31 December 2008

Early wishes to all my blog readers and supporters!!!

Wishing you all the best in everything you can do and want to achieve in 2009 and onwards!

Always lucky and happy!

HAPPY 2009

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28 December 2008

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Jane: Wow u and ur gf together for so long. Haha. Last long. =]
Yeah haha thx

siewping: yo dude! nice singing! jiayou! :D
Thanks hopefully you all will love those to come too =)
-gin-: I really like "forever love" (: Anyw, do do do consider singing one of jj's songs if you can. Would like to see how you sing it with a diff feel. Haha. :D
Forever Love will always be a song that contains loads of memories to me, JJ's songs? hmmm it will be a challenge as my voice is also to the clear side, but yeah I will try it soon =) but next month it's a duet !
Lost: Are you wearing braces now or what? :D
Eh not yet, for some reasons not now hehe
Marc: hey leon, merry christmas! anyway tell me more about the new movie leh
Well I actually have a post about the movie on 14th Dec "Invisible Children" but it is an independent arts film of a local director "Brian Gothong Tan"
jean: merry christmas!=D
Merry Christmas!
Wan: Haha I really like your latest song! You sung it really well. Jiayou! Merry Christmas to you too! :D
Thanks, Hopefully someday I can sing my own too =)
Jimmy: merry xmas Leon! :)
Merry XMAS!
Amanda: Your voice is amazing :)
You and your girlfriend aree super cuute together :D

... Thanks that's so nice of you, I still have to improve though but thanks haha
Jean: yupss..really love the song..and bintan seems fun!=D
yeah check it out when it is not the monsoon season though, we missed out on the watersports because of it ... T_T but it was still fun!

We continue on mu Bintan ATV adventures ...

I was glad to be brought to some of the places with nice scenery, isn't it beautiful?

Justin & Wan Ling ... they look wet don't they? and all covered with mud water? well let's see what happened?

Yi Keong & Kai Jun


Venise & Ben


Wei Ming



Do not try this, tested and proven ... a mobile phone and a digital camera was soaked with mud water!

But after all we still had fun!

We later had lunch at a nicely maintained and built Japanese restaurant with nice furnishings, I guess the dirties place of the whole restaurant ought to be where we were seated as we went there straight after our ATV action and look at Justin's black t-shirt! it's not just a design but MUD yeah hahaha

Christmas is over but I still want to share some pictures, I just feel that they sorta speak for what I want to say ...

Meet up with my NS mates, from left :
Ali, Shaiful, Shahul, Leon & Quee!

Had a casual dinner and chatted about the old times in army, I must say there were things we shared but times we were all seperated into our individual companys, but bros, I will never forget those we shared yeah, keep in contact =)

My girl was feeling the festive season as well hence she decided to make cookies!

Well not only for me though but according to my baby my cookies had more mint in it then others as it was my favourite!

Thank god I didn't have to just spend my Christmas like Whisky sleeping in and airing his ....

As a Singaporean, at times I am really not proud at our "cultural" habits, the 'Kaisu' 'KPO' 'Kia Si' but sometimes I go there as well when I see things I can take a picture of and blog about it hehehe

Looks bad doesn't it? a van on flames

WOOO, seems like this van isn't going anywhere soon, I hope no one was injured...

Ladies ... don't play around with guns yeah?

Drum Duel

This guy has some issues ...

