31 August 2009

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Jean: yeahs! now exam period, needa study and all, but soon there's going to be 2 months holiday! and hopefully there's event!=DD.. see ya soon..and tc=D
hehe congratulations on having time to rest, anyway yeah there will be events which I will share about details soon so do come down and support if you are free! =D


chrissy: omg.. n i see ur gf getting jill stuart makeup from taipei!! that's the nearest country from sg to get the makeup from!!
kekeke yeah Jill Stuart, the 1st priority for her


tybabe: hihi...is that so? ...wow really great ,see the pictures that you took I very favorite Taiwan...=)
haha well I am really looking forward to visiting my sis in Australia though!!! can't wait


Huibing.: ahh long time no see! Hahah. next event soon ok! (: and hang in there for your final lapse!
Yeh, time to look for a job and wait for my certificate!!!


kuan ye: i luv the song- mad world...u sing very nice :)
Thank you Kuan Ye, do check out monthly for new covers =)


Jimmy: Yo!! Haha.. Nice OR NOT? LOLOLOL... dun keep being occupied with it ar~ must still maintain a life, go out with gf, sing more, come visit me.. haha.. if nt ur gf come and whack me hw? LOL and i swear i mean.. i swear i nvr see ur wish list b4... :P ok i know what i wan.. i wan ah zhong mee sua.. LOL
YEAH!!! thanks for the early Birthday Gift!!!! it's what I wanted to buy man! thanks!, hahaha yeah don't worry I know how to prioratize , ah zhong mee sua .... eh .... air tickets ex ah haha


Finally, my course has ended, it's time to embark on the next phase of my life, yes I think i am going to look for a job while I write my songs and chase after my dreams =) This 1 year really seemed short ... it seems that the people in the class was just getting to know eachother maybe just a little to well over some intense close group assignment ... but I guess it's time we move on people. Nice know all you guys AEDF708, you guys were great =)
A simple farewell party as well as end of course party at Yew Jin's place, yeah look at the mess and we finished most of the food =D

Yew Jin tipsy and not noticing that my camera was on timer when he went to grab the mac also taking picutres of us

Take 1

Take 2 We played Wii after, Raymen rabbits, it was fun and addictive but they all kept complaining because I was the overall winner for 2 set of games HA! Well I will never forget the press kit stuff filming overnights and all those funny happenings in class, somehow I kinda hoped the course lasted a little longer ... but well ...


Countdown to my 23rd birthday is 11 days!!! oh my I am getting older already ... man time flies but I hope my progression doesn't stop ... never stop progressing in life ... always learn always work hard!
Sorry the picture is on the wrong side but well you can see the words, yep Mr. Jimmy Lim gave me an early birthday present today when I dropped by the store!!! WOOOO

Coooool!!! thanks man, I wanted to buy this game!


Whisky misses her .... so do I =)

Magic never fails to protect her ... I am glad she always loved the family ...

Gin Gin passed away last week, well she has been the sweetest dog ever. I miss you baby


*Taipei Trip Last Day*

We settled for some more "Guo Tie" for breakfast on the last day, morale was low as she didn't wanna go back as she will need to continue working...

We had some time, so we watched Transformers 2!!! but unfortunately there wasn't sub woofers in their cinemas ... seems so strange ... no rumbles and body shaking explosions ...

When we got there we realized ... our queue for check in was ... VERY long ...but well I guess it's a little compared to the FUN we had in Taiwan!!!

5 Min preparation before work =D

Nice Groove!!!

