30 April 2007

Yeppie i am back with darling! =)

wah new hair do so style ah =) beautiful dear dear

Hello people, anyone wanna come to my brothers company's 4th year anniversay?, i will be performing but well it's just a small free and easy 1, relaxed it's on 5th of may anyway, from 1.30pm @ 15 Shaw Road. 01-02 Teo Industrial Building, Sarskil Pte Ltd =) feel free to drop in =) you are welcomed

whew it's busy busy busy days for me, gotta do work and make music and WOW i donno seem so occupied good but at the same time pressured, i really am glad everything seems to be working well for me just right i truly am ... are yours too?


Check it out!!!

12:03 AM

27 April 2007

HAHAHA YEAH FINALLY OUT!!! why didn't i blog? it's because i was confined in camp for 2 weeks straight! my god ... to do what? protect SG LAH lol anyway wah the life in camp really ... is sian ... read book, watch movie, exercise and more excercise ... sleep , eat ... and only can stay at company line ... like chalet but that you can't go anywhere .... i missed the fresh air and see the city!!! i need civilization!!! and city!!! i am missing out alot i miss my love, my car and music so much!!!!

blog soon just wanna get use to the air out here 1st haha

11:51 PM

13 April 2007

Yo ppl just some picture of the ride my bro bought for me !!! cool huh well can i say it is my ride? hmmm maybe but still it's something my brother bought me ... my brother really loves me he made dreams come true for me, i really look up to his abilities in doing business, he helped me with a bday party 2 years ago which coist 3k and now this ... i really don't know what to say but Thank you kor, i really have to catch up somehow, being in the NS really slows down the pace of everything ....

NS for me now seems alittle better, it really let me learn that being optimitic can really help in a troublesome gruling task, sometimes just smile at it and finish it ... everything will seem better =) what have u done to make ur life less tough? how did you look at things ? 1 year 2 months left, i got to buck up work hard for what has to come no matter is studies or career ... time really seem to fly now ... C&C 3 is the game i am playing now yep it is fun =)

Good news ... she is back, ... more news soon =)

11:10 PM

06 April 2007

This are plants that are breakable and could be joined back ... will we ever join back again?

Pic @ NP after performance

Packets of chinese medicine, was having diahhroea which didn't recover even after western medication but recovered after these bitter packs were placed in water and drank *-*

A pic by pro photographer @ NP thx you

These clips have been making me feel alittle easy and delighted =)

Rowan Atkinson - Guys after the Game - Waiter Sketch

Rowan Atkinson: Amazing Jesus

Rowan Atkinson: Welcome to hell

Rowan Atkinson: Pink Tights and Plenty of Props

Rowan Atkinson: No One Called Jones

Rowan Atkinson: Invisible Man

Rowan Atkinson: With Friends Like These...

Spider-Plant Man (Part 1 of 2)

Spider-Plant Man (Part 2 of 2)


2:16 AM

05 April 2007

i just wanna say that i really love her, and i still feel for her, having see her with so many guys in friendster list and chatting on msn really bothers me alot ... but i guess there is nothing i can do ... as now we are single ... i can't control her nor can she ... life has been really lonely, i really feel so bored and sad on weekends now ... sometimes when i just want someone to accompany me out for a walk .. it's just so hard to find ... i really am feeling down deep inside ...

12:53 AM

01 April 2007

this few days have not been the greatest days of my life ... it's just seems so .. lost and so aimless ... what do i do ah? where are the friends and ... why is life so ... boring ... so dead ... nothing seems to be able to move me except the music that will stir my emotions ... i still can't believe i am alone ... ... thx you Zhi Jian and friends who went out with me today and sorry about the indecisiveness .... i feel so lost so unsure of what to so ...

Pls watch this till the end it's soooo sweet =)

Are you all missing the pictures? ... i still don't have mood for pictures ... but hopefully soon maybe tml =) can't wait to sing for you all =)

2:27 AM