31 October 2009

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Jean: both phones are nice, i vote for the n900, cause gt the keyboard..LOL..anyway been watching Jinnai Tonomonor videos too, damn funnyyy!!...anyway ur next event SUPER early ohhh!hahas=D
hmmmm but I have set my mind on the HTC HD2 le hahaha thanks for your vote though haha, well yeah Jinnai Tonomonor is so out of the box ahaha his creativeness is UP there!


Peixuan: Way to go man! Join twiiter!! :) Oh no, cant go for the event, I will be at EXPO for church on that morning. :(
hehe yep probably I will be more active in short blogging then, it seems easier anyway hahah, I think soon we can view people by their cellphones, track where anyone goes hahaha scary lo haha


tybabe: wow ... the Nokia N900 phone is actually convenient..phone which has many very attractive features..!!
Yep yep ... it's a tough choice haha


DEON: HTC HD2, obviously. IT'S THE NEW IT PHONE! function wise, definitely better than N900. and it look so much prettier than N900. so why are you still in a dilemma? hahaha!
Woo hoo!!! way to go Deon, guo ran shi tai tai hahahhahaha!


Patrick: I thought you were great at a RP event.Sorry that you couldnt get the appropriate airtime for your own songs.Will u in mind for future music engagements.
Thanks a lot Patrick, no worries, do tell me if you need my services again, nice working with you!


reader: i know it is very difficult to explain. i went there but couldnt find it. if you still remember the name of the sign board. it will be of great help. thank you.
Hmmmm really sorry let, I am not sure with it, I only know that beside it is an area which seems like a mini performance place...


David-SAE: yo leon! nice cover bro, just had the time to heard it, thanks man, it brings back memories,hahah i'll contact you whenever i'm in singapore, ayt!
Yeah man, it's for you yeah, thanks for introducing me such wonderful songs when you were here, I love Officially Missing You too, trying to get the hang and do the cover soon haha


kelico: hello ! from london , been listening to your songs on your blog everyday!! really good voice !!! well done : ) ! keep it up !
Hi Kelico, thank you so much, means so much to have you comment on my voice all the way from London, =) if someday I ever visit London, probably will inform you then maybe you can bring me around yeah Kelico? do add me on facebook for updates on my cover songs =) @ brahmabull113@hotmail.com


Attended Wendy's Wedding last week, she was so beautiful and her wedding was so different from others as she had dancers and she herself danced =) so happy for her

Superstars & the beautiful bride =)

Superstars doing the trade mark, red bean paste on teeth photo!!! ahhaha yes we're still having fun like old times

Head over to a club after for some chill and also to chat =)

WEEEE!!!! Banana Muffins!!! love it sooo much!!! they taste so NICE!!!

Look at it AHHHH so nice!!!! thanks to her ... =)

Long time since I seen Ling Ling Jie, but it sure is nice to work for her again, she asked why I didn't use the guitar for my performance last time, well I told her because I picked it up actively recently and also wanting progress in life I think it's what I should do.

She commented that I look better with short hair too! =D

Thank you Ling Ling Jie!

Ladies, please pay attention to what lurks under .... your arms

Pilobolus - The Transformation

For those who didn't watch 'UP' this is a little sweet story shown before the actual movie

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23 October 2009

Well haven't been having the mood to blog recently or should I say I haven't been going out, and I guess I will be moving to twitter when I get my next phone =D

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Jane: U finish ur sch le? Jiayou for looking jobs out there.
Yeah looking for job now hehe also still performing =D


tybabe: oh ...wow ...your sister in Australia? suprise :) ..hihi .Now I'm in VietNam I really remember singapore and i want come to singapore ,Hope the summer i can come to singapore again =
Yeah my sis resides in Aust, Singapore well it's a fast paced city =D


passerby: you have a super nice voice. i love quando quando
Thank you!


huiting: haha wow. great bday surprises!! though it's early celebrations. HAPPY BDAY Buddy =) can see that yr happy!
yeah I was really happy =) thanks to my friends


