28 April 2010

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Hello FM: i Leon, your song is in our playlist and one of our page is introducing your song too. Check it out when you are free. :)

Jimmy: ok lor.. u nvr come visit.. LOLOL

Passedby: Hello :) , your singing is good eh :) , continue ! keep the faith , haha

ein: haha!! i'm here to listen OH YEAH!!! WAH I wan to learn the guitar too!!!! hehehe! nice job! jiayou jiayou

Well Hello!!!! it's long since I have blogged and let's be frank I ain't gonna be some famous blogger nor am I someone who actually just spills all my emotions ... well sometimes haha but most of the time I rather be singing and hoping people listen to music.

I believe that there is some kind of unbelievable force or shell I say attraction to music in itself, and I personally feel that it is something created since ancient years to portray emotions and of cos for enjoyment.

Anyways I hope that you are enjoying last months cover song of OH YEAH! by Crowd Lu Next months cover song is recorded and I will post it on the 11th of course!

Let me know if there are any songs you want to listen to me sing as I would gladly learn and perform it as it helps me learn more songs as well, do remind me if I ever forget about it too! thanks!

Was at a wedding even a few weeks ago when I received this request from a member in the audience .... I was singing while I got the request and I couldn't help but smiled so widely suddenly because I understand that the member was actually trying to request "Unchain Melody"

Wheee!!! my car is 3 years old already and it doesn't seem that long, so much happened and so many changes since ... it's time to bring my car for an inspection!!!

But due to the nature of my exhaust pipe *Cough .. illegal* hence I had to replace it with the original 1 and have it sold to solve my future inspecting problems once and for ALL!!! hehe =D

Flyers hehe 60,000 pieces of them for marketing purposes in my business, I do understand that many will feel that it is like spam mail when you receive it, but you'll never know one day when you want to earn some money from selling of your property we will be there!!! hehe

Look for ME! Leon! @ 98532340 =)

Was sometime since she cooked for me ... she is really a fabulous cook! always able to whip out nice dishes even if she is cooking it on her 1st try ...

Feel like quoting a phrase to describe the feeling inside me while I enjoy this curry katsu don

"It's that warmth you can't buy that love can give" - Leon Lim

=) thank you bb for this nice cheese cake cookie as well!!! YUM YUM!

Weekends with my family and friends!!!

- Sweet & Sour Prawns
- Curry Chicken
- Lor Bah
- Scallop

My brother invited his friends over for dinner and also a session of bingo!

Leon ... trying to be artistic

She bought me a notebook for details and scheduling of my work!

Hehe looks great with my pen!

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06 April 2010

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Fidelis: LOL WHAT CAN'T BELIEVE MY LUCK! I'm just good at monopoly. muahaha.
hehe we'll see the next match when I earn all ur properties!


Jimmy: YO BRO.. HO SEH BO~? lolol when go out for lunch ar?
very busy leh with property and also music production hehe how about u? ho seh bo?


Huibing.: Hahah you really look diff now and then!!
really? I don't think so leh as in not so much


may: i think you should work harder, don't play too hard. I love Yan Hua, I love you too!
Yes jie jie =D


faith: heya was just randomly blog surfing and came across your music... i love your duet with Fidelis, you guys sound so sweet together! Wishing you all the best as a singer!!! oops i meant duetS*. You two should srsly record more songs together; not to say that your solo songs aren't great too! i really liked yan hua... personally i think i prefer your singing in chinese :)
Thank you Faith, thanks for the feedback, we are currently recording a song but it doesn't seem as nice hence we will record another before we upload it =D


HoHo: Oh YEAh is GOOD. haha.

joycelyn: i dunno what to say. your sings are so nice. nice voice u have Leon.always looking forward when u post ur blog. take care.
Thank you Joycelyn, come back often yeah =D

Sorta lost the momentum in blogging recently, I guess I have aged out of it? or maybe I am just talking lesser nowadays, I feel as if I was born to reach a certain goal else my life would be nothing more then a waste of time ...

I have been on the ball with property and I hope it works!
So do support me yeah? if you are looking for a place to stay be it rental, buying or even sales of your unit don't hesitate but mail me yeah? =D I would be more then happy to help you look for your next home!

Was at Orchard Central last week for the launch of a Garmin phone, went for a walk around the centre as it was pretty new!

Was super hungry hence got lunch at Quiznos Sub , it's not bad, I think it's a posher looking brand of Subway =D

I saw a banner on the way as we strolled and got to know that there's an indoor climbing facility in Orchard Central itself! and it's the tallest build indoor!!! Borderx! I wanna go scale that thing someday SOON!!! AHHH CAN'T WAIT!

Was busy working with my brother and another partner the whole of last week ... busy with marketing of my business in property ... was really tired mentally and luckily Fidelis came over for me and had dinner with me even when it's her off day ... thank you bb =)

I really miss my schools, my Primary School 'Serangoon Garden Primary School' as well as 'Naval Base Secondary' both were torn down but NBSS was rebuilt in the same place but with little or no teachers teaching there that I will know of .... it's been 7 years ... man it's a long long time .... I am getting older and older ...

Saw this in Guiness World Record book, where people have videos stored and played on a LCD in front of their tombstones about themselves and also able to listen to about the deceased, I want to have that when I pass away next time too! haha well I want to be remembered and have my songs played too! =D


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