28 December 2005

It's a long long time since i blogged, SuperFunkies ended well what lies ahead is unknown until someone calls from "6350" (MCS No.) then i may know if i am wanted hahaha, but at this moment i guess i have to pass my driving ... which i signed up for like a year ago .... (PSS and stuff so didn't have time to learn) learn how to use my newly bought music composing KeyBoard & programmes!!!! (YEH!!! so excited) hehe hopefully by the end of my 4 years or so ( after studies and army) i have an arsenal of good songs that i am able to share with all of you =) hehehe well..

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Thx Silver for taking this pic for me

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Christmas party!!!

12:54 AM

08 December 2005

End of SuperFunkies Recording i guess it's a new chapter of my life and in this entertainment industry, Just wanna thx each and everyone who helped me during this time if recording.

1st: i wanna thx my family for always supporting me, and also giving me their views of my hosting.

2nd: i wanna thx all the supporters who have given me their support FLFC, SBZA and other supporters...

(To SBZA: I remembered Lornie telling me that whenever there are quarrels or unhappiness in SBZA involving me, don't worry or explain because it would be solved, anyway i just wanna say that regardless of what you all think of me now, i just wanna thx you all for supporting me for this period of time. 1 more thing i have to share is that truly i feel that you all are overly sensitive, i am sorry for being so straight to the point and i think that sometimes you all really ZA aahaha, also sorry about Nat, as i didn't know that you were out and also didn't wanna get involved with the conflict, Jia You i truly think you got what it takes, anyway thx you all i will always keep the nice memories with me.pls takecare.)

(To FLFC: Although this FC isn't set up long ago, but truly i can feel some of you all trying to put in effort in making banners and shirts, thx you all, i just hope that i can see more of you all as i wanna personally thx you all, pls takecare.)

11:29 PM

05 December 2005

Well i must say that i am truly excited for this glamorous event that i am participating although the air time wasn't much but u want to be on my best hahaha, well i leash out my Dragon blazer i bought some time ago hehehe man i love it's sewing, and it's silk hehee i am just so exceited... hmmm well i just wanna be on my best! hehe some photos i wanna share =)

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My Dragon Top hehehe (Acting cool . . .YUCKS!)

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Me,Nic & Raymond all were once top fun contestants where we knew eachother =)

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Finally!!! brothers for life =) kor you ROCK!!!

12:33 AM