Marc: Haha Leon, saw yr cameo role in Perfect Cut 2, the one where Sin Huey secretly admired u, so funny!
haha yeah, so strange to have an old friend act as a secret admirer


guest: wow, nice cover.. feel so good after listening to that. keep it up. =p Anw, can i know where you got the light brown pants that you were wearing from? quite nice..
Thank you, and I shop on g market hehe


carrie: hey leon, could you please tell me where i can watch invisible children now? i have been overseas for a couple of years so was unable to catch it in SG. thanks much and happy birthday.
Hi Carrie, you can watch invisible children on my facebook videos page, WATCH IT BEFORE IT GETS DELETED!!!


Suri: really luv ur voice alot :)...a late Happy Birthday from me :) ... and my birthday is coming in just 2 days too :D. How I wish to be sang for on my biirthday :P. gonna visit ur blog on that day then
awww thank you, thats sweet of you


joycelyn: love the two latest songs especially angel song
Thank you Joycelyn


Ive: nice song!! =D loves listening to the song you sing..
Thank you from the bottom of my heart =)


Jean: the machine is so cool~!..and i saw the video on the ms singapore too..had a great laugh though=X... but she is very confident of herself, tats what i think..hehex=D
Yeah hahaha you ladies will be queuing up in front of that machine then haha


DEON: man. that shiseido real-time make-up simulator is god-damn awesome! they should have one in singapore! mad cool please! hahaha!
I think an extra photo taking feature would be good too haha


yanshan-: woah.. im super late reading ur post.. but I LOVE YOUR POKER FACE VERSION! haha! =D
hehe yeah po po po poker face po po poker face


Peixuan: Hey Leon! The Videos were nice! Sorry I couldn't turn up, got church on that day. Btw, Where did you find the guitar chords from? Ultimate-guitar.com?
yeah the tabs are from ultimate guitar, but be sure to test it out before using, some are not right =D


kexin: leon! ur mad world is really nice.. i like the way u sang it (:
Thanks! hehe how is Kiss from a rose?


tybabe: wow ...your video "Give me my life" very cute ..:X
oh thanks haha don't get that often haha


Jean: u had an event today!!! argh, missed it..was oversea!!looking forward to the next one!=DD..jiayoouu..
Yeah I have another event, be there yeah!?


Alex: Your version of mad world is abit too monotonous, same tune over and over again. But good cover still:D 4
well I personally feel the song should be more of a sad feel not much changes, just slightly, I just think it should be expressed in a humble manner


tiff: u cld try "prettiest friend" by jason mraz :)
thanks tiff, I will see when I can do that =D


pennee: lolx, sweet boy :)
eh ... why sweet ah can I ask?


I will be having a VERY early event this 25th October 2009
It's an event for North West CDC at Republic Polytechnic
9 Woodlands Avenue 9

So see ya there early birds hehe my earliest event ever!!!

It's going to be a December soon! and my mobile plan is finally expiring, hehe I am going to boycott my provider to give me vouchers else I will make the jump kekeke, well I guess I really need those vouchers because I am looking at these 2 phones

Nokia N900

This Nokia phone is like a portable computer, has different desktops that you can customize, 600Mhz processor and virtual ram that can boost up to 1Gb of RAM!!! ...

ok I know I am sorta love mobile technology stuff, but what I like about this phone is that
+Flash enabled (some fb games haha)
+Minimize (have serveral programs running at the same time)
+Keyboard (Gets handy in typing I guess)
+Full website browsing, ahhh yes ... no more mobile web ... I can even blog on the go I guess hahaha
+32GB (Never a need for memory card)

Now for the minus points
-A FAT PHONE (looks like a tumor in your pocket)
-600Mhz Processor is what iPhone is running, yes it's smooth but why not go faster? Nokia you're not trying hard enough...
-Capacitive screen = no multi-touch (feels like some axs stations hahah)

Well personally I think due to the size of this thing(want a slimmer phone, using N82 now 'brick'), I'd probably go for another, but because of it's net working capabilities I might consider ...