This Little girl is so good it's .... SCARY

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22 August 2009

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Jean:Nice song!=D.. and and i thought this would be ur last cover song, before i read the word "here"..hahhaas..scare me~..hehex..anyway happy moving of house!=D the hello kitty rest is very nice! and the food looks so cute~!hahahas=D..and events events events! i missed the recently one again=(
hehe yeah i miss seeing you all at my events =) you all been so busy =) hope to see you in the coming 1 hehe =) hehe I will record more chinese songs hehe didn't notice I sang so many english ones


tybabe: wow...look so great...i wish i will also have a trip to Taiwan just like you so..hihii =)
hehe yeah save up and get going, the food there is great and cheap =)


ling ruan: thankyou for answering me.I'll go 2 taiwan next year 2 learn,hope it'll more beautifu than now!^^l r u a fan of Michael Jackson? u know fahrenheit-feilunhai boy band , don't u? if u have can u show us? vdo u have a y!m nick? if U return 2 VN & want 2 eat a dilicious Pho,I think u should go 2 Haiphong city 2 eat.It's very dilicious & u can eat "bun rieu cua",too("bun rieu cua" is "pho"'s brother!^^!)VERY DILICIOUS
well I guess everyone has heard MJs song once in their life, it's like just hearing someone sharing their love with the world is great isn't it?, yeah I know FeiLunHai but not personally hehe what do you want me to show? sorry but I do not have a Y!m nick, I can't wait to return to Vietnam to perform and also try the bbq crabs at ngha trang hehe cool I will try Bun Rieu Cha next time! thanks !


Suri: this is really amazing, your voice is amazing. U record at home, dont u? cant imagine if how great these songs would be if they had ben recorded in a studio.
aww thank you, yeah I record those songs at the comfort of my house =) thankfully I have a good area where I can record the vocals clearly =)


huiting: wah. i know this song! mad world! anyway... really nice, yr singing improves every time every yr! lol
haha well still long way to go, until 1 day when you chance upon my album I shell be more then willing to accept that my singing has standard =)


samantha: hey do sing more chinese songs! miss them!
yeah yeah sorry I forgot that I have been doing too much english ones haha, thanks for reminding


Well have been very busy with school work, staying up till 5 am almost daily to mix my final assignment, I really want it to sound like it's ready to be placed in a CD, well aside from that, I must say I have been trained fitter a bit by carrying loads of boxes as well as furniture as I was shifting.

The Ovation Guitar my dad bought me!!! woohoo I promised myself I must be able to play the guitar better, my next aim is to be able to do loads of performances with me and my guitar =)

Bass guitar my dad bought for himself too =D

I really hope someday I can share my music with all of you, in a form of CD, I will be composing as usual, someday I hope you all can listen to it =D

Look!!! my favourite Pretzel biscuit!!!

she baked it!!! so sweet right? it tasted so nice I finished it in 2 days =D kekeke


*Taiwan Trip Day 5 night*

24 hours carrefour hehe yeah went there for a walk too!!!

We chanced upon these golden pieces which looked really GOOD!!! and I personally LOVE eating sweet potato!!!

My my honey coated greatness!!!!

Chun li?

YYYEAAAP it's heavy haha

Well I truly regret not purchasing a carton of their instant beef noodles which are SUPER NICE with real beef ... anyone have contacts over there? I want some beef noodles

*Taiwant Trip Day 6*

We went to Wu Fen Pu area to have lunch hehehe because I HAVE TO EAT MY Lu Rou Fan before I leave Taiwan on the 7th day!!!

Yes that is the store, looks like a lumberjack man haha

As the food was served, my eye brighten up with happyness and eagerness to start feasting!!!

I couldn't take the temptation so I ordered another BIG bowl to satisfy my cravings for it hehee

At Xi Men Ding we say this man with his pet Squrrials !!! I love Squrrials I always thought it would be great having them as pets but we couldn't in Singapore, I think they are such friendly and adorable aniumals

After the excitement of having them on me ... I got betrayed .... the Squirral below the other 1 got too comfortable and took a piss on my shirt ..... -_-"

Even she had fun with the Squrrials on them hehe

So obedient right?

We needed to grab a bite, and we saw this humble shop selling Hotdogs

the guy was preparing the Hotdog with such gentleness as if the Hotdog itself had a life =D

but it was the BEST hotdog I have ever eaten!!! THE BEST!!! PERIOD!!!

