26 November 2007

My upcoming event, see ya ok? I will be there performing at 10am with 1 song and 2pm with 5 songs =) be sure to be there!

Creative 24 is an exciting, non-stop 24-hour festival that allows you to experience various projects from Singapore’s creative community - first-hand, upclose.

Celebrate creativity with us. Join us for the many workshops, performances and special showcases held on the first weekend of December:
1-2 Dec 2007
10.00am-10.00am the following morning
National Museum of Singapore



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18 November 2007

Yo people, recently i am involved with SPOP =) yep i am singing a song for 1 of the writers... anyway it is quite a revolutionary contest, it's not the singers who are the main focus but the song writers =) i am glad i am able to participate in this event, anyway there will be studio recordings and promotions, even those on public buses where we will be performing on =) for all who want to know more or be on the ball of the events you can check out:

SPOP Website:

Message by Mediacorp =)

Are you a supporter of local music?

Do you want to be part of a ‘live’ studio audience, enjoying musical compositions written by the contestants of S-POP HURRAY Song-Writing Competition? You can even express your views for these songs!

We are inviting music lovers from all walks of life to join us as ‘judges’ for Channel U’s S-POP HURRAY Song-Writing Competition! There will be 2 recording sessions on 5/12/2007 and 6/12/2007, from 2pm onwards (for both days). You may choose to attend one of the two days.
If you are keen to be part of S-POP HURRAY, please email your personal particulars to
S-POP@mediacorp.com.sg before 28/11/2007, 8pm.
We will be waiting for your emails!

So see ya at the recording if you are coming =), also i will be having a special event on the DEC 1st and 2nd, it is my 1st 24 hour event =) by Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts, details will be up as soon as i get it =) also i will be joining in the count down for a NEW YEAR!!! again similar to last year so performances will be coming up soon =) hope to see ya there

Yeah!!! i had dinner with my family outside again, i love them, it's the bonding in the family that i truly appreciate, well but today i took some pictures so you all can check it out!!!

Me and my TUT hairstyle ....

"I wanna eat the ah.. ah that one 4 letter one? ah ahh... like me now doing one" hahaha


huh ? photo ah? ....

Ahhh thats the way =)

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06 November 2007

Recently i have received a mail from an annonymus person, this nice soul sent me articles of cars and also an article on my beloved humble cute swift =) i truly want to say a huge thank you to the person, i love reading articles on cars and also technology in years to come =) thank you

I met my gal and we went shopping at Far East and we bought some stuff =)

awww!? sexy slim legs =)

Yoz hello hello i am Leon =) just wanna say eh... this ain't cheap ... burnt a hole in my pocket haha

I stumble across this sweet little thing, these are little taggings made from her to encourage me during my 'last' outfield ATEC Stage 2, the exercises was no doubt tough but so are these encouragements .. thx you !!!

Favourite!!!! MUFFINS!! she made them for me ... hehe the receipe is at her bloggie here!!! http://theluckiestchick-.blogspot.com/ anywayz it's really nice!!!

Yep thats me haha, i feel honoured to be a part of 1Guards, was posted there 9th Oct 2006, been a year plus, from someone trained to be a rifle man, to a linesman/2IC runner/Signaller, then Admin Spec to now COPA, well my life in guards really is fruitful ... who can ever experience what i did? knowing all these great and hmmm well people with more character.

Knowing people of all ranks and i really mean it ... working with all of them... being fetched by his OC (superior) in a jeep and brought for sight seeing after exercise because he wanted to share? played PSP with your BOSS? talked with a open mind and heart...

the change of bosses really made me learn to adapt to changes which i think is good .... now i am working under the 4th boss as his runner or so called personal assistant ... from combat to admin ... i feel glad to have tried most of it ... =) ...

i only would like to say i truly salute all of the people in 1 Guards and also the people who have ORDed this Nov 5th,6th and so on ... when i ORD in june 08 ... i will look back at my camp and be really proud i was posted there =)

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