30 June 2010

I have taken another approach at blogging, I guess replying to tags isn't everything ans since blogging is something personal I guess I don't wanna give myself timings or blog posts I have to do per week kinda stuff ...

Well I am kinda M.I.A ... recently I have been caught deeply with my brother in "WORLD CUP 2010"

earning darker eye rings then ever praying for some teams to win, well I guess you won't believe if I said I don't gamble ... but I am caught up because my brother is gambling!!! hahaha

Come on tell me, who you think will win the World Cup??? personally I think GERMANY!!! tell me who you root for?!

Yep! I went for a blood donation drive! Do you know, every pint of blood that we donate helps 3 person? I think it is so much nicer then donating money! at least you never have to worry if your donations ever reach the needy =)

I was even there to sing a few songs for them as a form or appreciation and encouragement for donating their blood =) Macy's husband 'Kenneth' The supposedly "Yakult" straw sized hole my gal is so terrified of even listening to my blood donation experiences =D
Well it wasn't bad at all, I feel happy knowing I have helped =)

apart from the happy faces on my bandage, I was having a smile in my heart knowing my heart will save lives =D

Been sometime since I have posted photos of the beautiful sky =)

Went to watch Toy Story 3 with her the other day, I must say I am excited, because I watched both part 1 and 2 since it was released back in 1995 *Damn, I was 9 then ...*

to watch toy story grow as well is just so touching? or shall I say meaningful ...

I can't believe how touched I was at the last few minutes of the show ... like ... going to tear like that hahahaha over animated stuff leh, but I give it a 4.5/5 STARS!

Got this gift from a friend 2 years ago during my birthday, finally have time to build it

HA! High Grade Gundams are not much of a challenge to me, outlined and built it in 4 hours =)

I sold away a monster truck that was laying around as I had another 1 and I used the money to purchase this beautiful Perfect Grade Gundam!!! WOOO!!!! gonna have a blast building it =D

She baked me cheese cakes!!!

They were so delicious!!!! YUM YUM!!!

I will be going to Thailand for a wedding gig, and will be there for a bit of holiday hehe YEH!!! excited!!!!

Slow motion yummy muffins!


Chicken, Head Balancing

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04 June 2010

I seem to understand why spending quality time with your family is important ... it's usually viewings I have to attend to, and often late nights after ...

I am glad that my family and love is supportive of what I am working on now ... although I know that my path isn't a bad one, it's just that kind of support that is given without asking that you sometimes really need and I truly appreciate all of them ...

Pink! dolphin! so beautiful ... but imagine it's a male and labeled "beautiful"

I have been so busy that I feel as if I am not the Leon I used to be ... it may be for the good and maybe bad? haha

Anyway I am aiming recently, to have a change of car ... not that I am earning big bucks but I think it is good to have a goal or dream to work towards hehe be my judge, help me see which SUV below you think suits me?


No. 2

No. 3

I think seriously humans are one of the most difficult things to deal with in life, because we all have thoughts and are not as simplistic as animals where instinct probably will come in 1st ... I guess anyone who have been in the sales line has met strange people and some who are just .... not what you expect to be

She went to take her diving cert this weekend and she still made me some muffins ...

YumYum Ichiban Sushi's Katsu don is worth the $$$$

Need to meet up with the Superstars soon, miss them so much ... =)

Stranger? ...

Drive me to work like this!

Friendly to earth! but next time you get knocked down ... don't blame environmentalist!

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