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23 December 2008

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hey! may i know what recording things u use? like everything? :) thanks in advance!!
well, I use a recording interface coupled with a recording software/music production software, a decent condenser microphone, pop filter, good monitoring headphones, mic stand and also a good area for recording else you will never get decent recording
TG: how long have you and your girlfriend been together? (:
well it's 4 years and 3 months
Jane: Wow nice song of yuan liang wo. Hehe. Jia you! hey next time sing jay or jj song? =D
well still considering, but the next song will be a duet =)
Jimmy: wow.. nice rendition of yuan liang wo.. eh Leon.. e food looks good.. when u gonna cook some f or us too? hehe
hmmmm let's see hahah
Jean: nice nice!this is the first time i listen to the full version of this song!normally i only hear the chorus part..anyway nice song sang by you..sing more nice songs!=D
hehe thank you, I really hope you love it
your girlfriend look pretty(:
thank you, yes I am lucky =) and thankful
Huibing.: nice song! (:
thank you
eileen': record jay's new songs leh (:
probably next 2 song yeah =)
Jane: Thanks. Hmm new hairstyle of urs. But look nice just that is too short ba. haha.
well it's long liao haha
Huibing.: new hairstyle? look different.Haha.hope to see the movie soon! Hey relax when its time to ok! (:
I think a change is needed once in a while, but I need more change in my music =)
Jean: the transformer video is so cool..and looking forward to the movie!=D
ehehe thanks
Joyce Stella: not big lahz. small nia oni. but your Bro thinking I sending bomb. LOL =/
! no la bomb is ... hmmm

Look!, it's mini me! ahaha

My school mate Mei Yin made a lot of cookies for almost everyone in school =) thank you!

Cute huh? =)

Last weekend, My girl and I went to Bintan for a short getaway, =) it was 7.30am and seriously it has been super long time since I have woke up that early, and i really sorta feel aged... yes I am saying this at 22 ... damn

Anyways as I was looking forward to spending the weekend relaxing at Bintan and waiting for my friends, I decided to have some half boiled eggs and also kaya toast, later on after checking in, my friend also bought Mc Giddles for me and I ate them all up together with fresh orange juice .... not knowing of what will come

I must say the ferry ride to Bintan was ... like taking viking for an hour, I was feeling nauseas and so are most of my friends, it was 1 ride that will take time for me to forget ....

Once there we did not waste time, as we reached early and couldn't check in to the hotel, we had time spared and decided to take a ride in their ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)

All geared up clean and tidy for the ride!

Ridin' in the sun yeah~ my next vihicle is going to be able to go off road!

I seriously enjoyed the sites they brought us to, well this is a 80's feel picture

In my next post-

More on my trip and yes Fidelis is driving! =)

eh, I hope they are alright

Oh my god....

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14 December 2008

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Okay, hope you like it here, and do pass by more often =)
xinyi: :)
xinyi: hello
Joyce Stella:
Yoz! Dude, haha! Check your mailbox soon! Xmas gift for you and your babe on the way! =D No worries, I not sending bomb like what your Bro tot of. HAHA. =/
WAH! what are you sending? so big? thank you really!
Eh what event is that? Lol wenhai look quite funny in that pic. Opps. They are telling who to sing? The small guy is cute lah. Haha. =]
Wen Hai's event is a microphone testing event for a company I cannot name =) anyway in the video I posted, it's my teacher too Agnes, she is getting 2 kids to sing a song =) you all will find out soon

Lookie at the food!!!, well I bought it while my girl was on a trip to Batam, I really enjoy having this kinda free and easy hot plate meal especially with the ones you love =) these all for just $30 with beef, fish, mushrooms and all, trust me, you would wanna try eating like that just taking ur time, but of course, I am fortunate to be able to enjoy the breeze as well as Singapore has been pretty cold recently

Me in action, I never wanna forget all these moments I truly enjoy ...

Have been talking quite a lot about my 1st mini role movie debut, well personally I just wanted to see how the director 'Brian Gothong Tan' actually filmed the movie as it was more of a independent arts film.

Articles on the film:


Can't wait to catch it in 2009

Been long since I took pictures with my baby =)

Yep, as you all can see in my song list and on the calender, I am late for my next cover song again!!! anyway I am still busy with music and music has been revolving in my world or at the very least around my head always, you can ask fidelis if you don't believe how paranoid I get sometimes when I am outside with her and not doing music based stuff... sorry baby

Good job Wei Liang and Xuan Hong for catching something for "708 Tribe" let us BBQ this catch!

