15 July 2010

Late for my blogging and late for my cover song this month, hence already recorded it, but needs some minor tweaking before I share it with all of you!

Just came back from Re-service ... yeah need to go for human servicing for 2 weeks and I must say I missed out on TIME!!! the only thing we live on to live WELL!!! so people join me as we work hard to catch up on time instead of letting it catch up with us!!!

She's 20!!! yep i know that was July 5th 2010 and I am like late for coming a month but!!!! hey at least I put in the effort and heart to write and share about my life with all you people readin' out there!!!

Yeh!!! where are we going on her big day!?


We got these complimentary coupons which are USUALLY USELESS ... BUT!!! in this case it's different!!! it's really useful and I felt happy they didn't give cheapo $2 ones

Had a quick bite as we didn't have breakfast that day!!! and guess what!? the food there is surprisingly affordable, I mean you would usually expect like sandwiches to cost $10 bucks and above but this is great value for $$$!

Marilynn Monroe!!! did i spell it right? hmmmm

YEP! I am a better specimen!!! hahahaha!

Beetle Juice!!!

My favourite!!! the LOST WORLD!!! RRRRAHHH!!! T-REX!!!

"Leon the Construction worker" Fidelis's dream job for me ...

It's strongly advisable to get priority tickets if you are heading there near weekends or public holidays ... don't have to wait over an hour just to take a 2min ride .... but it's really fun!!!

Can't wait for the transformers ride to come out!!! and whole theme park to be complete!!!

Before eating my super large chocolate bar ... I must say my schedule is like PACKED with things I wanna do and here are a few I can think of as of now!!!

- My Album Production due end of the year!!!
- Build My Gundam!!! hahahaha
- Practice my singing/guitar skills!!!
- Tie up with my clients on my music production!!!
- Serve Property Clients
- Spend time with my love ones!!!
- Buy a tablet!!! HP Slate!!!

Well with that I sign off!!! it's a late night!!! I have to update my casting profile at Mediacorp later!!! hopefully you all can see me back on TV soon!!!!

Ping Pong THIS!!!

ha! can you see the hidden cuts in this MTV!?

Some Ninja HANDS!!!

4:36 PM