23 September 2007


This post contains information boring to female gender and thinkings of a car geek ...

Mitsubishi FTO

This was the car of my dreams, till now it still makes me love it ... it's last production was at 1998 so it is coming to be a 10 years but it's shape and sexiness never fail to capture ... yes i did ask my dad to buy me that in the 1st place but was rejected ... haiz ...

Nissan Skyline GTR R34

Then comes the car most of car enthusiast love it's like a must love, this car came around 2002 and i must say it has been a dream car to drive ... but after knowing and owing a car ... well i think the fuel consumption on this will bankrupt me ... haha Twin Turbo ... VERY FAST =)

Fiat 500

Cute car ain't it? well ... this is what i feel has the style and i think it;s not going to be very expensive, well how often do you get to customise your car like that ... ? well this is my customization from Fiat's webby ...

This is Fidelis's Customization ... spot the difference? ... this really is a cute and cool car!!!

Fiat Bravo

Currently this is what i am aiming for =), the 1st car i would like to actually owe and pay for it myself ... hopefully within 4 years that can happen ... well really this car is classy and seriously beautiful ... 150hp turbo charged ... man i can really imagine driving 1 now ... !!!

Spending quite some monry recently ... ahhh wanna stay at home more le ... wanna save up ... just upgraded my pc to a 3Ghz dual core ... AHAHAHA no more that celeron ... man even opening a mp3 file is ... tough lol ... haha usually it's this period of the time where events get lesser ... or should i say because of my dropping apprearance on screen ... really hope i have chances to appear more =)

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22 September 2007

1st i would like to say a big thank you to Yi Wen, Casey, Yan Shan and Hui Yu for taking time out to celebrate my birthday for me also buying the cake and the cool belt, really sorry for bringing you all to the Delifrance with a bad service and Deli'FRANCE' that doesn't serve pasta =) haha and let's hope that the people at metro already left the piano at the toy shop that they never stop playing ... also that Hui Yu will still have as much hair at 80 after eating that Potato Gratin with a strain of ... pubic hair look-a-like hahaha

Also not forgetting kejing, ruiling, grace for the nice Accessory =)


Yep gotta talk about the things i do ... and the things that distracts me from doing music!!!

1. You Tube .. it's power to amaze me with magic videos as well as Top Gear reviews and also Naruto Anime!!! AHHH!!! keeps me on it for hours ...

2. Suzuki Forum ... just can't stop looking for good offers to make my car look nicer and also more powerful hehe

3. Driving ... yep recently i learn the art of driving with minimal fuel consumption ... basically soft peddle stepping lol ... yeah i love crusing in my cute car =)

4. Hp ... well needless to say ... it's what i need to communicate

5. PSP/DS recently was able to get my bro to borrow his precious PSP so i could play some games man ... long time since i played it ...

6. Online Shopping ... ha yeah i am a shopping ... queen too!!! lol ... King i mean =)

Yeah these stuff seems little but they take up loads of my time hehe anyway i am planning what to do after my ORD although my ORD date is 08 July 2008 i am going back to complete where i didn't ... back to school to get my cert =) yep i will be doing a music based course hehe well at a poly that holds number of previous singers =) but i am not confirm but sorta ... 80% going there =) yeah i wanna study!!!

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12 September 2007

Thx for baking a cake for me sweetie it's so nice and tasty!!!! =)

Well ... without knowing without thinking or noticing ... there isn't some god or a living voice telling me over me to tell me ... "Hey your're 21 already =)" or "Your Level has increased to 21 haha", i am so happy, really very ... just as you thought that you were being lost in transition .... well you are being scooped back to earth by your friends and love ones ... they are just so sweet ... i thought for a while that i wasn't on earth but somewhere alone .... i have this very bad 'work alone' mentallity ... i know it ... but it's just hard for me to hmmm socialize alot ... i just feel speechless and often enjoy being around with my friends ... maybe i don't speak much as i am living for the moment hahah YEP! Anyway hmmm have to say a BIG THANK YOU FOR ALL WHO SMSED ME AND WISHED ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! From the Bottom of my heart =)

It came from the sky like a comet falling ... Marcotron and Optimus Alvin finally allied together and said they would stay to give me better vision for my car ... hahah thx you Marc and Alvin for the very sweet Angel Eye HeadLamps =)

Thx you Pei Xian xue mei & Samuel xue di for this wonderful belt =)

Thx you Yani Yi, Brandon & Jing Hui for giving me this nice t-shirt, Luo Zhi Xiang bought 1 when he was there too hahaha =)

Thx you Lao Shi Wu Jia Ming & Agnes Shi Mu for giving me this 40th Anniversary SHURE Mic =) i will work hard for you all and myself =)

Thx you Hui Bing for spending time making this for me =) I truly hope i can do more music, have more time to concentrate ... =)

There were others too but didn't manage to take pictures of them hehe will do it when i have time k?