Paula on the black T on the left and David in green on right, yeah thats the way you cook corn

Ha! caught you all didn't I? look at the hungry people and also the amount of sausages in the container!

Pardon my friend Joyce with the finger... she tends to lose control at times or almost everytime, and it's the 1st time I see the cranky girl Mei Yin smile normally in a photo instead of acting like a reta.. well you know the rest

Speaking of the cranky girl ... eh, she sorta over cooked my mushroom till it's ..

On a more serious note, I just want to tell all my friends that at times when I critisize and be crute with my words towards someone to incure a reaction, I really don't mean what I say like to try slam the opposition or anything, but I just love creating reactions and incurring an effect on everyone, be it me being evil or humourous or just plain rubbish, sometimes I just feel that entertainment is just being able to create reations, and I hope people just view those kinda stuff I say as something you would wanna just not take so seriously and feel to it. Anyway hopefully my music will make you all feel this way soon =)


Cutest thing I learn =)

wow, the mechanics into this thing must be ...WO!

I have to thank my girl for grooming the oh so lazy Magic, who is trying to sit down every minute while she is just perspiring and grooming him =) hopefully someday she will be able to work in a place where she deals with the passion for cute doggies as well as me able to survive in this progressive world of music =)

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07 December 2008

I'll start this post with a important msg about sleeping

You may literally have to add it to your to-do list, but scheduling a good night's sleep could be one of the smartest health priorities you set. It's not just daytime drowsiness you risk when shortchanging yourself on your seven to eight hours. Possible health consequences of getting too little or poor sleep can involve the cardiovascular, endocrine, immune and nervous systems. In addition to letting life get in the way of good sleep, between 50 and 70 million Americans suffer from a chronic sleep disorder—insomnia or sleep apnea, say—that affects daily functioning and impinges on health. Consider the research:

1) Less may mean more. For people who sleep under seven hours a night, the fewer zzzz's they get, the more obese they tend to be, according to a 2006 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report. This may relate to the discovery that insufficient sleep appears to tip hunger hormones out of whack. Leptin, which suppresses appetite, is lowered; ghrelin, which stimulates appetite, gets a boost.

2) You're more apt to make bad food choices. A study published in the October 15, 2008 issue of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that people with obstructive sleep apnea or other severely disordered breathing while asleep ate a diet higher in cholesterol, protein, total fat, and total saturated fat. Women were especially affected.

3) Diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance, its precursor, may become more likely. A 2005 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that people getting five or fewer hours of sleep each night were 2.5 times more likely to be diabetic, while those with six hours or fewer were 1.7 times more likely.

4) The ticker is put at risk. A 2003 study found that heart attacks were 45 percent more likely in women who slept for five or fewer hours per night than in those who got more.

5) Blood pressure may increase. Obstructive sleep apnea, for example, has been associated with chronically elevated daytime blood pressure, and the more severe the disorder, the more significant the hypertension, suggests the 2006 IOM report. Obesity plays a role in both disorders, so losing weight can ease associated health risks.

6) Auto accidents rise. As stated in a 2007 report in the New England Journal of Medicine, nearly 20 percent of serious car crash injuries involve a sleepy driver—and that's independent of alcohol use.

7) Balance is off. Older folks who have trouble getting to sleep, who wake up at night, or are drowsy during the day could be 2 to 4.5 times more likely to sustain a fall, found a 2007 study in the Journal of Gerontology.

8) You may be more prone to depression. Adults who chronically operate on fumes report more mental distress, depression, and alcohol use. Adolescents suffer, too: One survey of high school students found similarly high rates of these issues. Middle schoolers, too, report more symptoms of depression and lower self-esteem.

9) Kids may suffer more behavior problems. Research from an April issue of the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine found that children who are plagued by insomnia, short duration of sleeping, or disordered breathing with obesity, for example, are more likely to have behavioral issues like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

10) Death's doorstep may be nearer. According to three large studies published in the journals Sleep and the Archives of General Psychiatry, people over age 30 who slept five hours or less per night had approximately a 15 percent greater risk of dying—regardless of the cause—over the periods studied, which ranged from six to 14 years.

