25 January 2008

WOOOOO!!!! Jay Chou Concerto!!! i went on the night after his birthday!, this guy imust say is really talented!!!!

Many heads ... many many heads

A close up on the stage =)

Nice lightings hehe love my N82 =)

Close up on Jayplaying " Longest Movies"

Jay with his Party HAT hehe

I must say that he is of course king of rap & pop, i must say i was expecting alittle more then just his pyrotechnics and normal rendition of his songs and i thought he would show off more of his arrangement talents in making the concert more exclusive =) but overall it's good =)

SPOP singers went to Ngee Ann Poly for a Mini Concert and here are some pictures.

LeSheng, StarAwards Backup singers =)

Candyce, beautiful as ever hahastill owes me lunch though

Final group pic till SPOP Finals ...

Me in Action

Lucas wishing you all a late christmas, this picture had to be taken 9 times

Everyone say "Monkey!!!" May, Adrian and ... Monkey!!!

After 3 weeks of intensive and stressful building, finally the PG Zero Custom Wing given by Marc, was built =) it wasn't nice as i am still learning but i think i am giving this hobby up .... For Music =)

Hope you all liked this post, it's simple as i always like, my pc is down for 2 weeks and i can't do my music, i feel so lost without my ability to make music, i have been picking up on newer hipper songs and also faster ones, i am starting to love rapping trash talking, also dancing and i think it's really cool =) i promise i will bring much better shows for all of you supporting me, thank you =) anyway

Early Chinese HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! hope you all get all the wealth and happiness in the year 08 and never to have worries, also if you all need a singer for your occasions you can always look for me k?=) just mail me!!! brahmabull113@hotmail.com

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11:52 PM

13 January 2008

The following events are Mini Concerts with the top 12 songs of SPOP being sang =)

日期:1月18日(星期五) 时间:下午4时 地点: 义安理工学院 Atrium
Date: Friday, 18 Jan Time: 4pm Venue: Ngee A
nn Polytechnic Atrium

日期:1月19日(星期六) 时间:下午3时 地点: 东福坊
Date: saturday, 19 Jan Time: 3pm Venue: Eastpoint Mall

See ya then =)

This is an interesting poem in a famous chinese wan ton noodle store!

I am having much fun with my
it's been quite fruitful i must say spending time with my si
s and her bf, well they have been in aust since 2004, been back sometime in 05 and then finally back after 1 year plus, everyone in the family was really glad, and happy, my parents especially, but my sister got smacked with my dads love too much, well why? hehe my dad's way of showering love is by bringing us for nice food and yes he did, daily since the day my sis touched down SG, and even my dad's friend is like saying, "Eeh May ah i bring you to eat pig leg ahd and stuff" 4 meals a day leaving my sis feeling fatter by the sec and shitting 3 times a day!!! LOL =)

Adrian, May & Leon!!!

We went prawning with my sis and friends, truly speaking i felt really bad as i couldn't stand seeing things die or even wanting to catch them, it just feels wrong, i am sorry for catching the prawns i did, pls forgive me, i'll pray for you ... soon enough prawns were eating my bait, my sis was saying, well our prawn rod is good ah, number 88!... but well i never could have expect to catch a giant prawn on my 1st prawning experience!!!

Today we went out, i was so happy as we seem to click very well, i hope i can do that with my music, anyway i am glad to have ate Carl's Junior, i was darn hungry! haha darn this picture really shows my small fingers ... awww look at her, acting so gentle before munching into meal ... haha!

her 2nd hairdo and photo shoot, i am glad she has this kinda shows and seriously hope she can make it far, hehe and be much successful then i was, well this is 1 picture i decided to display as i really love it =)

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2:03 AM

05 January 2008

Happy 2008!!! people wishing you all the best for all your aspirations and wishes as well as dreams!!!

Here are some pictures of people involved in SPOP!!! Hurray!!! :

Beautiful Host of SPOP Pei Fen, always give that intelligent girl aura =)

Carrie ... hmmm she wasn't very happy about her hair that day hehe

Diya, tiny female champion!!!

Mr Su Wen Hai, bro all the best to ya, we have the same dream =)

Teresa, i feel she's really good at 17 singing with feel and emotions, she is definitely someone i think has potential to cut an album, good luck girl work hard ..

Sugianto Bro,lookin great ah , let's sing "Tian Tian" again =)


Zhengning ... stop getting on my nerves! =P

Marcus hey man didn't expect you to be 16 haha =)

Ling Yi ... everyone is always trying to get on her nerves lol think she have good stage presence =)

Maxilian she reminds me of someone i knew long ago, i think she has the star looks and a great amt of being spontaneous but she really have to try to stand out more =)

Jeremy Kwan

Nathaniel wooo~~ ur voice reminds me of JY >_<
Ming Yao and his jokes are just funny, always thought i see Sugi, i really can't split them apart, shit... sorry man haha but yeah you got ur own style too =)

2007 was a good year for me, i truly hope 08 is as well, i am glad my sister is back and finally we can take an updated picture of our "Quan Jia Fu!" Jie Welcome back!!!

Isn't this skinny ass doggie cute? =)

Nice cookies from Yan Shan, thanks they taste great! =)

Shades as a gift thank you really!!! and also for the self brewed Birds Nest Soup =)

A book with every single record of my doing since 05 and lyrics of every single song i sang, it really moved me. it's all hand written and it sure took alot of time, thank you Hui Bing =) ur really a good friend =)

Thank you Jean for chocolates although i love them, i have to cut down on eating those le but really thank you hehe they were good! hehehe

Cookies from her, awww so nice leh hehe finished le thank you dear =) really thank you for being there for me through my emotional times and always supportive =)
AWWWW so cute hahaha

Kelly, Wei Lian, Sin Huey, Junyang, Hagen, have all released their solo albums, while Wei Jian is just waiting for his to be released, Silver and Darryl have singles as well as me, well i truly hope someday i can also release my own album =)

Finally i got a new phone =) hehe N82 that really is good phone and all pictures posted up there are taken by it =) it's just having small keypad and the short battery life

Recently i picked up a new hobby, i have always loved the satisfaction of building things, last time i was building plastic cars but they were too easy to fix, but need lots of work on painting, also they were not as versatile and painting really cost quite a lot of cash, thankfully these plastic model kit's come painted and just needs to be fitted, and thank god they are harder to do =) i like challenges, through challenges and mistakes we grow stronger =)

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11:59 PM

01 January 2008

I am so excited, recently i got so much new toys of my liking!!! will blog about it soon!!! and the countdown event was a success!!! thank you everyone for turning up, i really thank you from the bottom of my heart =)

4:27 AM