huh? it's called . . . donno wat dragon de
Well it was really enjoyable going to sentosa, hehe

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a picture of Steve & mua hehee Double "A"hole 7 hahahaha!

3:08 PM

08 March 2005

WHEW!!! hahah finally i can blog again yeah? hahah thx to the consistant ppl still reading my blog regardless of the slow update due to my useless pc hahaha, thank you Zong Xian for helping me reformat my pc hahaha....

Hmmm where should i start 1st hahaha so many things happened leh hahaha well of cos again, good AND bad hahaha we can never escape the bad huh? it's a balance in the world to make the difference good and bad bah hahaha . . .

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Guess this picture can describe how i felt when i received the 1st warning letter in my life . . . yeah the sun seem to not shine anymore . . .

well, my sch has the card scanning system, and well the records of beaing late is count as absent, when i received the letter, i had 4 lates, which meant absent even if u reach 1 min later . . . and the times i was late was for 1min, 2min, 7min and the worst 15min . . . but well who can i blame but myself? like getting myself wet in a soup!!!

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yeah this picture illustrates me getting wet HAHAHAHA

Gotta wake up early Leon why am i not in the mood to study??? how can like that? NO!!! i cannot disappoint my parents, i will "Fa Fen Tu Qiang"!!!

2:54 PM

03 March 2005

PPL if you all listen to chinese radio 933FM or 958FM you can hear a Mc advertisment which sings of a promotion of $2 breakfast, well . .. hope u all like it, it is my second advertisment hehee hope to get some true feedback on how i can improve? thx!!!

12:16 AM

02 March 2005

Couldn't seem to be able to properly use my pc, seems that some lame stuff have stopped the usage of pc normally wah lao sian ah, sucks leh can't even update pictures into blog properly, sorry to ppl who read my blog, i will try to get this problem fixed soon hahaha

12:16 AM