26 August 2007

Hello people, here to inform that me and other artist are doing the promo of this album at Junction 8, open plaza this September 2nd at 6.30pm =) hope to see you all there!!!

Next week is the week, it is here and it is now ... Atec stage 2 ... after this ... life should be in a more flexible and relaxed mood...

Yeah 26th of august!!! it's Natsu Matsuri!!! man been 3 years since i last went to this annual Summer Festival!!! ... been pretty busy this week preparing for the exercise this coming week ... can't wait till friday comes =) ...then time to come back to my music !!!

Look at them!!! so many people ... it was great fund with the crowd ... some wearing Yukata ... but this years setting made the people look scattered and in turn have lesser sense of togetherness that i love ...

There were 3 traditional japanese games there ... 1st was the gold fish catcher!!! using paper as nets to catch the fishes =) i lost my skill ... i caught 5 with 1 net the other time i was here... it has been reduced to a pathetic 1 ... guess i got to work on my patients and calmness ...

Next up!!! fishing for mini ballon balls filled with water with a pin held on a strend of tissue!!! mind you ... the balloons are floating on water!!! man these games really teach you have to be relaxed to win ...

Last but not least, this is the ball throwing game ... starts with larger hoops and larger balls ... reduces in size as you play ... nice clip of a little boy winning!!!

The prizes we won!!! 1 fish caught by each of us =) 1 balloon given by good will and 1 caught =)

As the time past we got hungry and decided to get some jap stuff back to eat!!! ahhh nice picture huh


I saw my favourite corn and bought 1 of cos ...

AHHH the performances started!!! nice nice hahaha ... dong dong dong dong!!! Yum Yum ...

The people of JMD NYP!!!

AIYA!!!! ... darn ... got to get 1 more ...

JMD's performance =) where i came from too =)

Well it was really great! great fun ... but i hope the variety comes back hope to go next year too!!! =) yeah yeah yeah.. yeah yeah yeah


linsy: is fidelis chubby?

Well she isn't too me .. hahah

Gwennie: ur gf looks so mature. =) hw old is she

Well she is 17 this year ... unbelievable huh?

xue ting: leon, see u dis sat. sorry tat day at st james there unable to turn up.

No worries gal ... understand =) come next time yeah?

catherine: LEON!! droping by to say i miss ya singing! haha. takecares lots! ^^

thx you thx you too =)

Yvonne: I bought e ARC cd... Happy... E song VERI VERI nice!!!

Glad you enjoyed it ... hope to write better 1s =)

cherie: hereeee to tagg again LOL.. missss ya too haha takkairex stay happieee! = )))

thx you .. pls stay happy too!!!

michelle: hi leon, i happen to find your blog. haha. anw i'm michelle who helped photographed for arc album (:

oh hey Michelle, how r you? thx for dropping by =)

8:47 AM

15 August 2007

hello all would like to tell you all that i will be promoting ARC album with Jing Ying this saturday at DXO it is going to be 9.15 till 9.30 and 10.30 till 10.45 timings to be reconfirmed asap =)

for all supporters who wants to purchase the ARC album currently it's only on sale at VA Address: 72 Circular Road#02-01 S(049426) Tel : +65 6538 7881

pls call if you are going down to purchase, we are currently planning with HMV to have it on sale there =)

9:44 PM

12 August 2007

ARC CD Release on 11th August, was really a touching say to see so many people coming down for our event ... i truly thank all who still supported me ... they didn't have obligation to do so ... but they had confident in me and they came =) i hope that this is only a small begainning of what is to come of my music =) well i really appreciate the fact that my supporters are giving me all these chocolates ... but really i am too heaty my nose will bleed haha and i am also thankful that they even sent a carton of herbal tea to my house ... yes ...how do they get my address? haha but well i didn't go out to receive as i feel that the home should be a place of privacy and freedom... thank you but sorry if you felt i didn't care ... but it's not true ...

For now i can only hope i can do more write more and hope you all love it =)

1:00 AM

11 August 2007

Ahhh haha ... Steamboat nice nice!!!

Today is such a wonderful day ... well actually i have to apologise because i let her wait for me for half a day before fetching fidelis from home ... well i was with Terence in the morning looking at car mods for our cars ... haha and i spent $26 bucks on side indicators lol hehe my next aim is a 16 inch sports rims that cost around 650 after trading in my set =) YEPPIX!!!
Well anyway the actual plan was to be at AMK Hub to watch a movie then head home but ... my little naughty gal said she wants to purchase some eyelashes ... yep i was lazy and complained that the set of fake lashes probably cost less then the amt of fuel i spend on the trip there ehehe but how can i say no to my little angel lol


2 eyes + 2 quill eggs in mouth = Cute =)

Today i saw so many friends hahaha i saw 4 army friends at bugis street, 2 secondary school and Wei Jian when i am eating ... well we went to AMK Hub in the end ... and we bought groceries ... being an ECO friendly guy i purcased bags sold at NTUC and carried items out instead of using plastic bags which harms the earth =)



2:06 AM

10 August 2007

An abbration i got from a road march carrying the infamous 84 ...

disgusting isn't it? ... recently there has been alot of road marches gearing us up for the test ... =) well and also we haven't been sleeping well at nights usually staying up for the whole time marching or doing exercise ... really i hope this month passes fast yet fruitful and safe ... pls pls =)

What is downloading music? it's just a few mb of data ... but what if on the other end ... this is how people survive? ... i am not trying to be too exaggerate here just stating what problem this world is facing ... downloading has become a habit and people don't seem to understand that it is a form of stealing ... why am i talking about this is because i am worried about it... disappointed by the fact that my friend even ask if i could send him the song in the ARC album ... have he even give a thought of how much musicians put into making music? the amount of time making a song can be days of thinking, days or arrangement hours of focus recording and all you need are just minutes to download what people use to sustain themselves? ... trust me ... this is why i feel that humans will kill themselves faster then global warming can ...

until this point here i have to say i am not saying this because of my only song in the ARC album ... but the fact that just creating this 1 song and knowing how things work behind the scenes really make my heart ache for all artist ... or musicians ... i guess maybe there are other ways of performing ... i hope everyone around me can start learning how to appreciate music the right way...

1:56 AM

04 August 2007

Pls note the address updates on performance on 12th august =)

blog soon ...

Hello people, just want to inform you all that the release of ARC Album at St.James has no age limit as alcoholic drinks are not served =)

been busy ... able to meet up with some CSS2 contestants and glad that i have a go at back stage stuff =) ... i will blog soon ... to busy le!

9:10 AM