HTC has came a long way, since the Touch and Diamond, I really love the fact that they were focus in their designs it doesn't really look like what a teenager would carry but more of a businessmen phone with loads of features and stock exchange viewer.

When this phone is released, I think it will be the fastest phone available in Singapore, YES faster then iPhones if you all are giving that skeptical squint, well iphones are generally nice friendly phones but well I am more of a windows person so I guess HTC's HD2 which runs on windows 6.5 will be cool.... now let's see the plus

+1Gb processing power (Nokia n900/iphone - 600Mhz)
+4.3inch screen (did someone say portable cinema?)
+Flash Enabled
+Full Web pages HA!
+Resistive touch screen (Multi-Touch!!!! AHHH!!!)
+Windows Mobile (Edit your microsoft words or excel sheets on the go wooo!)

Now for the minus points

-No Keyboard
-Battery (with such big screen, wonder how long it'll live)
-No front camera (3G video call disabled haha)

I am attracted to this phone because of it's speed, next time when I perform, I really do not want to waste anymore paper, I hope to use this to view the lyrics then =D hence i think I will be getting this phone...

What do you think? after watching the videos, which should I get?

Jinnai Tomonori - Conversation with John (This guy is so creative)

Jinnai Tonomonori - Studying English (How does he live his daily life? hahaha)

Pilobus - Shadow show (simply beautiful!)

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11 October 2009

Hello boys and girls, long time no blog, but well, busy recent that is why ...

- New composition and song in 午夜烟花 the Movie
- busy with ...
- shifting again!

Well let's start with my latest product "烟花" which is a song I wrote for Huang Yi Liang's Debut movie "午夜烟花" released and sold at all all Blue Max (bluemax.com.sg) stores in Singapore, I am acting as a pub singer in the movie as well performing my other single "Give Me My Life" so please do support the movie as it is a heart warming one =)

Here is
烟花 :

I will be performing it when I get the chance at events around your neighborhood so stay tune to my blog!

I am in works with another director who I am not going to name as it is confidential, hopefully I can bring another piece of my work to you soon!

There are so many photos I want to post but have not have them in hand, but anyway I was helping Fidelis in this I love Ettusais shoot! hehe YEP! I am the photographer haha

I didn't really like this 1 I took, but she loves it because she said it looks like Sailormoon! I was like wth... haha her favourite cartoon was Sailormoon thats why hahah

Missing some text top left to make it complete =D

This is one of my favorites but darn if only the dustbin wasn't there! I love the greens!

This is also my favorites well I'll let you see why.

How are the photos? mind telling me how I did? hahaha

Caught STOMP last week, was cool the choreography is cool with 9 person creating nice beats with everyday items, I was glad they added interesting elements in it funny guy with the tummy stuff like that *4/5* I guess 1 star was lacking as the beats were quite similar to some of the songs they played, at least there was a lot of audience and performer interaction! *Thumbs up*

I am shifting again! haha yeah moving to my final location yep, finally! staying in this temporary location is not bad but can't wait to move in to my permanent one and start unpacking all my stuff!!! haha and I can get access to all my wardrobe which are sitting sadly in the boxes =)

Anyway I will be recording another cover song soon, I guess my listeners still prefer it in audio form then in video form so I shell do it =D see ya!

Water, how much do we use?

Cyril - connecting real and virtual world, how is it possible!?

Bulldog learning to get up ... SO CUTE!!!

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01 October 2009

Bat Man has his signature Bat sign when needed, I guess I will use this scrappy 1 I drew when I was in secondary school while I lazed in classes! O.O well I am totally not encouraging any of my doings.

Anyway I have a show this coming

3rd of Oct
Cheng San CC
6 Ang Mo Kio Street 53

performing 3 songs for the lantern festival themed event =)

Cute Whisky sleeping like nobody's business, haha

Well I did some shots for her yesterday, for a competition I will post it up and please tell me if they are nice hahaha well I am still learning photography!

Get Inspired by Tony Robbins

Electronic Cigarettes, yes people try this!

Dear Sister ...

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