I think from now on I shall take sleeping more importantly

Another picture of the sky which is so beautiful, I hope in time there will be camera phones that can capture images that are closed to what we humans perceive, this just seems different...

An event? hmmm

Look whose here? =) it's Wen Hai if he appears to small in the picture

Recording for kids is really a fun thing to do as they are so cute, this is a behind the scenes of a recording for an upcoming movie if you all are wondering about, more will be posted when it's out!

Let's hope Santa doesn't do that in this state of economy

This is just ... WEIRD


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04 December 2008

Tag Replies:

hey. I hope you're alright. sad to hear that your grandmother had pass away.
thank you I am doing better
Jimmy: arlo Leon, am srry abt wad happened these days. take care and take it easy as well.
yeah no worries, am coping well
Marc: Oh ok thanks. I know that school because my friend studied there too last time.
really? cool what is he working as now?
Leeens: OMG! how it spread so far? where did u heard it from? still have medical to get thru. wish me luck!
hehe yeah make me proud cousin and bring chocolates and gifts back for me next time hehehe *thick skin*
Jean: the dog is really cute!!..and physic is really cool and amazing..~
hehe yeah like some hilton doggie and I always loved physics, it;s just logical =)
eileen': hey!
cheer up okay?
my condolences to you and your family!!
just a phone call away.
loves <3 style="color: rgb(0, 153, 0);">thank you really appreciate it =)

Cute Car Of Post: Merc SLK!!! cool to own 1

Look at that pathetic screen, 15 inch, but I must say it served me really well, used for around 5 years and no problem!!! thanks but!

WOOO HOO!!! looky here ar my new 22 inch screen hehe finally, now I can view a huge web page in a breeze and do my MIDI music more efficiently


On a different note, I just want to talk about the more interesting things that happened during my grandma's funeral, well not trying to make it funny or anything but just lighter. Interesting thing is that my family is ... considered BIG as my grandma gave birth to 10 children and we also did a head count of all in the family which turned out to br 69 people in whole. the age gap between the oldest uncle and the youngest 1 is around 20 odd years apart. therefore the oldest son of my oldest uncle is about 34 and the youngest grand child is 9. Just look at the gap.

I was having trouble remembering how to call some of my aunties and uncles as there were just too many to remember.

During the funeral my little cousin was stung by a bee, it was pretty scary as she seemed in shock while it happened, I quickly took a plastic bag and caught the dying bee (Bees die awhile after stinging their enemy) my 4th uncle was making sure it isn't poisonous and told my cousin there is nothing to fear about THEN .... he used his finger and hit the bee to make sure it's dead and proceed to throw the bee like Jackie Chan throws his gum in his mouth!!!

Everyone was SHOCKED! and I didn't even have time to react as it happened too fast, munching it and showing it to my little cousin distracting her from the pain and making it something funny, he was really nice, and went around the area looking for more snacks, well it later on did not really shock me as he was previously a hunter and jungle survival must have thought him so. But he ate around 4 or 5 bees!

Anyway it was my 1st time having someone dear past away hence also my 1st time going to creamating area, it really seemed strange as there were numbers on top of each area seperated by patition and families were seen on their knees paying last respects to the decesed as the coffins were slowly moved into the flame ... I never know that it would be so ... organized like the booths seem to show how frequent and normal deaths are ...

I just hope nothing like this ever happen, the feeling of emptyness just sometimes outshines everything else ... but we all can never escape the fact that we all leave earth someday ... so please cherish what you have...

Thanks to Teresa of Campus superstar 1 for inviting me to view a chior concert by CHIJ Convent I really enjoyed the show and effort put into it

The primary school choir performers were so cute when they danced!

Home Alone 4 "Doggies night IN!"

Cool animation =)


Let's be open to this, am not supporting anything but just for entertainment =)

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