Along with my birthday celebration was the third anniversary ... =) with her at Dozo ... I recommend all couples or anyone who wants to experience high class dinning at arount 60bucks to go there. ... it's truly worth the price ... it's a 7 course dinner so you won't have to worry about not being filled .... YES i am helping them advertise because it's GOOD!!! and my standards are high ... =) It's at Valley Mall 2nd floor =) pls go there for any couple celebrations it's just sooo nice and great!!!

Look at the nice design =)

Thx Chris from Dozo that i have that little special arrangement =)

A toast for infinity and beyond !!! (hmmm ain't that familiar?)

0.0 Ni Kan Wo Wo Kan Ni 0.0

Look at what she bought me for my birthday!? What an expensive watch!!! AWWW ur so sweet thx you =)

Can someone tell me what are the chances of finding a guy online to help me mod my psp... going to his house to find out it's actually my primary school friends house? how muach possibility is that? cos it just happened ... i was browing through a singare forum selling stuff hoping to find a good deal on a 2nd hand psp when i saw this ad about modding so i decided to take my bro's psp to mod ... then i went over for the mod to find out it's Sim Chuan's Bro (primary sch friend) lol ahahaha

A pic of the ARC Artist performing at Hereen =)

Some pics of the Guitar performance=)
another picture of the guitar performance
Here i post this challenge to all ... look at this picture ... it's a cherry stalk tied with a knot ... here's the catch ... i used my touge and teeth to tie that ... can you do it?

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03 September 2007

Singing Beautiful Ones at DXO

Hello people want to inform you all about the promotion of ARC Album at Hereen Center Stage

8 September
1st Session – 4.00 to 4.30
Serafina & Lilian (let me be)
Doreen (that song)
Carin & RuiShan (yi ge ren)

2nd Session – 5.30 to 6.00(unplugged session)
Carin & RuiShan
Jing Hui
Combine Performance

3rd Session – 7.00 yo 7.30
Adin & Nicholas
Carin & RuiShan
Jing Hui

Brandon, Yan Yi, Ms Oslen (SG MP), Jing Hui, Me,Adin & Nick

9 September
1st Session – 4.00 to 4.30
Adin & Nicholas
Jing Hui

2nd Session – 5.30 to 6.00
Leon /unplugged performance

3rd Session – 7.00 to 7.30

Hope to see you all there to support!!! CHEERS!!!

ATEC Process:

Day 1:

Landed at our designated area of ops.... we moved in battalion level, at about 400+ people towards our objective location... at 17km away full load throughout the night from 10pm all the way to 6am ... that night was different, we wore a special equipment set on our body. It can register any injuries or death so as to make our exercise real ... the dead were to stay down and not talk and move ... others were treated with real bandages and also real IV drip as practice ... many died when artillery stroke upon us ... but left with what we had we pushed on the objective and cleared the enemies ... i survived the fight but was half dead due to fatigue ....

Bravo HQ!!!

Day 2:

I was lucky to stay back at our camp site to protect it from enemies instead of follow the platoon walking 6km to clear another objective and 6km back ... wah imagine 29km within 24hrs it's just wicked ... anyway for us back at 1st objective camp we encountered tanks ... and fought it off destroying it at around 4am ... man it's tiring not having much sleep but i gotta give it to my BOSS the company 2IC still being so awake ... the day ended for me after they returned ... finally i can have some sleep ...

The Essentials ... Runners of the comany ... Left to right, Zhi Qiang Plt 4, Silas OC, Shah Plt6, Kumar Plt5 and Me 2IC Runner

Day 3:

ASO (Area Security Ops) last day ... for me was more relaxing as only tedious part is for me to lay lines from the room about 20 to 30m to HQ and another to guard post ... usually i have to lay manually at least 300metres and hand reel back after the exercise, it's very tedious as you'll have to half bend and roll it back the drum ... ASO ended as fast as it started ... and before i know it ... i heard the examiner said "Sir ah ... ENDEX" AHHHHHH!!!! everyone shouted and also in celebration.... we gathered for the CO talk and was offered Tiger Beer ... of cos i didn't drink as i don't and can't hahaha

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