21 March 2010

Click HERE for the preview of the next COVER SONG!!!

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tybabe: the song "Yan Hua" listen very cute :) content of the song "Yan Hua" mean that?
Thank you, I will translate it and post it in my next posting! =D


yiwen: caramel popcorn AGAIN !
Yeah! you can never get enough of pop corn!

S.LeonLim: 1st time in ur blog cause I'm Leon Lim also. WOW! Amazed by ur Yan Hua! Don't ever forget to sing like that, n hope u make it big and impact n touch pp thru ur songs one day.
Thank you Leon, glad that you enjoyed my blog, do share the song with your friends and also invite them to view my blog, thank you! I hope to be able to share more of my music too!


Jane: Hello Leon. U remember me? It been long time since i leave msg here le.. Sorry was busy working so didn't leave msg here. Yan hua nice song sang by u. Jy n take care. :D
Yes, Jane do visit more often yeah! =D thank you!


Hi Leon, your song "Yan Hua" is really nice!


Really man? haha intro to your friends ok? =D share nice music, share love and peace & Harmony!


lynn: i only wanna sing as a interest.is there any one out there to teach to me on how to improve on it?
I do teach basic and intermediate pop vocals =D e-mail me for my rates =D


Took a trip to BATAM! main purpose is to Cable Ski as I really miss it tons! and last time I went Cable Skiing was 4 years ago during Superfunkies filming introducing the sport!

Silver & Me as the main host for fun activities!

Me & Ruth, I watched the recorded series again to be reminded that I was able to use the wake board on my 1st attempt and that Ruth used her but to ski quite a distance before falling into the water hahaha! never forget those fun times =D

Anyway YEAH! 5 am and on the way to waterfront!!! woo hoo!!!


In the cab ... suddenly!!! I REMEMBERED!!! THAT I FORGOT ABOUT MY PASSPORT!!! and had to make a trip back to take it ... ending up having no time to rectify another error, which was the boarding pass which had wrong ID no for Fidelis's passport CAUSING us to miss our ferry ... I was so very sorry that I caused so much trouble ... sorry bb

Anyway it was raining hence we also couldn't cable ski on the 1st day ... DARN!! so we went to a shopping mall ... something something Hill 1 hahaha

Shops were not opened and we waited like aunties on GSS (Great Singapore Sale!) outside for the mall to open it's doors!!!

We rushed in ... saw the many available "Branded goods" so surprised to also see a shop named "Leon" there AHAHAH!

A&W !!! I haven't had it since 5 I think? or maybe younger? I only remember it's root beer float being one of their signatures, without hesitation I ordered a meal as well!!!

AH!!! I have waited for you so long BABY!!!

Bought Monopoly Deal to play and I can't believe her LUCK!!! she won like 8 out of 10 games I played with her ... Muhahaha but I tortured her even when I lost hehe steal her properties hahahaha!

She said that she have to try Bakso

hehe it's not bad, but well I think the best has yet to come!!!

After checking into our room we headed off for our massage as it was pre booked!!!
Beautiful place, I wonder how is the insides like?

The wind is just FANTASTIC!!!!

YEAH! SPA VILLA!!! now We're Talkin'

Wonderful open concept!!! no wonder there are so many fisherman's boats coming around this area, must be trying to peep at nude massaging ladies HAHAHAHA

Preparation for the massage ... wah the water is so darn HOT LA!!!

After that we returned to our room and played MONOPOLY DEAL AGAIN!!!! and after that headed out for dinner! hahah food food foood!

It was surprisingly cheap for seafood hehe total of only $39 dollars for those dishes you see up there!!!

We decided to take a walk to the cable ski area so I can prepare Fidelis for the Cable Ski Session the next morning!

We saw a cage with monkeys in there and there was a man who was feeding it .. .after he left, I picked up some peanuts that were out of reach of the monkeys and gave it to them!

Cute baby monkey on MA MA

Those are some bloody cute hands hahaha!

Finally!!! CABLE SKI TIME!!! unfortunately there wasn't any photos taken as we both were BUSY HAVING FUN!!!! and this is a photo of me at the same place 4 years ago hehe

Unfortunately I wasn't able to stand up on the wake board even during my 5th try ... =( so sad, but on the 6th YES!!! finally!!! but then .... due to the massage the day before ... both our muscles could barely sustain the strain of the sport hahaha too relax le la!!!

Our bodies continued to ache 5 days after we returned!!!

THAT is how tiring this sport is to our bodies!


Went for dinner with my brother, well he is venturing into other businesses hehe share with all of you when the opening is here!!!!

hot & SPICY!!!

Had 3 cans of drink while eating this HOT POT HAHAHA

Meet up with ZPGY and got this keychain from Wei Jian, thanks man, appreciate it, love hanging out with all my friends!!!!

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08 March 2010

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joycelyn: I love the new song.
Thank you, it's a good encouragement, hope you will love my future songs too


Jean: Missed ur latest event again!! had to rush report!, next time!=DD.. and i love yan huaa!=D
hehe see you soon then =D


Shirley: hi leon, nice to see u last sat..u slim down alot lor..anw all the best to u..take care
Hehe yeah hopefully I did slim down and will maintain hahaha, thanks a lot


tybabe: wow...your mum and dad look very young...hihi :x...and Garett look same same you =)
I still have a sister who is staying in Australia now =D


reader: Chinese songs suits you more. Do sing more of such genre. Yan Hua is nice.
Thanks for the advice, I shell try more ballads then


joycelyn: almost everyday come here juz to listen yan hua song :)
Thats so encouraging thanks!


SherMin-reader: I Linked From Fidelis blog, I Thought That This New Song Yan Hua Is Very Nice And Meaningful!
Wow cool thanks a lot!


lynn: i like your voice alot! continue to sing !~~
hehe yep I will continue!!!


1st I want to thank all of you for encouraging me on my original, I really appreciate it, and I have a few more in works, I should be selling them as a EP only available online so I will let you know about more info! =D


Bought a new recording interface and I must say it records beautifully, it sounds so full!!! I will be using it to record my future cover songs so let me know if the newer ones sounds nicer =D

Recording Dawn from PSS2 for a song she composed ... we recorded for 5 hours and then the worst thing happened ... my hard disk died before I could even back the data up ... sorry Dawn ... anyone knows how to recover hard disk data if it already has trouble being read? your help is GREATLY appreciated!

When she was busy singing I was busy as well!!! I was busy chomping down super delicious Pop corn that I bought from ION Orchard ~~ NICE!!!

Yep! thats the name of the shop if you also want to get a piece of those delicious pop corn!!! be sure to try their Caramel! AHHHH and I even finished another packet of Wasabi Powdered corn the 1st day I bought them ...

Yep I am a fan of Wasabi!

Dawn also brought what I thought was a toy! but it's a Ukelele!!!! my god it's like so damn small ... I think I will look really funny if I were performing on it hahaha

Yeah .. they are looking at me with the WTF look...

You all must be wondering ... why take a photo of a Ngor Hiang ... Well I must say there are a lot of food my mom makes which are super nice!!! and Ngo Hiang is one of them and I just feel it's a secret family receipe hehe wonder who will inherit it hahahaha!

Had dinner with Fidelis and her collgue ... nice butter nuns =D

Not forgetting the restaurant for your info to dine over there!!!
4/5 Stars! *Must Try* Curry Fish Head!

Watched Alice in the wonderland in 3D ... I suspect something is wrong with me? or else are 3D films texting on the eyes? I always want to fall asleep watching them ... like Avatar the other time when I watched it with my family for the 2nd time but in 3D ... I fell asleep half way ... do you experience this problem too?

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