The next time I go overseas it's not going to be just shopping, I am going to view some nice scenery and have MORE good food hehe

Good voice actors of Family guy series!

Penny Pyramid

Shii hehe Wii for ladies? *NC16*

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16 August 2009

Hello everyone,

This is a super late posting but well got to do it else I think it will be a few days till my internet and stuff are back..

I will be moving out tomorrow ... it's been 12 years I have stayed in this house ... from when I was primary 4 haha man time flies ... anyway this is the last cover song I will be recording .... HERE =D so it is going to be something sad as I'll be leaving this nice place for another =)

August cover song -Mad World by Gary Jules

Played on my new acoustic guitar!!! woo thanks dad for the early birthday gift!!!

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04 August 2009

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Peixuan: Hopefully I could make it for the events in August. See you soon. :)
Yeah this Saturday there is 1! but I have yet to know the details ... Aiyo!!!


tybabe: wow...trip to Taiwan by you is great ,thank you for sending me the songs, they really wonderful
Thank you!!! keep watch out here!


Algernon: yo! how have u been dude... just linked to here from bala's blog
Cool thanks, you are? cos I am sorta bad at memorizing names sorry!


passer-by: hey.. ur singing dam nice.. all e best to u.. jyjy
thank you!!!


passer-by: can u sing Que Xi .. by Huang Jinglun/ ty
Well I have to see how because currently there is just a whole list of songs I want to sing hehe thanks for requesting anyway! =)


Marc:Yo Leon, u haven't get back to me about my enquiry the other time, don't reply here, just give me a buzz. Cheers! Have a good week!
sorry man, been very very busy with sch work final stuff coming up so sorry for delay will get back to you asap


"): I heard you sing last night! It was nice =DDD
Thank you, I hope you enjoyed my show =) 6 songs and hope it's not too dry =D


It's been hectic, as in time scheduling for work, school work and my throat issue hmmm I am graduating end of the month, moving out SOON, most importantly I have some assignments for school to be done so soon yet so little time left ...


Invisible Children
Brian Gothong Tan
An arts film I am starring in will be screening at Sinema Old School on the following dates, do support it as it's a beautiful film!!!

Dates of Screening:

14th August, 7.45pm
19th August, 8pm (I will be there personally for Q & A session after the film)
20th August, 9.30pm
21st August, 9.45pm
22nd August, 2.30pm
25th August, 6pm
27th August, 6pm
28th August, 7.45pm
29th August, 2.30pm

For ticketing info please view website below:


Taiwan Trip Day 4

We set out to Leofu Village where it's a Theme Park!!!

The entrance which we can't wait to enter!!!

Look at the beautiful theme!!!!

Now it's my turn!!!

Ah ha! Genie!!! grant me 3 wishes!

Yes the 360 ride we took ... damn ... it's scary when you are hanging on the clam but it's fun otherwise!!!

Ahhhh dino themed ride!!!! I used to love dinosaurs so much! well they still facinate me, can't wait till the scientist resuract some of them

Leofu Village used to be a wild life park and it still is just with all the other rides in it =)

Animals as you can see, it's all taken from a ride at the park, it's cool really be sure to visit when you go to Taiwan =D

We wanted another taste of bbq sweetness but unfortunately this 1 is totally not comparable to "Kan Pei"

Went for a light shopping afterwards and head back for a rest after a long long day =D


Taiwan Day 5!

We both bough blazers and decided to wear them out, I was looking for a new pair of shoes!

Nice blazers huh? =D

hmmm she look a picture of me helping her with her shoes , she said it was sweet =)

Headed to the "Hello Kitty" Restaurant as she wanted so much to go there!!!

hmmm wah all "Hello Kitty" looking dishes and cakes

Kitty Lover

Skeptical about the looks vs taste

guess the ladies will love the place with it's pinkish deco =)

Shopping and shopping and now lining up for the food of the day!

Ah Zong Mian Xian!!!

You see what you wanna see ...

Real or fake?

Anyone wanna beat that?

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