28 September 2009

Hello to all my readers and friends, I would like to share some videos taken on my showcase,

I want to thank my friends for sticking by as well as my friends Lin Juan, Kewei, Kexin, Edmund, Sugi, my band of musicians Amos, Aloysius & Dennis.

Thanks to my friends who encouraged me through this 4 days of chaos ... also thanks for the people who turned up to support, I really appreciate and enjoyed sharing my music.

now here are some videos of my performance, hope you enjoy and please comment thank you

Give Me My Life - Original by Me! =D

Live High

So Close So Far

Poker Face - Kexin on vocals

Orange Moon


Bitter Heart



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22 September 2009

Hello friends and readers, I am proud to present!!!!

Leon and Friends - Debut Showcase!

Leon Lim, 林昱志, is a familiar face in the music industry with his debut stint in Channel U's Project Superstar in 2005.

He was one of the top 12 finalists and ever since then, he has acted in a couple of Channel 8 dramas, and lent his vocals for the Star Seach 2007 Theme Song and Musical. In 2008, he was also roped in for Channel U's SPOP, a nationwide song-writing competition, to sing one of the finalist’s composition"男人香水". Always keen to improve and learn, Leon is also currently performing for events and has also written a theme song for an upcoming local movie.

Throughout his music career, Leon’s enthusiasm has endeared him to many friends who share the same passion as he does in singing and composing.

Come join Leon and his friends in an intimate night of reminiscing, as he shares his love for music through his favourite tunes and self-penned compositions.

Catch it all @

Date: 26 September Saturday
Time: 8pm - 9pm
Venue: Singapore Art Museum, Auditorium, Level 2
Ticket Price: $10.00

Call us @ 6226 7479 or email info@echomusic.com.sg to purchase tickets now!


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19 September 2009

Well yes it's what Singapore is currently discussing about "Miss World Singapore", it's not like I really speak good English but I just wanna share my view on this on going ... debate ..

Personally I'm proud that Singapore has chosen English to be our main language, I mean seriously there are still countries which I do not want to name that don't focus on English speaking and it is the international language of the world.

I just feel that by representing Singapore our "Miss World Singapore" should really have good grasp of English as it is also one of the things Singapore should be proud of being in this multi-cultured society, well I just hope that 'Miss Ris' is strong enough to endure all this debates revolving her and prove Singapore wrong, I know how tough it is facing the media and people head on.


I am waiting for a lot of photos to be sent to me as I wanted to blog about a fine dining experience and also my 2nd RC race!!!

Meanwhile I will continue to share some interesting 'you tube' videos !!!


Vocal Range? he has more then a piano

Einstein the Parrot is SO intelligent!

Ladies this is for you!!!!

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13 September 2009

1st of all I would like to take this chance to thank everyone who had well wishes for me on my birthday, there are so many photos I have yet to post as I have not received them =D Anyway since it's my birthday month, I will be recording 2 cover songs an English and a mandarin one =)

Poker Face - Daughtry Version (Cover by Leon Lim)

Angel - cover by Leon Lim

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06 September 2009

It started out as a normal dinner ... the 5 of us all having fish and chips ... then came the 2 piece band performing some songs ... I continued eating and we all finished even before the band started, so we were just chatting ...




"We have a request ... can I invite 'Leon Lai' on stage!? "

as it shocked me ... I know that it's not my name as mine is 'Leon Lim' but the waiter was asking me up on stage...

I never got in a way sabotaged before, because I was thinking it's just a casual early birthday dinner with my friends ....

They requested I sing 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz ... my thoughts were quite stable yet still recovering from the shock of being asked up stage hahaha ... I thought to myself ok haha cool that should be all the surprise 'whew' then I came back to the seat.

Video of the song performed =)

Just when I thought when things are settling ...

"Leon, we're not done yet, you have to stand on the chair!"

Eh... here?!

Asking the people seated behind if they mind lookin at my butt hahahhaa

This is an ugly picture of me, but I just wanted to show the love people can share ... the people seated behind, even though they don't know me personally, stopped eating and sang along for me ... people in the restaurant as well ... I was really shy but happy about it ... I just feel so happy for the moment of love and care they showed me ...

Thank you all!!! let's spread love and care with everyone as well =)

I was asked to blow out the candle while I was still standing straight. hehehe little did they know, I had confidence. I need to thank my vocal teacher "Wu Jia Ming" for teaching me the importance in breathing in singing that helped me blow out the candles in 1 breath
(yeah! sorry if I sounded boastful)

I was then allowed down to take a closer look at the very cute cake they custom designed for me =)

Cute yeah? the black stick man is me! holding on to a microphone!

And there was more!!! gifts from my friends !

A picture with Justin, who was also a huge supporter during Project Superstar 2005 (my batch) thanks for helping me refil my cup so many times, I love water =)

Now to unveil what's in that famous box! haha


As a cookie lover I was drooling!!!!

Couldn't wait to taste it =D

The Heroines of the night!!!

(Pei Xuan, Hui Bing, Xue Yin & Germaine)

Thank you all for giving me such a memorable evening!!! it's something even money can't buy =D

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05 September 2009

Tag Replies:

Jean: Yeah! see ya soon! and congrats for completing the course!=D.. and the wonder baby video is cute, watched it before already!=DD...so PowerFul~
Thanks hehe yeah the wonder baby is SCARY!!!


Lynn: Hi, can I know which part of Taiwan is the freak house located? TIA. :)
Hi Lynn, the freak house is at Dan Shui =)


Hello everyone, I will be having a bit of a rest for this week as it is my birthday week! turning 23 coming Friday, September 11!!! Oh no! getting older already, I ought to find a job real quick!!!

Meanwhile shall record songs at this new place to see how it works out too!!!

Have a GREAT week ahead and my wishes for everyone to always stay contented and full of love =D

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